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I love the atmosphere of the game! I wish it was a little bit longer though.

I enjoyed the game overall. I felt the puzzles could have been a bit more engaging though.

Very fun game! I like the concept and replayability.

Fun game! I noticed some bugs I think where the marker would still stay on the track after I press a key

Very fun! Although, I couldn't figure out what the clock blocks do.

Cool game! If anythhing, I'd suggest something to differentiate the weapons a bit more, or maybe an incentive to swap weapons instead of always going for one.

I love the plot and overall atmosphere of the game! A really simple, yet enjoyable one!

I Love the ui design and the title screen as well! Looks incredibly polished, and the gameplay is simple yet solid. 

Really fun game, I really enjoyed the sound and level design. I really enjoyed the puzzles as well!

Really fun game! It got my head working quite a bit. I got stuck on the third level, but the solutions so far were really creative and well thought out. I also really enjoyed the audio design.

I really enjoyed the game! I feel adding in a snapping system would be quite useful to speed up construction. Also, maybe adding in something like a tooltip to specify how much of each resource a building needs.

Fun concept! I feel the game  could be improved if you could swing after launching a hook. Also, I feel adding checkpoints could be quite useful.

Fun game! I like the feel of it overall. However, in my opinion it was hard to kill the enemies, due to two reasons, sometimes the enemies would blend into the obstacles of the map. Also, since the enemies didn't have any audio, it was easy to get snuck up on.

Fun concept! I liked the unique aspects of the game, like reloading. Sounds felt stacked though, like when hitting multiple targets. Also, pathfinding seemed a bit strange at times.

Fun game! Although it seemed the sprites weren't the crispest.

I think balance was an issue as well, sometimes my goblins would melt like butter, other times they wouldn't. Also, I noticed a collision issue where I spawned a goblin inside of some trees and he got stuck there.

Very beautiful looking game! Sometimes though the text was hard to read, plus there were some collision issues, like what Toteki said.

Very fun and unique idea!

Fun game! I like the different boards you added, as well as the audio effects!

Fun simple game! Although I agree, the dithering does get annoying towards the end. Nice to see another fish related game though!

Fun game with a unique concept! I think an indicator of wave progression, like what jf1x suggested would help a lot!

The mechanics were fun and engaging, I felt the player was a bit too floaty for my preferences. Also, it seems there were some slight issues with generation, many times loot would be inaccessible.

I feel the game is a bit too easy. But I love how polished the game is!

Amazing, yet simple game!