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Fantastic entry, great music, and a very well implemented mechanic. Congrats!

I have yet to play mario odyssey, but i really like the aesthetics and sound fx you chose. Great entry, congrats!

Keep participating in jams, i started 2 jams back and have learned a lot so far. Hope to see your submission in a future jam!

Great entry. This gives me a vibe of one of those .io games that you can play for a couple of hours ta pass time. Congratulations, this entry is great, even more so if this is your first game jam!

Great idea, this has a lot of potential imo. I didn't get very far because i was playin on a mouse pad, but i really liked concept and how you implemented it, Congrats!

What a great entry. The vfx are nice, and the progressively difficult levels slowly introducing challenges really show the attention to detail. Some explosion and wall destruction wounds would also spice it up a bit. Congrats!

The teleport mechanic is really well implemented. I do agree shorter cooldown could make for awesome combos, but that would require different level design and i understand that takes it's time. Congrats on your entry!

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The 2nd adaptation of beat saber ive played this jam, and it also plays awesome. I do agree that following the mouse with no click would maybe make play a bit easier. The aesthetic is great and the game has that play for a couple minutes once in a while vibe.Overall great entry,  congrats!

Bringing glory kills to 2d could only be a good idea. Really liked your entry, the sound and level design were very good, congrats!

You weren't kidding when you said it was hard. The movement mechanic is weird to get used to, but i really like the way the wurm behaved, it looks pretty neat. Great concept congrats!

Great concept, this reminds me of a game i played way back in 2006, which was a prototype for De Blob. The art is also very good, congrats on yout entry

The walls were just two really high cubes, maybe you went over the hedge. That should be an achievement... Thanks for the feedback!

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I loved ASAMU, so your entry was a great surprise. Really liked the alternate reality mechanic and how you implemented the transition,

This was a great mechanic to adapt. I think adding different movement for different objeccts would be cool, but i understand tha may be a bit out of scope for the jam. Congrats!

This one is very speedrunnable ahah. NIce idea, imo the dash seems more like a double jump for now, but i think you created a very neat little platformer, congratulations!

Amazing, how did you have time for all this? I really liked the whole feel of, including the player animations and the music. Maybe with some additional mechanics you could turn it into a full release.

Really liked this entry, i would definitely play a finished version for some hours. Its a shame you couldn't finish in time, but imo it has potential to be developed outside the jam

Really liked the sound track and the way you used this mechanic. As a jam entry it's great, but i think this mechanic has potential for a full game, great job.

I thought multiplayer was local, i managed to play and could finally rate the game... my bad sorry about the hassle,

Really liked the art in this one, and i think the 2d climbing along with the stamina system make for a very interesting puzzler/exploration games. Great entry, congratulations!

Did you base this off any game in particular? The shadow mechanics were very good, and although i did crash on death sometimes, the game was pretty fun. Congratulations!

If you get it fixed let me know

Great idea on the deadeye adaptation. The sede limits were off camera for me and i think thee gree/red ratio could be changed to more reds, but the game was very fun, congratulations!

Really fun game, the levels were very well designed. Was there any game that inspired this mechanic? Congrats on your entry!

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I couldn't get the game to work with a scond player, too bad, smash in this format has a lot of potential imo.

Adapting this game was a great idea, i really like the way you implemented the movement mechanic. The low poly garphics are a pretty good fit, the leveel design was hard but well done and i really like the name. Great entry overall, congrats.

The controls are a bit confusing at first but his actually has a bit of depth.Great submission, congratulations!

Second Celeste adaptation i played, really enjoyed this, the art style is great

You just had to make a game not a physics sandbox ahah. Great fun, the physics feel great, your implementation of the gravity gun is on point, congratulations!

Pretty neat concept, had me doing a few runs to perfect cornerss.

Really liked your adaptation of superhot, just played a similar entry but this one was more action oriented, not as puzzly as the other i played. Congrats on your entry!

SuperHot actually translates to 2d pretty well appearently. The gamewas very polished and the mechanic was fun, i also liked the sounds you used. Congrats on your entry!

This is great, i always loved timemechanics do you happen to have a github repo? Really liked the art style, music and implementation of the mechanic, very polished, congratulations!

This one has a lot of potential. If yuo invest some time in it it can become a pretty fun project imo. Congrtts on your entry

This one seems obvious looking back, such a great idea. It's alredy a pretty fun game! 

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Never played Prey so i dont know the mechanic, but this was a fun litle platformer. realy liked the artstyle too. Congratulations on your entry!

The title screen is awesome really liked the art style. The mechanics arefun annd very polished, congratulations on your entry!

This is my favorite entry so far. You really nailed the blink and wallrun mechanics. Congrats

Good job this one was classic simple fun. Imo movement needs some polish and the character shouldn't be so close to the lower edge. Congrats!

This one was fun, did you baase it off any specific game?