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Hey man, nice game!

Fun game as always! Oh and I found a bug where I could shoot when the menu was paused :P

I had a really fun time playing this ! The balance was really well executed, I managed a score of 752, keep up the good work :D

And here I was, browsing the top games from a jam I never joined, and then... Boom ! I stumble across this. This is brilliant, Good job !

Hey, I see you've bettered your skills since the "stop waiting for godot" game jam! Congrats !

Of course that's okay ^o^

(it is a secret that must not be repeated, but I'll tell it to you : these are not multiple universes but it is the same one ! So don't feel bad ;))

Heyhey, just played your game and I find it really polished ! I found it a really fun experience ^^

As a nitpickpoint I would like to say that I would find it better if the camera followed you faster since now it feels kinda slow. Oh and perhaps regenerating health (at a mission complete) would be fun too

Still, cheers on your entry !

Yoink ! Really enjoyed your game ! Made it to 606 dollers, ama gud yoinker

Thanks for the feedback ;)

Majora's Mask was indeed a big inspiration for me (it's a favorite of mine)

Glad you enjoyed it :D
(P.S. also just tried out your game, it's really really awesome, I think you guys will go in the top 10/top 20)

May our paths cross eachother again in the near future ! :D

WOW ! This is possibly one of the best entries for this jam I've played so far (and I've played a lot of them)! It was extremely engaging. I loved about everything in this game : gameplay, audio, visuals, how you got stronger each time you respawned, how polished the level design was, the fact that the dungeon did not reset and the upgrades which change everything,... Absolutely WOW

I also know which chapter I'm going to read next in The Book ;)

I really would enjoy playing those (if you manage to find time for them). May our paths cross eachother again in the future !

Wow, for a first stealth game I personally find it very well executed ! Cheers on your entry !

WOW ! This is a game I really really enjoyed playing ! The level design was really great and the boss battle was fantastic ! Also really loved the soundtrack and soundeffects:D

Any chance you two participate in future jams ?

Nice, simple game, not bad for a jame entry though some sounds could be nice

Cheers on your entry !

Hey, nice game ! It really kept me in the flow state ;) I really found the difficulty to be on point but I think it could be even more engaging if you could get even more projectiles since now you sometimes have to wait several rounds for being able to pick up things, but that's just my opinion lol

Cheers on your entry man !

Hey, just replayed your game, it feels really great to play when you know the controlls. Any chance you participate in future jams ?

Heyhey, nice game, I really liked it. The music really was kicking ;) I had a fun time playing

As a point of nitpicking I'd like to suggest that it could be great if we could forsee the boss attacks (for example a glowing red spot where the rays will come out, because I found it hard to stay close to the sun for dealing damage, and not get hit as it felt random

Still, cheers on your game !

Hey, really liked the presentation ;) I had a good laugh with the menu hahaha

As a point of feedback I would like to say that in some situations the font was really hard to read and that an html build would've been nice

Anyway, cheers on your entry !

Really liked your game ;) The atmosphere and art was fantastic (although some animations were not like what one would expect, such as the jump) and the color palette was really pleasant to the eye ;)

Only nitpick is that I find the game a tad bit hard, but that's just my opinion

Nice game ! I loved the stealth aspect :) The grab & throw mechanics were a lot of fun too but I noticed some strange behaviour here and there ( could not grab a box within line of sight and range), and the key with the color "purple" had a label of "blue", but other than that it was a neat little experience ;) I like the hand-made assets

Hey, nice game ! I had a really fun time playing it ;) I really enjoyed the powerups

Do you plan on joining future jams ?

Thanks for your reply ;)

Hey, thank you for playing my game, glad you enjoyed it :D

Yes, the king is in power but is really incompetent and he needs replacement. That's why a force from above (destiny ?) chose you to take his place with a remarkable entry (a mission that will make you hero through saving the world from collapse). The lava represents the previous failures of the king, hence their suspicious amounts. The cave under the bridge represents the inner quest needed to understand the world. Only those wise enough are able to skip it. That's just one interpretation lol :D

Majora's Mask was actually a big inspiration for me because it was a game I really loved back in the days. I think I might try recreating it in 2d godot (that is if I have enough time and skill lol)

Thank you for trying my game out ;)

P.S. Really liked your work, is there any chance you participate in other future jams ?

Hi, thank you for testing out my game ! I actually used real world physics on that one ;) 

Glad you enjoyed it

May our paths cross eachother in the near future !

Hi, thanks for your reply ^_^

I thought adding help on puzzles would be frustrating to some players (like handholding),  so I took the freedom to not do it

Glad you figured it out !

Thanks for your reply ! Unfortunately I had a lot of things going on so I had not much time on hands to implement a lot of puzzles. I also had to keep in mind that the game should be able to be beaten in under 60 seconds and I really did not want to overshoot. It's definitely something I will try to make better in my following entries ! Thanks for your feedback :)

Noita out of all things ! It's been a long time since I played it (over a year I think), I will also check out your game ;)

Thanks !

Hi ! Thank you very much for the thorough answer ;)

I personally (too) like "obscure" design where the player has to discover everything on their own, some of my favorite games are like that :D I think I just had a harder time with this one because it seemed strange to me that you could use more than one attack and so I was confused with the rest. I think I will try your game again because it really does look interesting, and I'm sure that I'll enjoy it much more with your explanation, thank you !

Nice guitar tune you have there ! I really liked the atmosphere !

I feel though that the wall of text containing the controlls could've been reduced to a single image and that there could've been a "penalty" for button mashing for summoning soldiers

But still, cheers on your entry !

Nice entry ! Really cool minigame, I enjoyed my time :)

Though I feel like a match could've been 5 rounds instead of 10, but still, nice entry !

Great game, I see you have put a lot of creative effort in the items and mechanics, I really like it :D
The UI and game in general were really polished ! Congrats !

As a point of feedback I would say that I find it a bit unfortunate that there is no tutorial/help or feedback after a match and that the player had to figure everything out by himself. It would be a lie if I told that I wasn't completely lost with all the possible actions (Apparently I can do multiple attacks like magic and slash and whatnot, but they do not cost me anything, so what is the downside ? Is there a downside ? And the fights were random and you couldn't tell what happened ?) I feel like if there would be some more help it would've helped enjoying this game a lot more since all the mechanics really do look interesting !

Anyway, cheers on your entry, really like the process of it !

Thank you for your kind words ! Glad you enjoyed it :D

So that means you also did the pixel art :o

That is a lot of talent, GG !

Yes, take a rest, take a break, it is good to keep it calm and not burn out ;)

I sure will catch up to your possible future projects. By my side : I will probably also slow down the pace. There are a few big projects I want to work on, doing jams let me gain experience for them. I wish you a well deserved break man !