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Yeah, I see you suffered the poor balancing of the game (players clearly die too fast). Sorry about that😅.

In any case, thank you for playing! 

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AHHH one of the characters glitched and disappeared before it was time which was NOT supposed to happen!
Why must all the glitches appear when someone new plays the game??!
n any case, thank you for playing! I'll try to solve the glitches in a future version.

P.D. I should probably also add a more fleshed out ending screen.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! 

Thank you for playing it! 

Super duper cool concept! It really gives the genre a cool twist. Only that it is missing the option to erase towers, because I got stuck  between a bunch of them and couldn't get out!

I don't really understand what the main mechanic of the game is. Or how you win. Or what you do in general. Maybe its me, but it feel a little confussing.

Great concept, it was really fun!
I think a problem is that there is no downside to players keeping the key pressed as if they were playing a normal platformer. Maybe using the same set of 3 keys and changing their outputs would fix that? Either way, I really enjoyed it.

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Ey Alex, quite a score you have there! My personal best has been 1:16, so you were really close to beat the designer hehe.
The keys do change graphically (left movement key always remains the same colour but changes position in UI) but I undestand there is little time to notice this, specially in tricky upside-down situations!
If you want to try again, a cool tip that i can give you is that the control scheme is not fully randomized (we had that early in development but it was too difficult). In fact, keys always follow a clockwise order ("jump" always is to the right of "left" and "right" is always to the right of "jump") , meaning that we are rather rotating the keys. It helps me to think of it as if AWSD were each a number in a round clock, and you were only rotating the clock. Actually, there are only 4 possible combinations!
Thank you for playing our game!

That is extremely great feedback, I didn't even imagine someone would play it on a non-qwerty keyboard!

Its a pity you couldn't play, though😢.

From my personal experience, you probably didn't do nothing wrong. It's just that web versions tend to create extra unpredictable problems

Couldn't play the game :(, probably a thing of HTML5, which is quite buggy.

This game would be great if it had more levels :(. Cool concept!

The visuals of this game are extremely difficult to work around, I had to keep my face stuck to the screen to be able to comprehend what was happening in the game.

I think a big problem in this game is not knowing where to shot inmediatly. Probably bigger enemies would make it much easier to navigate. Also, a bigger field of view would make it less confussing.
It is fun though.

Definately! Keep doing cool stuff and learning along the way! 

I was really confused about how I was supposed to play the game.

The presentation is great.

I don't know if it was my fault or a bug, but I got stuck on the second  level after not been able to reove the white wall.
I didn't fully understand how the enemies worked either.

I didn't really understood why is it that you harvest vegetables, since  there doesn't seem to be a benfit in doing so.

Amazing concept! 

It was extremely fun. I think the IA could be a little twicked to improve the user experience, but knowing it was made in 2 days it is truly impressive.

It felt a little random which ships were faster than others.

I'm not fully convinced about the randomness of the gravity direction, as puzzles sometimes  consist on waiting for the "good gravity direction", but the level design is good and helps mask this problem.
I just wished it lasted for longer and had some other stuff playing with the same concept (moving platforms, enemies and so), because I really enjoyed it!

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I was really confused about what the aim of the game was, what gave points or what took them away.
It feels like the game's scope was too much for the  48h limit.

Great concept!
I reached level 3 and got stuck on the last 2 platforms. :(
I would suggest one main thing: Mouse control might not be the best idea for handling rotation. It doesn't ever get to feel  natural. I think a 2 button control scheme (left click for rotating left and right for the opposite for example) would make the user experience so much better.
In any case, I was greatly surprised by the concept and I really liked it!

Thank you! The game is scripted to increase difficulty with time, so at first you are able to get the hang of the gimmick (which can be really confussing!).

Nice Wario-like game!
However, it was a bit unclear how it related to the jams theme (I'm gonna guess that it is the ammoun of controls that need to be used at once).
It took me a while to get it, but it's fun after that initiation period.
Great Music too!

Ey, I couldn't really understand the objective of the game and the controls were a little difficult to figure out. Maybe you could Specify them more on the page's description?

Thank you for your video! 

Originally we wanted to have a full examine, use and combine point and click system, so lights would be increased globally to decrease their challenge. However, we had: TIME CONSTRAINS. 

It's a pity, but lights had to be left like that to create a challenge without the other systems. 

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Ey Doman, thank you for playing our game. 

Our original idea was that the "second player" would be asleep through the whole jail break, therefore unable to aid you (which makes him a very annoying companion) . It  looks like we weren't able to transmit that idea to players, so thank you for pointing that out! 

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Thank you! I really appreciate the video😊

I had always promised I would never do a day-one patch. I've failed. 

Also, check the main game page for the instructions!

Even though you can, don't go back after passing a room. It's a bit buggy ;).

Thank you a lot! The guy in the painting is Dali, a famous Spanish painter and surreal artist :).

Great idea! It really gets complicated around level 6.

I believe I found a bug where after completing level 8 it doesn't let me reach the next level and the camera gets stuck without UI.
In any case, cool concept!

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Simple but effective and well executed! It did block my computer when exiting Full Screen Mode but I believe that's probably WebFlash's fault. 

I liked the concept but it needs more polish because I wasn't capable of finishing it :(.

Same thing, the resources management needs to be improved. I managed to create one wall before I ran out of resources in my 4th playthrough.