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Yes and no.

You'll be different, yes, but I think there are still genetic traits that make you different,  by how far I don't know.  And I doubt one can lose every piece of memories,  even amnesia person has trace of things left, for example, they still know how to speak. Unless you can make a person an infant again, magically.

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In that case, you should input "owner", if you are the sole creator of the product.

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Your link works, to me.

I'm currently using javascript because html5 is just convenient and I'm a web developer. And also because I once used c, c# and java, so it is easier to switch between them. I learned some python when I was using blender, but never really got deep enough. I also tried lua, but eventually I decided to stick to javascript, because all I need is a notepad and a browser. I can easily try something while at work.

Once you mastered one language, it is easier to learn another(function, if, for, while, etc), and if the tool you choose to use is good enough, you don't really have to write too many lines of code.

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Thanks. I have already posted on github.

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I made the page public on Monday, but posted the announcement yesterday. I noticed the topic was on the second page the moment it was posted. So it has 7 views by now? And the visiter number of the game page is 11, including myself and some friends I guess.

Is it normal without outside links? Or did I do something wrong?

Well, I tried once and it didn't change. But I'm not sure.

Grow a tree on your desktop, just like your potted plants on your real desktop, but you don't need to take care of it like in real life. This game means to provide a causual and relaxing experience. You can leave the tree on your desktop while doing other jobs, watching a video or surfing the internet. You can also shear unwanted branches to make it better(or smaller).

This version doesn't have achievements or cloud save, but otherwise it is fully functional.

Note: If you are using windows 7, you need to enable Aero desktop theme. If you are using windows 8.1 or above, transparency is also required. If you run into a transparency related problem, try changing your system settings. Also the game requires a reasonable fast CPU(intel i3 or better), preferable a desktop pc.

Not sure if the link helps.

The game looks really good, by the way.

They hate each other? Interesting, I was not aware that would be a problem because I'm new to both. So I just removed steam achievements and cloud save and made a DRM free version for itch.

I did heard of stories steam rejecting large amount key requests because said game barely sell on steam itself though. I have lurked on the forum for a while and seen topics like that.

Maybe you can provide a backup feature, just in case they use another computer, or clear the browser data by accident. For example, open a text box and show the saved string and allow the user to copy them. Or download as a file that can be imported later.  

Also localStorage is like cookie, so if you store something on, you can't acces it  from, but you can access it from It depends on the domain name of your linked game.

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Thank you. 

But it doesn't seem to work.  It is somthing like this:

butler push -v C:\...\desktoptree_itchio\background.png utstudio/desktoptree:test

Still the same result. The proxy setting seem to be in effect(and I have already tested it in IE and chrome), because if I change it to a false value, it says "Version check failed".

Thank you for the answer. I've already sent the e-mail. I think that's because I can't access google related sites from China.

 I just tried the web uploader with a proxy. Fortunately the file I tried was small enough to be uploaded, if it was bigger maybe I need to buy a stable vpn.

I can't seem to upload using butler. 

Whenever I run the push command, it just crashed saying "panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference..."

I suspect it is because my network but I'm not sure. Does it use google or dropbox related urls?