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At the start we wanted the colour palette as a blue & summer vibe to suit a seaside town and for the idea to "deliver mail" 😅

Glad that you enjoy the mechanic :D
We worked really hard to make it fun to throw and don't worry it'll land on all fours 😅

Of course, no cats were hurt during the making of the game. Cats always land on all four legs :D

Noooo not PETA XD

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It's a nice game however the switching mechanic isn't intuitive. It is a bit tedious having to go through 3 steps to kill 1 enemy, and you can only do one enemy at a time. I reckon if you had it so you can do more than 1 at a time, it'd feel a lot better.

Yeah, we really tried to come up with interesting gameplay but we just couldn't come up with anything beyond what we have. And dang, I thought I removed that exploit :?

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A nice take on the bullet hell genre :)

The game is sooo amazingly beautiful and plays great! A unique take on the theme as well!


Must eat.

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I just moved to the right and shoot while moving. It also sometimes happens when shooting while staying still. The bullet comes out of my body and collides with it instantly.

Thanks :)

Loved the game, a nice and simple concept. I could easily see it being expanded on :)

Interesting concept but just confused on how to do anything 

An interesting concept though I didn't really understand what I needed to do and what was going on.

Really fun concept, really enjoyed it. Simple puzzles but enjoyable! Short and sweet :)

Interesting game and concept I do wish there was an AI I played against since I can't really play against myself.

Cool concept and art but I couldn't play as every time I shot, the bullets I shot out just hit my ship and I lost health. Don't know if it's a bug or not.

Great game! Really love the art, the mechanics are intuitive and the puzzles are great.

Couldn't get far as I just didn't understand the controls.  Good concept though :)

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It's a nice game, level 2 is too long. It would have been great to just showcase the mechanic on that level in a shorter level and build upon it in later levels.

Missing sprint 4 feedback.

Missing sprint 4 feedback :/

Ayyeee Early gang whaddduuupp!

It's 8:08AM where' s your upload now XD

Link for the playtest form. Please complete it!