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discord. You can find me at Uneven Pixel#5434

I am looking for a sound designer at the moment. PM me if you are interested and I'll get you the details

Maybe at some point I'll come back and update everything with explanations for everything, but thank you

Doesnt boot. Please re upload

if I would continue it, I would.

I kinda intentionally made the platforming not as easy. Most games still allow you to jump even when your off the platform for a split second. 

its just the gms install wizard, you actually dont download gms

omfg this is amazing.

Is there anyway I could hire you to do some more work my project? I'd like a consistent art style, but don't have as much time as I used to for graphics.

Thank you so much.

lol I can fix that.

OMFG your amazing! Thank you so much! You just made my project so much more appealing looking. The animations are wonderful, and I will definitely use your advise for the shotguns.

just a generic rifle. And actually just for the medium skin tones of the skins. Not the other skin tones. If you have time to do both an old and a modern, I would be much obliged.

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ummm... all of them... lol

if you want I'll pay for the extra work if it is an inconvenience to you.

I'm currently using them for a PUBG2d, so the amount of variations is great.

Excelent work. Your animations are so smooth and I love the amount of variations you have here.

Might I suggest a rifle animation as well? I can probably jerry rig one, but nothing as good as the animations you have here.

@Baked Bears, @Kai20 Thank you for the feedback! I will see what I can do for a bit of a tutorial.

You can credit me as "The weirdo who made the art". Lol

Jk, use "Micah Wicker"

Here is a farm able planet. Lots of water,  but not sure If I like the fields on there. any thoughts?

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Here is my first attempt at a dud planet, could add more detail, but I feel that it will suffice until I come back to it

There is a bit of shading, but I might make the lighter tone brighter

Oh, lol. I actually did the main menu just to prove I could make something cool graphically with code. Didn't really think of context, but might try and come up with some. That kind you for the feedback!

no,worries. Ill help either way. Just wondering if I could stick around on the project.

64x64 sounds good. I'll work on the dud first and work from there. Just wondering, but are you planning on working on this past this game jam? Cause it sounds pretty ambitious, and I'd love to see a final project like this.

Very cool. I love when games take advantage of a certain color palletes. I'll see if I can't develop some sprites for this, use as you wish.

Thank you! Most of my team thought so by the end as well. Please let me know if we should add to it!

Funny game. Thouroughly enjoyed stopping a girl from stress eating. now she just will stress drink :P

...No ScreenShots... Too much college to squeeze in the screenshots. BUT UPDATES!

I have added a boss fight, more enemies, a more tighter control system, a combo system, and fixed some bugs. Will most definitely have a game ready by the end of this jam. Just trying to squeeze as much as I can into it until the due date. :)

Stay awesome everyone!

interesting take. I couldn't think of a good way to go about following his ideas, although you seem to have something interesting on your hands. Can't wait to compare our games. :)

*collaboration (sorry didn't catch that")

No problem. This isn't a competition. Just a cool way to get soon cool games out there. Looking forward to playing as many of them as possible.

oh... sorry I am of no use to you other than to wish you luck. 👍

I think it's easier, as I am more of a hardcore coder and not as much of an artist. I get by, and it doesn't look bad by any means, but comparing yours to mine is like comparing a 4K pc to an Atari 2600. XD Love to do a colander with you sometime.

What engine are you using?

Unfortunately, no screenshots. But I have an update nevertheless!

I added a lot of gameplay, including the final, but not concrete, design for the level generation system. I also fine tuned the controls to the point where I am happy with them, along with adding controller support. I made sure that the 3 weapons in the game work the way I envisioned them, along with balancing them for what is in the game currently.

I added three enemy types as well. I have crawling enemies that move along the sides of the level on the walls, a flying drone that shoots your from above, and mounted machine guns on the walls that will fire in a straight line towards you.

Again, HOPEFULLY I will make time for screenshots so that you can see how the game looks at this point.

I believe your second variation looks the best of the three, although if you are going for a NES styled game, i'd say that the third one is better. The first doesn't look like he has a front arm on first look, and also looks like he is leaning backwards for some reason.

For the sprite sheet, cell 1x4, is that a climbing sprite or just a hanging sprite? It would be cool to see the character climbing walls in some way, although that is up to you and how you want the play style to be.

The UI is much nicer. Especially when you work on two screens.

Yeah I tried that. For one, it's expensive, and two, they took out the mode 7ish 3d graphics functions.

Oh cool. What engine are you using? I personally use Game Maker: Studio 1.4 Beta.

jeez these animations are amazing. I only ever come up with basic 4 frame animations for a 8 x 8 Sprite. These look like freaking anime. If the whole game looks this good, I will really look,forward to seeing it.

Ok, at one down, and I,have a good idea of the direction this is going. I have abandoned the original ideas of the artist, and have opted for a more Arcady, action game. Levels will be procedurally generated, with a plethora of weapons at your disposal, along with monsters, and bosses.

I have already built the level design engine and the player movement, gunplay, and progression through the levels of the void. I also created a main menu and an beginning splash screen section. All sounds and music are accounted for.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have screenshots, and/or GIFs to show off, but until then, happy jamming!

What will gameplay be like? Or will you not say? ;P