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Into The VOID

A topic by BigBread created Sep 08, 2017 Views: 167 Replies: 5
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Hey, so I'm doing my game based on VOID by Eric Littlejohn

Plaid Merchant presents their debut survival adventure, VOID. Featuring narratives about you, your dreams and what dwells deep inside your subconscious. Can you brave a glance into the VOID or will you let it consume you? The choice is yours.

I loved the red/black/white combination so I decided to make the entire game using only that colour scheme. I'm not 100% sure what the gameplay is going to be. Some sort of first person exploration/action game. I also want everything to have that old billboard sprite look (All drawn in ms paint with my wonderfully terrible art skills).

Here's a video of what I've got going on so far

Looking forward to getting more done and seeing what everyone else does!


interesting take. I couldn't think of a good way to go about following his ideas, although you seem to have something interesting on your hands. Can't wait to compare our games. :)

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For sure, looking forward to seeing what happens!

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Update 1

Void Creatures

So I've started adding in some creatures into the game. The sprites are modified versions of sprites from here. I've also added in some music that can be heard in the video at the end, although it ended up being more "killer7 rave on" than "void hellscape". Too much electronic music on the mind. 

I also started a bit more on some basic gameplay stuff, hopefully tomorrow I can get started on some attack patterns for the enemies. All in all, I think there might actually be a game here by the end of it!


I love the visual style!  I hope to make a game soon with a similar look/feel.  Where are you headed with the gameplay?  Is the level design going to be more arena-like or labyrinthine?

Thanks!  Depends on how much time I have. I imagine it'll end up fairly arena-like, in the end. Kind of going for a Doom/Devil Daggers kind of thing