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A topic by UnevenPixelStudios created Sep 05, 2017 Views: 230 Replies: 3
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Eric Littlejohn / Designer

Plaid Merchant presents their debut survival adventure, VOID. Featuring narratives about you, your dreams and what dwells deep inside your subconscious. Can you brave a glance into the VOID or will you let it consume you? The choice is yours.

This will be my attempt at this game jam. I have been developing games for 9+ years, but have yet to join a game jam. Should be fun.

I will keep a devlog here on the forum for the game in progress.


Ok, at one down, and I,have a good idea of the direction this is going. I have abandoned the original ideas of the artist, and have opted for a more Arcady, action game. Levels will be procedurally generated, with a plethora of weapons at your disposal, along with monsters, and bosses.

I have already built the level design engine and the player movement, gunplay, and progression through the levels of the void. I also created a main menu and an beginning splash screen section. All sounds and music are accounted for.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have screenshots, and/or GIFs to show off, but until then, happy jamming!


Unfortunately, no screenshots. But I have an update nevertheless!

I added a lot of gameplay, including the final, but not concrete, design for the level generation system. I also fine tuned the controls to the point where I am happy with them, along with adding controller support. I made sure that the 3 weapons in the game work the way I envisioned them, along with balancing them for what is in the game currently.

I added three enemy types as well. I have crawling enemies that move along the sides of the level on the walls, a flying drone that shoots your from above, and mounted machine guns on the walls that will fire in a straight line towards you.

Again, HOPEFULLY I will make time for screenshots so that you can see how the game looks at this point.


...No ScreenShots... Too much college to squeeze in the screenshots. BUT UPDATES!

I have added a boss fight, more enemies, a more tighter control system, a combo system, and fixed some bugs. Will most definitely have a game ready by the end of this jam. Just trying to squeeze as much as I can into it until the due date. :)

Stay awesome everyone!