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Rōshigumi - A Ronin Tale

A topic by Coding-ape created Sep 05, 2017 Views: 300 Replies: 13
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Hi, I will try to make a game for Rōshigumi 

I will update devlog in here and with my twitter. Here is my first mock-up.

Here is my sprite sheet for Ronin.

And Three Variations of Ronin

Here is the gameplay video. Movements, Ledge Grap, Attack, Jump Attack, Stomp Attack, last but not least Cutting GRASSSSSS :D

Updates... 2 Enemy Type; Patroller and Thrower, Grass Cutting. Next: Third Enemy and a Boss Fight

Nice! Looks Amazing!

Thanks! :)

What will gameplay be like? Or will you not say? ;P

:) i wanna try to make a game like towerfall ascension, but I'm not sure that I can make a pathfinder for enemy. So I can make just a platformer like Wonder Boy, Dragon's Trap

Oh cool. What engine are you using? I personally use Game Maker: Studio 1.4 Beta.

I just update my Game Maker 1 to 2. I will use it to test, what is different and what is not :D

Yeah I tried that. For one, it's expensive, and two, they took out the mode 7ish 3d graphics functions.

I like its UI. Workspace Logic is work perfectly for me. But I think there isn't too much changes. 

The UI is much nicer. Especially when you work on two screens.

I believe your second variation looks the best of the three, although if you are going for a NES styled game, i'd say that the third one is better. The first doesn't look like he has a front arm on first look, and also looks like he is leaning backwards for some reason.

For the sprite sheet, cell 1x4, is that a climbing sprite or just a hanging sprite? It would be cool to see the character climbing walls in some way, although that is up to you and how you want the play style to be.

I think,I will choose the second one too. When I read your comment, I get my mistake about first one. I didn't do right shading next to his front arm. So he really looks like he is leaning back.

1x4 is ledge grap sprite. Maybe I can add some animation to that state or some walking on wall or sliding animation :D

Thanks a lot for your detailed  comment. :)

No problem. This isn't a competition. Just a cool way to get soon cool games out there. Looking forward to playing as many of them as possible.

Yeah, You are right. I'm following people on Twitter, there are really good games. I cannot wait for submissions.