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Sorry for late review, Interesting game but frustratingly difficult. Keep up the good work!

Good concept. With polish it can be great.

Yup, we tried to do hard controls but not punishing controls.

An interesting art style. The concept has potential.


really good

love the concept of this game.

But I want more bunnies! x)

One of my favorites.

An extreme cookie clicker, Nice!

The bunny has to fight demons to eat hehe. Bun has to work hard. x)

One of my favorites in the Jam.

SO INTENSE! One of my favorites in the jam.

Damn this game is great! Great gameplay and fun music. The graphics could a bit better, but pretty nice too. Hieno on!

Very nice looking and like the concept.

Cool looking and nice idea. But the ball really makes the dog difficult to control.

Quite good.

Cool graphics, and love the idea. Execution is a bit lacking.

Looks like Turku hahaha. Pretty good!

Amazing looking graphics, music sounds great and gameplay is sharp. Love the flat colors, reminds me of games like Outrun. Seriously good job!

Cool Game. Fun.

Cool looking game.

interesting visual style!