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Here's a meme. The red is the enemy creature. The blue is mine.

{if you tak down this topic mods im sorri}

Im too lazy to edit my previous comment so,

Here's this thing!

The rhymingly named Poison Pistol!

This thing has claws on the outside just to deter enemies from randomly attacking it.

It's specialty is firing poison VERY VERY VERY far. However, a Poison Sniper of some sorts may launch poison FASTER and further then the P.P.

How it does this?

It has both the Blowers and Spitter eaters wired to the same key.

And it has to fire that one key on it's keyboard while it's reverseing.

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

Back again, with something that's been copied from another bug report but in the windows demo.

'allow players to grow infinitely on the first level by quitting to menu and back.' my version of that sentence is:

'allow players to grow infinitely on the tutorial level by quitting to menu and back.' so yeah.....

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

pretty sure this will count as a complaint but...

why is the price for the game so high i cant even buy it tho im not mad

Don't rage. it exposes how easily you get triggered

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99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance that you WON'T add Grappler or Sniper zooids in the demo.

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

i also  caught THIS on Rak'dun and Twisted narrows.

it may look normal but its many whirls glitched into 1

i think i took this picture on Rak'dun, Edit mode...

99.9999999999999999999999% chance that they won't add the Sniper or Grabber zooids in the Demo.

maybe in a future update they will add it in the demos, who knows

Oh ok

what the heck is this zooid from 
i don't see this species or even have access to it in the version of Sipho that i have

srsly i want to know
(Also i don't have an email so rip)

who undeleted all that

Glitchy and powerful, here comes...


Not only does it generate minefields by overfilling itself, but also spills them out unevenly!

Also if you spam space while the 4 chambers are crammed with mines,

you can send them ALL out at GODSPEED, killing EVERYTHING

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

Sometimes the background of the third boss can change when you quit and come back.

Example of the bug in action: This actually happened...

The walls are correct, but the background is the Azure Depths background.

I'll create and publish a Mine Shotgun creature if i get the chance

After the blowers fire, pieces of other creatures can glitch into the back wall of the trap, or get thrown through the wall and out.

(7 edits)

Kinda copying the Greed and Gluttony creations, i present to you...

The Gulper!

It has Blowers to force prey down to the Digesters. (Claws).

because the Blowers are arranged in such a way that they all point towards the Digesters,

THIS Can happen!

it's basically a Stasis Field.
but when the Blowers turn on all those nutrients will be forced into the Digesters,
and then absorbed into the creature.

And when the blowers are ON, they double as a giant Don Quixote engine for Reversing.

THIS combination is usually rare in my playthroughs,
but now i have it i can make a fucking mine shotgun 



i call it "The Railgun"

This creature is programmed to charge up, and then launch a mine at godspeed.

I wish the mines actually destroy stuff on hit, given enough force.

The blowers also double as a giant Don Quixote-Engine module.

Speaking of mines, here comes...


it attacks by filling itself up with mines, scaring any nearby creatures away.

Even though said creatures don't see the mines, they feel the mines' presence and stay away from them.

the Minefield Generator then spews out mines unevenly once the four chambers start to bloat and overfill.

When it's ready to perform a deadly attack that can kill an ENTIRE SERVER,


(me when i was saying the all-caps words [WARNING!!! UNRELATED TO SIPHO IN ANY WAY!]:)

New creature:


The flak cannons are supposed to make bite marks in enemies, and the claws are there for digestion.

This is the new version.

Added 2 more Buginis Movers on the back, and a door lined with spikes on the front.

What this door is suppose to do is, when an enemy steps inside the trap, i go into Edit mode and shut the door like this.

And when this happens, there's absolutely NO ESCAPE!

This thing has only two weakness.

Being Backstabbed by an Advena like this:


Trying to eat a Wall_Of_Death-type enemy.

You don't want to see THIS THING swiftly eating your face off.

It has 3 don quixote engine modules, but i do plan on adding many more.

Imagine the Third Boss but with this as both of his arms. F*cking horrifying!

Oh, and This guy as his head.

Even more horrifying! That boss would be impossible to destroy!

(1 edit)

don't you hate it when you just came to the Free Roam mode, and you get killed by a

Merciless Motherfucker?

the Advena Boss can be easily beaten from within the safezone by This guy.

i call it the Poison Ball.

and who needs Movement zooids when you can fucking Don Quixote your way to victory

Very unique! in the pic on the right i wish i was that little Buginis creature because... Friendship

(1 edit)

This guy is meant to hoard nutrients in it's gigantic jaws as bait for the trap, and whatever comes in gets chewed up painfully.

The creature doesn't care if any of his hoarded nutrients are stolen, because the smaller creature is still gonna die.


But it's just my idea.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Sipho.IO?

it's like Sipho, but on an IO game with other players

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That was my creature, now it's time to post your own creatures!

Sipho community · Created a new topic Creature Showoff!
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after i beat The Crown Of Thorns, i was able to become...

This thing.

It's meant to hoard nutrition in it's gigantic mouth,
and then smaller creatures will come in,
take the bait,
and get chewed up.

This little guy:

or This little guy:

would NOT stand a chance, even when they combine.

Sipho community · Replied to Dominas in Bugs

I have extracted EVERYTHING from the .zip into my desktop, and it works! Thanks

Sipho community · Replied to Dominas in Bugs
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also i'm playing on the Demo

the Free Demo

Sipho community · Replied to Dominas in Bugs
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Oh i downloaded it yesterday and tried copying the Unity .dll

also this is what the error looks like

im on Windows 9, and BTW the error looks so real i tried to click it but nothing happened xD

(3 edits)

my tactic is:

When the third boss, the Leech Lord or OMEGA FLOWEY as i call it, spawns,


and then you won't be trapped in his hell and can wail on him from outside.

Sometimes ramming into the Queen of Corrosion if your creature is melee would be Suicide.

Other times it's deemed as An Easy Kill.

I finished off OMEGA FLOWEY by guessing where his core is gonna be, running inside before he spawns,


When im got Mines in the finale boss, i create structure zooids in a cup-style shape., and mine launchers that point inside the cup. i gather up mines and then advance forth, disabling the boss and leaving him open for a fatal attack. you must act quick though as the mines are on a timer

I think i'm spamming. Or am i?

Maybe you still have a On-Browser version of the game. if you do, reply to me with the link!

When it clearly exists!

Sipho community · Replied to Dominas in Bugs

Bug in my PC: I start up the .Zip file, then i get assfucked by 'Unitywebplayer.dll is nonexistent in your machine' or something along those lines.