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hey remember me? you probably don't, but I had a ton of ideas for AW2 that you put in. and im back for another round of ideas!

1. units really need to be able to shoot while parachuting and going down the rope because sometimes they get massacred before they touch the ground.

2. motorcycles and motorcycles with side cars would be cool. jeeps as well.

3.battleships and maybe even submarines.

4.more types of artillery. such as World War mortars, regular artillery guns, and maybe anti-tank guns.

5.animals like cows,chickens,goats,basically any kind of farm animals.

6. attack choppers,attack planes.

7. an option for the planes to drop bombs instead of people,or maybe be able to do both.

8. AA guns such as FLAK 88s,Bofors, Wirbelwinds, those kinda things.

9.crates with ammo and crates with health.people always seem to run out of ammo real quick. maybe even allow planes to drop the crates.

10. more rocket launchers such as the Stinger to take down air units and a Panzerschreck to destroy tanks.

that's all for now. hope you add some of them :D

will we be able to upload ships to the workshop?

ion beams need to be nerfed, but not damage nerfed.i think they should be very weak against shields.

make Large Lasers. they do more damage then small lasers,and they  are strong against components

can you make smaller versions of the components like for example a reactor that is half the size of regular?that way it is easier to make fighter type ships.

more types of  materials and decals.

good work on this game! I love it.

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I use Microsoft edge I guess.maybe its 7 zip idk.

I'm using the top one.

some things don't work.it starts at 999 units and parts don't work.i extracted the zip file,and it still didn't work.

i love the new update,but there are a few problems:

cant use any objects

takes a very long time to load (might just be me but I did a 2v3 battle and it was like I was doing a 100v100 when loading the battle)

and that's all ive seen so far.i didn't play for long (since its pretty early right now in the morning) so yeah.good job making this game and the awesome updates.

oh ok thx.

is there a 64 bit download? i cant seem to find one.


so I was looking at your twitter.i went all the way to the bottom.what is human hunt and the race track game?what happened to them?are they still up?

ok I understand.cant wait to see bunnies!

can you make cannonballs go through a ship?i mean like it wont go through the front and the back it would only go through the front and wreck havoc.because right now cannonballs just bounce off ships like throwing paper balls at a wall.it should be like throwing a bomb at a wall without an explosion.(unless it is a explosive cannonball) it should make a big hole in the ship and if the hole is where the water is it will start to sink and you would need a special unit to fix the holes.and that special unit is this (even though its not a special unit) :

sailor (goes around and fixes holes in the ship,works the pumps,and other ship stuff.should have a dagger,and fixing equipment and 100 HP.only unit that can fix holes and stuff.)

cannonballs when go through the wood of a ship should kill any enemies that it hits while in.

and since it is close to easter :

Easter Bunny (it is a bunny with a basket that throws eggs out of the basket and the eggs hatch baby chickens after like 3 secs and the chicks would attack enemies.should throw like 4 eggs at a time with a "reload" time of 3 secs.chicks have 25 HP and the easter bunny has 200 HP. also has a carrot sword in his left hand for when the enemies get to close and his basket in his right hand.should be about 2x smaller then the wolves.)

Bunny Soldier (the same size as the easter bunny and has a carrot sword in right hand and egg shield (in the shape of a egg) in his left hand. and a cute little helmet on his head that has holes for his ears.75 HP)

Bunny Archer (has a cute little robinhood hat in between his ears and a bow. and a quiver on his back and when it dies the arrows go into ragdoll and go out of his quiver.50 HP)

hope you guys like my suggestions!

Thx! I hope you do put this in because there haven't been a lot of maps.



panda (aww its so cute!these things don't do much.they just sit around eating bamboo and getting drinks and stuff.they cant even attack.but if you kill a panda,the big one will come.35 HP)

Giant Panda (aww its not that cute and cuddly!this will absolutely murder you,even with armour.it has very sharp claws to cut you to pieces,and very sharp teeth that he uses to pick up and chomp on enemys.he lives in a Giant cave and should be like 5x the size of a regular panda.750 HP)

Bamboo Forest (this is the most beautiful place there is.it houses pandas which spawn randomly on the map and a huge cave that the giant panda lives in.it also has a small beach where the pandas go to drink.so you could have land and water battles and beach landings.it also has bamboo,large trees,small trees,bushes,grass,and rocks.)

that is my suggestion for now so hope you guys like it.

press c

press esc key.


panda (aww its so cute! most of the time it just sits around eating bamboo, but if killed or hurt the big one comes. they don't even attack. 35 health)

giant panda (aww its not that cute and cuddly! this thing comes when you hurt or kill a panda.it has very sharp claws that he swipes with and has very sharp teeth to bite units to pieces. he should have about 800 health and comes out of a giant cave in the map. (coming up next) and it should be about 5 times the size of a regular panda.)

Bamboo Forest (a beautiful environment full of cute and cuddly pandas that spawn randomly around the map. there is also a huge cave that houses the Giant Panda and only comes out when its people are harmed. there is also 1/4 of the map has water and a very small beach where the pandas drink.)

Thx! I will still be here making suggestions and stuff.when I'm older I want to be a game dev so I'm pretty good at suggestions I think.

I love the new update!put there are a few issues:

people on boats/castle parts wont move or attack unless they are ranged and if they are they only shoot,so its impossible to do boarding or wall fights.this has been a issue since castles/boats first came.

when putting down units,if a harpoon units weapon touches another weapon,it fires.

sharks don't do anything.idk if there supposed to do nothing,but I think they should attack boats. and eat dead bodys that float in the water.even the sharks jumping out of the water and taking enemys off boats would be cool.

cant place certant units on walls/boats.things such as the ballista,cannon,and other things cant go on those.

when you place down a mortar and probably other things,it doesn't stay on ship and will float in the air.

those are some issues I encountered while playing.love the game still though.

also can you add a lot of new maps in next update?i want to see beach battles really badly.when is next update?

wish I had popcorn a coke and elevator music lol.after school it has to be up.

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7:40 am eastern time here and still no update.

ya that's what I did.

you should put in a thing that shows times for other places, not just UTC.im in EST and I have no idea what 12:00 am UTC is.

I think,dunno for sure though. guess we will find out tomorrow.

I love the leprechaun!it looks so cool.all it needs now is a green hat and a brown beard! this update is gonna be awesome.

thx for adding it in! cant wait to see it.

thx for adding it in!cant wait to see it.

first of all: it is still being worked on so of course its going to be glitchy

second you can spawn units on walls except for some of the newer units

third again,its still being worked on

fourth the dev is working on the fighting system.again,its still work in progress.

since its close to St. Patrick's Day,i have an idea for a unit:

leparchaun (or how ever you spell it) (has a pot of gold and he throws many small pieces of gold out of the pot at enemies.and when he kills a enemy,they turn into gold.)

also when are you going to put chariots into the game?

their is a first person mode press c.

oh ok.

the next update.well should be the next update.

I cant wait for tomorrow!

that's a cool idea.im 10 years old and have my own computer even though its not very good I'm still older then you :P also you had caps on if you didn't know when you made that comment.

ok your welcome.

when you go to level bundles,and you click equipment where it says chestpiece,leggings and boots it says helmet.


I have few ideas for the boats:

sailor (goes around the ship repairing holes,working the pumps,ect. and should have a dagger)

grapeshot cannon (fires a bunch of small projectiles that pierce the ship and do a ton of damage to crew)

Captain (has a flintlock in his right hand and a sabre in his left hand and should have double the health of a regular unit)

Molotov (a pirate that throws molotovs and burns enemy ships)

drunk pirate (this guy drank a bit to much beer....but he throws bottles at enemys and when the bottles hit something the glass goes and cuts everything around it so he's a bit.....useful?)

platypus (yep...this thing is actually harmful.the male one's anyways.it stabs enemys with the back of its feet poisoning enemys.and there small which makes them a hard target.who knew that such a cute and cuddly creature would be so deadly?)

special units:

Captain Black Beard (has a blunderbuss in his left hand and a sabre in his right hand and should obviously have a black beard and should have a lot of health)

Shark Rider (its a pirate with a blunderbuss on a shark and the shark bites chunks out of a ship and the pirate would shoot the enemys and if the pirate dies then the shark is still alive and if the shark dies then the pirate is still alive....but the pirate would drown or be eaten by other sharks or whatever)

sharkman (this guys a beast......literally.he can swim in water and has a shark head so he bites people and he can board enemy ships.he could take out a ship that has only sailors and little resistance by his self.)

octoman (........why?he is a beast like sharkman and can grab and throw or grab and eat people's heads off.he's actually good friends with sharkman and together they can destroy any ship.exept for very large ships,such as the man-o-war but they would damage it a lot.oh and he has the head and tentacles of a octopus.)

mega platypus (because platypuses weren't enough.this thing is absolutely huge and has lasers shooting out of its eyes.well it doesn't have lasers shooting out of its eyes but its huge.and stings people with the back of their feet poisoning them and the poison does more damage then a regular platypus.)

that's all I got I hope you guys like my suggestions.

you should be able to pick how to swing your weapons because weapons such as the spear swing instead of stab sometimes and if you wanted to do a sideways attack with a sword you could do that.