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since its close to St. Patrick's Day,i have an idea for a unit:

leparchaun (or how ever you spell it) (has a pot of gold and he throws many small pieces of gold out of the pot at enemies.and when he kills a enemy,they turn into gold.)

also when are you going to put chariots into the game?


That's a good idea! I'm doing it right now.

I don't know then I will add chariots to the game. The priority is on ocean battles at the moment.

Since its ancient warfare please dont add like modern planes but if you can please make archimedee's plane and helicopter.

and will the ships in ocean battles be platforms or units itd be cool to be able to add additional units on ships.

Yes, youcan place units on ships, but they will work without them, too.

And I won't add modern stuff to this game, but there will be a spin off.

Can I get the experimental?

Which experimental? The spin off is not available at the moment and the ocean battles will be added next week. There is no experimental version.

Cool JNI you did created zombies it very cool now and this time this game will be a left 4 ancient 2

thx for adding it in!cant wait to see it.

thx for adding it in! cant wait to see it.