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can you make cannonballs go through a ship?i mean like it wont go through the front and the back it would only go through the front and wreck havoc.because right now cannonballs just bounce off ships like throwing paper balls at a wall.it should be like throwing a bomb at a wall without an explosion.(unless it is a explosive cannonball) it should make a big hole in the ship and if the hole is where the water is it will start to sink and you would need a special unit to fix the holes.and that special unit is this (even though its not a special unit) :

sailor (goes around and fixes holes in the ship,works the pumps,and other ship stuff.should have a dagger,and fixing equipment and 100 HP.only unit that can fix holes and stuff.)

cannonballs when go through the wood of a ship should kill any enemies that it hits while in.

and since it is close to easter :

Easter Bunny (it is a bunny with a basket that throws eggs out of the basket and the eggs hatch baby chickens after like 3 secs and the chicks would attack enemies.should throw like 4 eggs at a time with a "reload" time of 3 secs.chicks have 25 HP and the easter bunny has 200 HP. also has a carrot sword in his left hand for when the enemies get to close and his basket in his right hand.should be about 2x smaller then the wolves.)

Bunny Soldier (the same size as the easter bunny and has a carrot sword in right hand and egg shield (in the shape of a egg) in his left hand. and a cute little helmet on his head that has holes for his ears.75 HP)

Bunny Archer (has a cute little robinhood hat in between his ears and a bow. and a quiver on his back and when it dies the arrows go into ragdoll and go out of his quiver.50 HP)

hope you guys like my suggestions!

The first internal version of ocean battles had this kind of destruction, but the performance is just terrible because there are soo many parts of the shi.

Just a small explanation for better understanding.

The ship is build from many objects -> The wood planks, sails, other wood parts, ...

To run smoothly, all those parts have to be combined to one object, because it's better for the gpu to render 1 large object instead of 1000 small ones, you know?

If I break one part of the ship, I have to reactivate all smaller parts of the ship to see the hole and destroy some of the small parts.

Here is the problem. I can let all parts as single small objects, but the gpu will die, or I can recombine all small objects again, but in that case the cpu will die...

I hope this helps to understand why there is no destruction for ships.

But I love the bunny idea! I will release the next update a few days before easter with the bunnies.

ok I understand.cant wait to see bunnies!