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panda (aww its so cute! most of the time it just sits around eating bamboo, but if killed or hurt the big one comes. they don't even attack. 35 health)

giant panda (aww its not that cute and cuddly! this thing comes when you hurt or kill a panda.it has very sharp claws that he swipes with and has very sharp teeth to bite units to pieces. he should have about 800 health and comes out of a giant cave in the map. (coming up next) and it should be about 5 times the size of a regular panda.)

Bamboo Forest (a beautiful environment full of cute and cuddly pandas that spawn randomly around the map. there is also a huge cave that houses the Giant Panda and only comes out when its people are harmed. there is also 1/4 of the map has water and a very small beach where the pandas drink.)