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I love the new update!put there are a few issues:

people on boats/castle parts wont move or attack unless they are ranged and if they are they only shoot,so its impossible to do boarding or wall fights.this has been a issue since castles/boats first came.

when putting down units,if a harpoon units weapon touches another weapon,it fires.

sharks don't do anything.idk if there supposed to do nothing,but I think they should attack boats. and eat dead bodys that float in the water.even the sharks jumping out of the water and taking enemys off boats would be cool.

cant place certant units on walls/boats.things such as the ballista,cannon,and other things cant go on those.

when you place down a mortar and probably other things,it doesn't stay on ship and will float in the air.

those are some issues I encountered while playing.love the game still though.

also can you add a lot of new maps in next update?i want to see beach battles really badly.when is next update?

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I second beach battles. Land and sea maps are a must.

Hi mate, thanks again for all your suggestions and feedback!

People on boats and walls will fallback to a low level mode, which will increase the performance. This mode allows to place many ranged units on walls without cpu impact.

I will check the harpoon bug. Sharks are useless at the moment, they are decorative units, but maybe I will add what you suggested for them.

Ballistas, mortars and animals can't be placed on walls at the moment, because the movement of those kind of units is limited.

I could add height aim to the ballista, so that you can add it on walls. The bugs with ocean battles will be fixed asap.

The next update won't take as much time as the last one and I'm thinking about adding more smaller updates instead of working a month or more on each update...

Thx! I will still be here making suggestions and stuff.when I'm older I want to be a game dev so I'm pretty good at suggestions I think.