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panda (aww its so cute!these things don't do much.they just sit around eating bamboo and getting drinks and stuff.they cant even attack.but if you kill a panda,the big one will come.35 HP)

Giant Panda (aww its not that cute and cuddly!this will absolutely murder you,even with armour.it has very sharp claws to cut you to pieces,and very sharp teeth that he uses to pick up and chomp on enemys.he lives in a Giant cave and should be like 5x the size of a regular panda.750 HP)

Bamboo Forest (this is the most beautiful place there is.it houses pandas which spawn randomly on the map and a huge cave that the giant panda lives in.it also has a small beach where the pandas go to drink.so you could have land and water battles and beach landings.it also has bamboo,large trees,small trees,bushes,grass,and rocks.)

that is my suggestion for now so hope you guys like it.

Sounds very crazy :D

Maybe I will add this as a special map.

Thx! I hope you do put this in because there haven't been a lot of maps.