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I had to reload this page five times to play through the game, here's what happend each time:

1) Didn't realize there was a tutorial level and didn't know it was down plus jump to fall through the thin platforms.

2) Talked to the first npc in the game and it softlocked.

3) Found the tutorial level, and after going through some of it softlocked (might've  went through a dialouge box too fast.)

4) Found out that jumping + talking to an npc causes glitched dialouge, and after messing with that more the game softlocked.

5) Got stuck on the 6-tile spike jump for a bit until I found the air dash button randomly, and then softlocked after wall-jumping into the upwards screen transition instead of climbing the ladder.

Finally then was able to finish the game.

On top of having to reload five whole times, the game generally plays and feels not very Mega Man like, and with many other minor bugs I can only assume a lot of time was spent on the art rather than the game part, and even then it still doesn't look great since the pixel art isn't scaled to an integer amount.

You had ninety days... What happend.

The theme was a bit of a stretch, and I stumbled upon a solution that makes the tiles not explode (I had to shift one of the rows to score which means the tiles didn't get stale), but otherwise this is a very satisfying game to play.

Very fun, and mixing shots before firing is quite original! I got up to 22500.

I'm a big fan of how the color palette changes between worlds, quite a nice touch. The game gets pretty hard pretty fast though, I got stuck on 2-3 and ended up crasing the game by randomly spamming the arrows, but what I did play was quite fun!

A bit short, and also quite chaotic, can't say I had too much fun. The enemies were pretty aggressive, and I'm used to reloading being automatic the games that have it, both proved to frustrate me a bit. The shooting being linked to the walls had some potential though, I would've liked to see that expanded on.

The art and music was superb, though the music not looping was a bit odd. I feel that if momentum built up faster I'd have had a better time with this one.

Solid puzzles with a lovely atmosphere to boot,  really enjoyed my time with this one. You can cheese the levels pretty easily though by spamming moves into the drain, unfortunately.

Really fun! The music sets a great mood for the game. 

Really cute, and quite an astounding amount of levels too! I ended up crashing the game by stepping off the coral switch while a character was in the coral door's tile, but everything up to that point was really fun!

Theme's a bit of a stretch but it was still pretty fun to play. Got to 31 turns.

Very charming! I think it's polished enough you could put this on the app store in it's current state. Being able to customize your wheel is really cool, but it took me a bit to figure out what the different colors did, maybe switching the red to green and black to red would better indicate what they do.

Lovely visuals, the music helps the great atmosphere too. The goal of the game wasn't too apparent and aiming at the enemies was a little tricky since you block your own vision looking at them.

VERY pretty game, the gravity mechanic is pretty fun as well. It would've been nice if there was some kind of audible or visual GUI indicator that you solved a room though, sometimes I just walked around in a room and the door was open.

Quite a unique concept! Playing it was pretty confusing however. The controls weren't explained, so it took me a while to figure out the mouse was needed, and I still don't quite understand the logic behind when a fall kills instead of just making you smaller. I do really love the animations though, so much charm in those.

Very charming artstyle, and good music choices, but I have a few gripes with how the game controls. Having very notable velocity in the movement is a bit odd, since pretty much every 2D Zelda lacks or has very minimal movement velocity. Not being able to change directions in a sword swing by hitting the button again is also really frustrating, since every Zelda game except LTTP allows you to do so.  Button placement is a bit odd, I feel ZXC would've worked better so you rest all your fingers on the buttons, and not being able to cancel out of the bow did lead to a death. Overall a fine experience, but with some issues.

Some of the textures (background especially) could've been larger but otherwise the whole scene looks really nice, and it packs a lot of detail.

Yeah, the top and bottom of the pentagonal prism are transparent to avoid clipping issues.

Solid texture work, nice kitty.

Pretty cool shape, you got pretty far with only two colors too.

Incredible concept! The shapes are quite simple but the textures really make it shine.

Oh hey, another Zelda model. Not the biggest fan of LTTP but this still looks really nice.

Neat shape, a few more details would've been nice considering you dropped the limitation.

Warping ceiling may not have been intentional but it adds a splash of mystique.

Imagine boarding up your door just to watch a movie. Interesting texture work on the walls.

Spooky figures, quite reminiscent of the Sky Trees from Mario Galaxy 2.

Ooh, looks really nice. 

Beautiful. I have no other words.

Very nice texture work, the characters around the building are a great touch.

Really nice textures! A bit of a stretch with the theme though...

Very simple, but not bad by any means.

The ground is warping which seems to be a common over-scaling issue, but it looks very very good otherwise.

This looks neat, it's got protruding hinges and everyth- whaat is that face...?
Jokes aside it's well textured too.

Great use of the shapes, the pentagon coffin is so obvious yet so genius at the same time.

Unfortunate that you weren't able to texture it, but that does give it an interesting atmostphere.

The warping road texture plus the speed of the gif makes it dizzying to look at, and the background has a notable lack of detail compred to the rest of the building, but a building under construction is a pretty unique concept.

Using some larger textures would've probably made some things look cleaner, but it still looks pretty nice.

The only lighthouse in the jam that is actually on, I like how it looks.

This is some lovely texture work, bravo.

I really love the exaggerated shapes, reminds me a lot of the DS Zelda games in that regard.

Random gravity may not be a very original idea but throwing in a grappling hook makes things much more interesting. I'm personally not too big a fan of 2D collectathons, but it was still some solid chaotic fun. The cutscenes were also a neat addition for a jam game.