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Very charming artstyle, and good music choices, but I have a few gripes with how the game controls. Having very notable velocity in the movement is a bit odd, since pretty much every 2D Zelda lacks or has very minimal movement velocity. Not being able to change directions in a sword swing by hitting the button again is also really frustrating, since every Zelda game except LTTP allows you to do so.  Button placement is a bit odd, I feel ZXC would've worked better so you rest all your fingers on the buttons, and not being able to cancel out of the bow did lead to a death. Overall a fine experience, but with some issues.

Some of the textures (background especially) could've been larger but otherwise the whole scene looks really nice, and it packs a lot of detail.

Yeah, the top and bottom of the pentagonal prism are transparent to avoid clipping issues.

Solid texture work, nice kitty.

Pretty cool shape, you got pretty far with only two colors too.

Incredible concept! The shapes are quite simple but the textures really make it shine.

Oh hey, another Zelda model. Not the biggest fan of LTTP but this still looks really nice.

Neat shape, a few more details would've been nice considering you dropped the limitation.

Warping ceiling may not have been intentional but it adds a splash of mystique.

Imagine boarding up your door just to watch a movie. Interesting texture work on the walls.

Spooky figures, quite reminiscent of the Sky Trees from Mario Galaxy 2.

Ooh, looks really nice. 

Beautiful. I have no other words.

Very nice texture work, the characters around the building are a great touch.

Really nice textures! A bit of a stretch with the theme though...

Very simple, but not bad by any means.

The ground is warping which seems to be a common over-scaling issue, but it looks very very good otherwise.

This looks neat, it's got protruding hinges and everyth- whaat is that face...?
Jokes aside it's well textured too.

Great use of the shapes, the pentagon coffin is so obvious yet so genius at the same time.

Unfortunate that you weren't able to texture it, but that does give it an interesting atmostphere.

The warping road texture plus the speed of the gif makes it dizzying to look at, and the background has a notable lack of detail compred to the rest of the building, but a building under construction is a pretty unique concept.

Using some larger textures would've probably made some things look cleaner, but it still looks pretty nice.

The only lighthouse in the jam that is actually on, I like how it looks.

This is some lovely texture work, bravo.

I really love the exaggerated shapes, reminds me a lot of the DS Zelda games in that regard.

Random gravity may not be a very original idea but throwing in a grappling hook makes things much more interesting. I'm personally not too big a fan of 2D collectathons, but it was still some solid chaotic fun. The cutscenes were also a neat addition for a jam game.

Neat concept, having to manage the timing of everything was a good and fun puzzle. I do like the GameBoy aesthetic, though my nitpick is that the resolution isn't the same. The game also had some great flow with the way it introduced everything gradually. Nice work.

Unfortunately PICO-8 is stuck with its 128x128 resolution so the best thing I could do is snuggle the player right up with the edge of the camera. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Out of everything to play in the jam a visual novel was not one I expected. It was an enjoyable story with some great music, but rated as a video game loses some "fun" points. It was intriguing, yes but not quite amusing. The fact that it is a visual novel as well makes the adherence to the theme a little blurry, but overall this is a pretty neat package.

Lovely graphical style, chill music, and an interesting concept to boot. Not sure if this was intentional or not but the fire cannons synced up to the music and that was incredible. My only complaint is the fact that standing at the edge of a platform slides you off of it, and I seem to have a tendency to do just that.

I've got a few comments about that so in a post-jam update I'll include options to try again or move on after you complete a stage.

Stressful but fun, akin to the Mario minigame "Sort or 'Splode." The animations are very nice, and it didn't get too crazy too quickly or slowly. Nicely done.

I have downloaded one or two FPS games that had the same problem so I don't think it's a you problem.

Lexaloffle is the one to thank here, cause I never wrote anything for controller support, PICO-8 handled that for me without me even knowing!

Another one that takes the theme in the "Ctrl Key" direction but it was pretty fun to explore the room. I never figured out how to climb up onto any of the tables after getting down so I just pushed the laptop off the table and kept retrying for the bottom-shelf TV stand spawn. As with all the first person games I've played it shares the same really high and fixed sensitivity, which is quite unfortunate.

While bullet hell games are innately out of control, you seemed to take it a step further with how crazy it got in the later sections. Not sure what else to say, dating sims aren't my thing so I probably didn't enjoy it as much as others might.

Strange art choice, mixing the 3D environment with a 2D character, but it does remind me a bit of the "Run" games on You build up speed a little too fast to get oriented when the level starts which can lead to instantly falling out of the stage. This speed can also lead to clipping through some of the thin green platforms.

Neat concept that was decently fun, but the bullets can be a little hard to see. The audio was also a bit on the weak side with no music and only like 3-4 SFX, but it can be excused since you wrote that you made the game in >24 hours.

An all-around amazing game. Fluid animation, a groovin' soundtrack, and a very fun game mechanic. No bugs to speak of either! The only gripe I have is the end screen doesn't explicitly tell you that it's the end, leading to half a minute of pressing buttons wondering if there's any more to the end screen, but it's quite the nitpick.

Cute idea, though in reality the cats would probably want to jump into the box rather than out. The levels seemed to end before all the cats were in the box in later levels, and the music just cut out after a while, but a fun game despite those minor hiccups.