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I'm new at game development since I'm more into the art aspects than the programming aspects. I'm trying to find a game engine/tool that focuses on the art side of game development than the coding side. I do have Flash, Blender (Don't use it as much since I'm not good at 3D), Photoshop, Krita,  Medibang, and Fire Alpaca though I mostly use them for drawing cartoons & comics on.  I also have Clip Studio Paint but I don't know if anyone uses it for game art.

I have downloaded Aseprite, Pixelmash, Playscii, and Piskel since they're free and I can use them to create game sprites.

I have downloaded some game engines since they're free, I have Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Superpowers, Stencyl, Game Maker Studio (The Free Trial version), and RPG Maker MV (Which I've downloaded via Steam on my MAC) However I'm still new to game development so I no idea which one I should try first. 

Hi, I haven't done game coding/programming  before since I'm more of an artist and rarely ever done coding itself. I did take a couple of Objective-C programming courses a couple of years ago and through those classes, I've learn that through Objective-C (Or Swift), I can make iOS game apps (I love playing game apps on my iPhone/iPad).

But I know that most game developers would rather use C# or C++ as  their programming language for their games. I wanted to know if there's anyone out there who uses Objective-C (Or Swift) as their main programming language for game development.

Hello, my name is Sierra though my username is Toxic Ramen. I'm an artist who loves to draw cartoons & comics but I also love playing video games such as platformers (Super Mario Bros), Metroidvania (Metroid Fusion & Castlevaina: Aria of Sorrow), RPGs (Final Fantasy VI), indie games (Undertale), and mobile iOS app games (Downwell and Tomb of the Mask).

I develop an interest in creating games when I was in middle school when I tried to write out ideas for an RPG and messed around with RPG Maker for the Playstation but to no avail. but I lost interest and focus on drawing cartoons & comics, but it resurfaced when I took a couple of iOS development classes and found out that I could create iOS game apps through coding via Objective-C.

I have a lot of ideas that I want to use to create games with but I do want to create an RPG, and a game that has old school pixel style.

I've just downloaded some free game assets (Mostly RPG Maker MV assets) but I was wondering how & where do I install them for game development? I have RPG Maker MV (Though I've got this from Steam)  and I've download some of those pixel assets but where do I install the assets?

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Hi, I've just recently created an account on and I've downloaded some RPG Maker Assets and I saw that I could download them through the app which I've jut recently installed. But does it matter if I download the assets or tool on my desktop or on the app?