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I'm new at game development since I'm more into the art aspects than the programming aspects. I'm trying to find a game engine/tool that focuses on the art side of game development than the coding side. I do have Flash, Blender (Don't use it as much since I'm not good at 3D), Photoshop, Krita,  Medibang, and Fire Alpaca though I mostly use them for drawing cartoons & comics on.  I also have Clip Studio Paint but I don't know if anyone uses it for game art.

I have downloaded Aseprite, Pixelmash, Playscii, and Piskel since they're free and I can use them to create game sprites.

I have downloaded some game engines since they're free, I have Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Superpowers, Stencyl, Game Maker Studio (The Free Trial version), and RPG Maker MV (Which I've downloaded via Steam on my MAC) However I'm still new to game development so I no idea which one I should try first. 


If you're more into graphics than coding you could start by joining a team as the graphic artist - there's some postings now and again for people looking to be part of a team.

I learnt to program in Game Maker (a few versions before Studio) and their tutorials gave me a very good basic understanding of gaming as they were detailed and instructive and gave you a lot of insight into game development in general - not just the use of Game Maker.  I would  recommend working through a few of their beginner tutorials as a good start.   

Then if you're not big on coding look at engines like Game Salad* or Construct that give you basic tools to work with and no coding.  Clickteam Fusion that also has no coding - they also have a free starter version you can play with - and is more flexible than those other 2, but is a bit harder to learn. 

*Game Salad:  at the time I looked at it, their terms of service gave them too many rights, it put me off.