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If you're more into graphics than coding you could start by joining a team as the graphic artist - there's some postings now and again for people looking to be part of a team.

I learnt to program in Game Maker (a few versions before Studio) and their tutorials gave me a very good basic understanding of gaming as they were detailed and instructive and gave you a lot of insight into game development in general - not just the use of Game Maker.  I would  recommend working through a few of their beginner tutorials as a good start.   

Then if you're not big on coding look at engines like Game Salad* or Construct that give you basic tools to work with and no coding.  Clickteam Fusion that also has no coding - they also have a free starter version you can play with - and is more flexible than those other 2, but is a bit harder to learn. 

*Game Salad:  at the time I looked at it, their terms of service gave them too many rights, it put me off.