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Hello, my name is Sierra though my username is Toxic Ramen. I'm an artist who loves to draw cartoons & comics but I also love playing video games such as platformers (Super Mario Bros), Metroidvania (Metroid Fusion & Castlevaina: Aria of Sorrow), RPGs (Final Fantasy VI), indie games (Undertale), and mobile iOS app games (Downwell and Tomb of the Mask).

I develop an interest in creating games when I was in middle school when I tried to write out ideas for an RPG and messed around with RPG Maker for the Playstation but to no avail. but I lost interest and focus on drawing cartoons & comics, but it resurfaced when I took a couple of iOS development classes and found out that I could create iOS game apps through coding via Objective-C.

I have a lot of ideas that I want to use to create games with but I do want to create an RPG, and a game that has old school pixel style.

Nice! keep working and learning you will get there!