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Sadly at this point in time, Game Pass users can't mod their Minecraft because the game files are inaccessible. At some point Microsoft plans to allow Game Pass files to be moved around, making it possible to mod again. A lot of things have been messing up for me ever since Microsoft bought Minecraft and moved it to their store.

I intend on keeping all the versions up to date. I also offer a steam key upon purchase so that people can play using steam if they want. :)

I have now added steam keys for those who have already purchased the game. Thank you all so much for your support this last year! Please leave a comment or review on my steam page!

Big fish is only getting bigger :)

Frankly, I wanted to try new things with this game. All my other games are handcrafted, single-player games. This time I got to set up multiple players/controllers and put them in a endless dungeon crawl! It was my first procedurally generated game and even though you say it isn't a single player game...I'm normally playing alone  and I really enjoy this game by myself. As a matter of fact, I have some playtesters that have been playing it by themselves too with good reviews so far.  It sounds like you may enjoy my other games more, actually. They're more of the "metroidvania" type and I'm guessing that's more your style.  Thanks for the comment!

Thanks! My family and I have been having a blast with this game. We're always looking for good 4 player couch coop games. :) It's about time I finally made one!


Sadly, no, there isn't. They still own the game, Minecraft: Java Edition. After getting it, you can play this "modpack" for free any time.  :)

Note: Bedrock Edition and Java Edition are very different. You'll want Java for this mod.

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You definitely can! You can also lock onto grapple hooks. :)

Make sure to go through all your controls settings, though. You'll have to map the lock-on button, since it doesn't have a default. 

Also, if Metroid Prime was your favorite game like me, you're going to find a lot of nostalgia and joy playing this one. :)

Approved :)

This often happens when the software downloaded is unrecognized, such as indie games. My game has no viruses, I promise. :) You may be able to go into your antivirus software and mark this game as an exception. I hope this helps!

Thank you!


Thanks for the kind words and invite. You're games are fun and creative! I really enjoyed the pirate game and Dis Assemble has a great mechanic to it. 

I'm game to do a co-op bundle for Black Friday.  :)

 - TheOnlyQuarry

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If you want to stream either of these games for free, just PM me and I'll send you a key. Thank you for what you're doing!

Big Fish


You'll have to base it off of how many people viewed your page and assume a percentage of those people actually played the game. Being web-based, it's probably a lot. People are more likely to play a game when it's right in front of them. 

If you want a better idea of how much time was spent on your page, you could always try google analytics.

In all honesty, I think simply making the starting health just a tad higher will make the beginning much more bearable.

 I can totally see how you may be trying to let the player feel the challenge up front so they are more dedicated to beat it. If that's your direction, the leveling system really makes that possible and actually compliments the idea  of building your character up really well. I wouldn't even mind fighting a mini-boss near the beginning to try and build exp. After finally beating him I would feel great and wonder what the game has to offer. 

This is some really good feedback, my friend. Thank you so much.!

The boss battle is long unless you use the electric tail. But I've been on the fence about increasing the damage dealt overall and I think you've convinced me, so I'll shorten that boss fight a smidge. 

I agree that when I start swimming really fast I can't see any enemies ahead of me. I think I want to fix the camera by zooming it out just a little. 

I think conveyance is so important in games and you're right about Big Fish feeling too open near the beginning. I really wanted the player to not feel trapped in a tiny game for the jam. I intend to use an accordion style of progression, keeping things linear near the beginning and end, while slowly opening the game up  to the player throughout the middle, but for the jam period, I didn't unfold the areas as well as I could have. For the SuperMVM, however, I plan to have a much, much larger game with more bosses and powers. That will let me build a better flow for the map layout.

Thank you again for your insight! I've been so happy with how great of a community this is and I hope to see you and everyone else again at the SuperMVM!

Honestly a month isn't very long to make a metroidvania.  I'd love to see your game at the Super MVM Jam!

That music was great! It really got my hyped. And it was really challenging. Great game!

The graphics were beautiful and I really enjoyed the fact that even if I died I didn't lose much and I could still level up. It made the beginning a little painful to get through, but I was wanting more by the end. Great job!

I agree with you on all points, my friend. Thank you so much for your feedback. I've now signed up for the Super MVM Jam, so I hope you try it again then. I'll be able to fix the music, get everything up to a higher resolution.  I actually was hoping to make the game a challenge, but to keep it easy in main areas. I'd recommend, if you find it hard, take the approach of not eating as many enemies. As you eat more, your enemy types will change and grow. Eating just the mushrooms is showing kindness to the environment and although you lose access to some abilities that may help against the boss, you wont have to face a number of larger foes.

This was fun! It took me back to the classic metroid games. I even wanted to play it on a handheld instead of my PC. The timing of the snails were perfect and got me every time, but the moles seemed to only spring up long after I walked by.  Great game! I loved being a robo cat!

The graphics and modeling are really smooth! I bet it will be beautiful when it's done.  And the use of the bug to get an aerial view was genius. Viewpoints are always such a challenge in 3D gaming, especially when there is a lot of platforming. I think the bug really helped solve that problem. Great job Forthwind Team!

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Wait, should the land movement be smooth? Haha. Youre a fish out of water so the mechanics will feel weird at first. This was intentional. I can't make it too easy. ;) Where's the fun in that? This game has 2 hidden moves that allow players with some experience to traverse places early on. 

-you can swim faster if you think like a fish. So move back and forth to build speed like a fish does. 

-with some practice you can wall climb and this opens up the map early on.

I agree about the enemies being too close to doors sometimes. Their location is saved between rooms so I'll have to find a way to keep them from being near a door when you return to the room.  Thanks for pointing that out. I wasn't sure if it was a real problem or not. 

The crabs are safe in their holes and I'm still working on animations for combating them. So at this point they are just a nuisance. Fun fact - they cant see you if your small. ;)

Did you find the last ability yet? You'll have to have the spinning attack to get it. And when you do it'll blow your mind. It's optional, but well worth it when used against the boss. 

Thank you so much for playing and for the awesome feedback! All of this will be taken into great consideration as I continue on the game. 

edit: I just made the crab animation and it can be damaged now.  I also made it so enemies can't  meet you at the door. Sadly you'll have to wait for the voting period to end.

I left out some of the conveyance, because I felt the game needed to feel open to experienced players while deterring new players from exploring too far. For instance, were you able to find the first ability pretty easily? After that, your options open up entirely and you can fight the boss at any time. This allows for that fun experience of stumbling upon a hard enemy and running away or putting up a good fight. Even then. Beating him is your only real requirement to finish the game while the more violent abilities are for players who explore and work their way up the food chain. Everything else can be circumvented with some skill. Ta-da! A metroidvania for different skill levels. Also did you notice how the rooms changed a little and enemies got more difficult as you moved around the map eating things?  I wanted to create that feeling of being a little lost and having to come back to previous spot just to find that new enemies have emerged from eating the smaller ones. The carnivorous players will have more of a challenge while the players who stick to eating mushrooms like my 7 year old niece wont have to deal with as many baddies. A game for all ages :)

This game has some real potential! Keep it up!

Your character animation is really nice

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Hello! I just wanted to open the comments section with a big thank you to everyone playing Big Fish and Annulus! I'll be uploading video footage of the development process over the next few months, so keep checking back and watch these games  get built!

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Thank you! You most definitely will see this game again :)

I've been playing around with a new art style that has a painted look, while still being a form of pixel art. What I came up with was this water-pixel effect with occasional outlining. I'm really glad you like it!

I was wondering about that. My computer can handle a lot, but honestly, with an early build, I'm not too worried about a little lag. I cant imagine what the asset pipelining is like for 3d gaming!

I really liked the use of depth of field. It made the world feel like a super high res minecraft when I looked out in the distance.  That's what started getting me to shoot enemies from afar and it totally took me back to playing the first Halo. The enemies even remind me of the flood a little. Definitely keep up the good work! It already has the right feel to it. 

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That moment you're talking about took me a while to get right. And honestly I couldn't get the splash animation right up until the last few days. The splash noise  forced me to get better at my audio grouping too. 

I loved your use of water to entice bugs and grow plants. I want to entice things and grow things in my game now too. Haha. Thank you for inspiring me.

Thank you so much for saying that! I'd like to take this game to the 3 month metroidvania jam so I can expand on the world and mechanics. 

I'm really impressed with this game. It is a great application of pixel art and the progression is really nice. I love what happens just after getting the first ability. I was scurrying up that ladder so fast. Great job with this game!

Nailed it :)

I love the idea of letting people experience the feeling of being trapped up until the next update. Honestly, it's creative.

I love the way you made the background with that 3D effect. I'm totally going to have to learn how to do that. 

Your enemies have a really fluid movement to them. I really like this as opposed to just putting an enemy on a path. I felt like they had some intelligence. Really well done!

I really like your use of lighting to create your atmosphere. It makes an interior environment so rich. Great job!

That first boss was awesome and very tough.  Great job!

The music had such a good beat. I was humming the tune even after the game. The movement controls felt a little sluggish, but once I got used to it, it was pretty fun. Great game!