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No such plan... yes great but very big (almost like new game)

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I do not plan further language version Unfortunately there is a huge amout of texts in the game. And translating it (with good quality) take hundereds of hours. And similar request didn't work (people after seeing part of the text didn't responde back). And when I made some exercise professional translation it cost about 25 000 Euro. And of course there is a matter of updates which introduced new text with every version

You can create your own set. But you cannot extend default one offline.

When you select cast to your production some of the creators has yellow background. That means they due to various reasons (mainly prestige but not only) they not want to cooperate with you. That is why they want higher salary then usual (this is "negotiation part"). This yellow part depends also on relation with given creator. (there are more things which is important but relation is taken into account) so it may happen that if you have lower prestige but good relation they will go from yellow to white rank. Still if they are in yellow zone if you got better relation the negotiated salary is smaller.
Other places where relations are taken into account (still here mainly positive/negative has impact)

"It seems that X may be interested in one of the motifs in the scenario 'Y'. Do you want to offer cooperation?" 

After such question person still may reject cooperation even if motive is interested for him (but your relations are bad).

Other places

- Send role offer to person for cast in script

- Various recommendation of friends (or friends of friends) also checks the relations

What do you mean by Russian? Language? No, no other language is planned too many texts are in the game. So to complex to add text if you do no know the language on proper level... still for professional translation it is simply too costly for free game.

Thanks nice to hear that you like it.

Yes that is true that game at first sight is playable for everyone. There is nothing fancy there on interface level and it is not a problem to follow some basic mechanics (btw I have written first version of this game when I was 15 years old on Commodore 64). 

 Still when you play it there are some concepts which is hard to understand for younger persons. 

  • For learning economics it is bit tricky of course it works on long term but now players wants immediately reward, as there is some randomness in the game (based on the principle "Art is not the math") some players have problem with this. 
  • Also problem is to understand the currency in the game are not USD but some abstract currency which is not comparable with anything in the world (especially with salaries or profits real movies which are currently in BoxOffice). 
  • Another concept is abstraction for example limited number of cast "Why I can't hire unlimited number of actors like in Avengers". 
  • Or why you can cast sport star or political in the movie? (it looks that more choices is problem for some players)
  • game can be taken a bit more seriously or less seriously (and some players have problem with party "why so serious" ;)

About knowing the movie it partially true as it is not mandatory but it gives some additional context and layers of fun (with cult characters concept or cult movies which based on IMDB real films)

So there are small things which requires some abstract thinking and younger audience have problem with it. 

So to make it summary yes as you write this is for mature players in not common sense (as most of the ratings based on content) but still I would like to suggest some age category for players. As you do not watch Tarkowsky's or Bergman's movies with 7 yo kid.

P.S. I won't comment your movies preferences as everybody has it's own taste and perception of specific movies :)

No I think till 18 will be enough (I know that in some countries 21 is adult age).

Still there is big difference in 13 yo and 17 yo. 

To be more precise. As I am author of the game about movie production it is quite obvious with understanding of the film industry between 13 yo and 17.

As I remember myself when I was watching 2001 A Space Odyssey  by Kubrick or Blade Runner by Ridley Scott those films was boring when I was around 12... it past many years to understand and appreciate such movies and this comes with life experience and knowledge of medium.

And this is just simple example. What about psychology horrors like Rosmary's Baby by Polanski or classic movies by Hitchcock (13-teens even do not know who he is).

The most statement about my game that is too difficult comes from very young players... because they do not understand some business mechanics, do not have skill of abstract thinking and do not have "life experience".

It is not always about content like Drug usage / Explicit Sexual content/ Graphic violence / Explicit language

Sometimes it is about game theme, difficulty level or some concepts in the game which requires some wider knowledge of the theme about game is. 

So some recommended by developer age level would be needed.  

I think there is currently no way to easily indicate suggested minimum age for players.

And it is not about some adult\violance content as some games themes requires some general knowledge from the player or topics are more complex than let say for 10 old years players.

It would be nice to have some icon (like rating icon) with suggested minimum age where developer may indicate to whom game is targeted.

Like 0+, 3+, 7+, 13+, 15+, 18+ etc.

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How many antivirus files has pass without any problem I think there 2 which treat it as unsafe...  out of 50 or 70? Check some comments below how antivirus software works and what is false positive, what it is heuristic and why you need to know how to interpret this result... 

It will alwyas tell you that it is dangerous as this is exe file... all exe files not digitally signed a treated as dangerous.

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Ok some clarification.
The installation file is named: BF2Setup.exe and this is valid file. 

It come from Biznes Filmowy 2 Setup (which is original - Polish name of the game so that is why BF2Setup).
Yes you may encounter some warning about dangerous file from browser (e.g MS Edge) as all not signed with certificate exe files had similar warning.
File is save no issue with it.

what kind of malware you got... everyday a lot of people download the game without any issue


You mean you want to play over internet vie web browser?

Unfortunately there were no such plans or to say it other words I was thinking about it but I have no time to make it web based (need to learn modern technology and implement it - huge effort :(

Probably before Oscars you would like to try to make some movie which could get this award. So you can check Movie Business 2 Edition 2022.

A first update for Edition 2022 of Movie Business 2 was released. This years Edition do not introduce too much new stuff but some of them maybe interested for some players

  • possibility to set dubbing when playing animated characters
  • cheat code to reduce randomness new features for donors
  • make a star the opportunity to invest in creators
  • fixes for minor and major bugs
  • more cult films (films which can be recreated in game based on IMDB data) 
  • new creators and reviews, and other minor improvements.

More feature (and there are hundreds of them) you can check at official page or page

Some statistical information about the 2022 edition

  • Version 72 Creators' Kit containing over 5500 creators!
  • over 6000 reviews elements
  • almost 16 000 pictures of creators and cult characters

And if you want to see the game in action you can watch Let's play video

Thanks. Concerning the awards there is no such plans and from gameplay design perspective it didn't bring any additional value.

You can read a bit more about it in FAQ section on Official Game Site

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There is some discussion below about this topic which you can read but... again short answer

If you want to play with "main game" (I understand you mean Party Mode). You need to create account in the game and MovieStats. By this after the game is finished your best movies will be exported to MovieStats. They will be then comparable with movies of other players. So statement that this is single player game and not affect other players is not exactly truth. 

Solution. If you want to use cheat codes you can make donation on Bronze level. This will enable to you possibility to use cheat codes in Party game (but after using first cheat code which is related to cash export of the movies to MovieStats will be blocked so it will not affect Online BoxOffice in MovieStats).

Thanks. I know that lot of people wants such feature but this game focuses on films and cinemas. No no such plans. I think I will write something more about it as this is not so simple as most people think (or at least doing it in right way)... in short Movie Business and TV business it is completely different games.

Movie Business is an economic and strategic game in which the player has the opportunity to play the role of a film producer.

Your tasks will include finding / creating a scenario for the future production, supervising the production process itself, from raising funds through the selection of cast, director and studio. Preparation of a marketing campaign as well as reaction to various events that may happen during production and affect the film itself, relations with the creators or the entire game world.

Finally, the premiere comes when the film is judged by the critics and the audience (in the form of Box Office). Here you can also thank the crew, organize the premiere event, and give interviews to the press. If your production is really good, you have a chance to win prestigious awards.

If your production is successful, you can think of a sequel or even the whole universe.

The most important new functionalities and changes that you will find in Edition 2021 are:

  • the ability to add your own monsters and cult character from the game
  • open answers to questions asked during interviews and press conferences
  • new type of players (no- players - VOD services, TV stations and Corporations)
  • Stories, i.e. mini-games, unexpected stories, quizzes and tests during a party game
  • artifacts as rewards for successfully completing stories
  • the ability to offer a role for creators
  • outsourcing of scriptwriters
  • Oscar acceptance speeches
  • the opportunity to admire your artifacts, cars, paintings and awards in a dedicated section
  • parties organized by friendly creators
  • and more, including UI and algorithm improvements, new creators and reviews, bug fixes and many other small improvements.

Some statistical information about the 2021 edition:

  • Creator Set version 66 with over 5,100 creators!
  • 5,900 review items
  • almost 15,000 photos of creators and cult characters

A more detailed description of all new products can be found in the dedicated devblog

Game can be downloaded for free from

Have fun!

It is already sequel ;) - Movie Business 2

Currently it is incremental development. Each year brings new Edition with new features. So the game is still developed. 

This is huge project (currently it has over 30 000 of text inside the game) and probably 10 times more line of codes... By sequel I understand you want the game to be rewritten from scratch... unfortunately it is effort for few years and I will just do not have such amount of free time to do it.

BTW Why do you need sequel?

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Could you explain me what is the point to use cheats in Career Mode in a way how this mode is designed in Movie Business? 

The games in old days were created to compete... where no online mode where possible Hall of Fame or Top Scores was the way to make competition (to beat your best score - so compete with yourself). Career is some kind of challenge. There is no point to use there cheat codes as this is against the main design purpose of these mode.

Let me explain briefly the modes in Movie Business.

Quick Game - this is sandbox where you can do whatever you want all cheat codes are enabled. No online stats so no need to compete. The only restriction is shorter game time (as there is no point to make it longer as cheat codes are enabled and game algorithms will not survive the strategies to fill up cash every round (as some players do).

Party Game - here you can choose if you want to play with standard approach (without cheat codes) and your films will be exported to MovieStats service. Or (if you are Donator) you will use cheat codes and your result will be no exported. 

Career Mode - these mode is for those who want to have some challenge. No cheat codes allowed as this is against the principle of this mode. You just check you skills in the game. 

So as you can see Movie Business provides different type of game for different player... whatever is your style you should be able to find something for you.

And the most important thing. The online stats is not only for player... it is for creators. To check how games behave in different situations, is there any problem with balance, which strategies works and which do not work. It is just big data to analyse to make game better.

This is very important for the game development especially such as Movie Business created by one person after hours... who do not have test division to test all possible scenarios. 

Please note that this is quite unique project... you will not find hundreds games like Movie Business (I am not talking about tycoons in general but about games about movie creation)  and even commercial one do not have a lot of features which you can find here... 

Thanks for info... but I cannot do anything more. You can report it by yourself (you can put there more information about messages, version of antivirus database and so on).

Answer for Microsoft:

Analyst comments:

We have removed the detection. Please follow the steps below to clear cached detection and obtain the latest malware definitions.

1. Open command prompt as administrator and change directory to c:\Program Files\Windows Defender

2. Run “MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicsignatures”

3. Run "MpCmdRun.exe -SignatureUpdate"

Alternatively, the latest definition is available for download here: Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

After performing this steps you antivirus should have no more problem with install file.

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I was  starting to use VirusTotal (nice tool by the way) and I would give you some hint how to interpret results (as you misinterpret it). VirusTotal uses one engine to check the file against many different antivirus tools. If during the checking it fails on some antivirus software it doesn't mean that the virus is inside. In case of BF2Setup indeed 2 of the AV software detect some problems (I have never hear about it before). But 62 other (with known names as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee) didn't found any problem.

Why those 2 has detected some problems? Because of they algorithm which is used to do heuristic (which in fact is guessinng). I do not know which algorithm is used for particular antivirus but I read on some dev forums some radiculitis rules like if code consist File.Exist method used it is marked as virus/malware/trojan/dangerous app.

The problem is that this is basic method which is used when you program application which uses files... in other case if file will not exist application crashes (you need to handle such cases in the code). If such rules are used that means that almost all programs will be treated as virus. And for such "antivirus" you have to be very skeptical.

So it is necessary to understand the result and use common sens when interpreting results of antivirus software.

I have send it to Microsoft. And there is no problem with the file. It was rescaned and no problems was detected. Screenshot attached.

You can check it also under following url: Submission details (b3b93ea5-280a-4741-aead-927b4f8028c6) - Microsoft Security Intelligence

(but you will have to login with your Microsoft account).

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It is false positive. The install file has been checked with many antivius tools and most of them do not detect any problem. You can see the report in below link (even Microsoft Defender has no problem with it)

Sometimes some antivirus software detects problem with unpopular application (which were not installed on thouseds of PCc). As they based on heuristic (simply saying guessing) they often makes false reports. By default windows suspect not popular program which are not digitally signed as this appp. Unfortunately signing which makes application safe from OS point of view is possible only for companies (as Movie Business is hobby project even if I would paid for certificate it will not be granted for private person).

From my side I can only says that few thousands of persons already installed latest version and they didn't get any problems.

But of course I totally understand that you may be scared with this install. If you have any doubts do not install it.

UPDATE: I reported it to Microsoft to check once again new version by them.

Thanks for info.

Movie Business 2


Do you have many downloads of your app? I'm afraid that Others category may not be associated with "Apps" but rather some "strange games"

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Thanks. Indeed I saw Tools category but my first association was that it was "Tools for Game or Game Development".


I was going to put my app on (it is not game it is simple ToDo/Reminder application). But after checking the categories it seems that there is no such place where some tools could by placed.
1. Did I miss something and there is a way to upload also apps? If yes what is the category for this.

2. Is only for game developers by purpose or you are going to allow app upload also?



thx ;)

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I had information about false positive cases from some users which uses different antivirus software.

Personally I use Windows Defender (which is quite good and up to date tool). I didn't got any information about viruses found in newest release. It happen in past that also Windows Defender raise some virus detection but I report my application to Microsoft they checked it and made update for Windows Defender to no report problem with it.

You can read it in dedicated post of forum

In general detection of viruses in different antivirus tools are done by heuristic algorithms. They try to "predict" if given part of code can be virus. Often it happen that it leads to warning which in fact are not viruses (that is called "false positive").

Of course if you afraid to install it do not do it.

From my side I can only said that if you got game from reliable source (where I put personally my game: which are / IndieDB / GamesJolt) it should not contains viruses.

Thanks for feedback.

What kind of trojans and which program have reported it? My antivirus software didn't rise any alarms. And I got info about false positive cases.

I am happy that you like the game.

Yes the interface is outdate this is fact...

The movies titles are random (apart from cult movies) and this is part of fun ...

Concerning scout talents check dev diary

Cieszę się że podoba Ci się gra i wciąż sprawia Ci radość :)


Thanks for this opportunity. Movie Business gladly will join this initiative.

P.S. It would be nice to give info about such initiative in some email newsletter. Not everyone reads forum.

Sorry but there is no such plans... game is too complex (UI has too many information for mobile screens) and... I do not know technology