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Oh wow, I remember this one from the game jam I was in. Congrats on finishing it!


At first I expected something like Line Wobbler - pretty clever!

Ahhhhh, yeah. I think Smash Bros. Ultimate with Rob has a meter on the character that is really hard to see too.

Tough! But not too tough fortunately. Great presentation. Didn't notice the "Balloons Left" in the top corner at first but saw it after a few play throughs.

Agreed, tile locking was something I started using later on while playing the game. Always tough to make a tutorial that doesn't come across as a pure tutorial as well too.

Thanks for playing!  Good idea at a time limit or fewer enemies at a time to mix things up. I'll have to start thinking about how to ramp up the difficulty during longer gameplay rounds.

Thanks for the kind words! And just to check about the harpoon speed - were you playing the newer version with the fuel gauge at the bottom? I had tried to incorporate the truck speed with the harpoon in that version whereas previously it definitely was an issue. I'll look into a quicker truck rotation too - originally I had slowed it down to encourage using the harpoon to grapple around corners, but that's not in the game presently.

Sure is! Far more accessible now.

Ooo, the equivalent of a slo-mo easy mode with lower forces would be great for beginners. If it's anything like Moon Lander, it might even add to the tension being able to watch the fuel gauge wind down.

Cool low rez graphics! Glad I checked it out before reading the comments, otherwise that would have ruined the surprising audio. Great mood.

Well polished and beautiful art. When I first clicked a pathway off near a tree and watched it wither away, it surprised me and I thought, "Oh no, what have I done?!" 

Admittedly, the casual level was still tough. Have you considered even easier levels with fewer trees for newcomers to the game? Or a hint option?

Whoa, like a harder version of moon lander, nice!  For me just starting out in the game, I felt that the gravitational pull and overall speed from short mouse click bursts could have been lower, giving me more time to adapt. Also, a low-fuel warning would be appreciated - wouldn't notice until it was too late. Regardless, good luck on Android!

Good idea and polish!

I would love to see a bit more build-up to combos and difficulty as seen in older Popcap games and score during the game next! Great job for one month's work.

Was pretty funny when my cube starting rotating. Would love to hear some sound effects on the bounce back!

Thanks for playing! Definitely seeing a controls trend here so I'll work on that. And that's good to know about different play styles - I had not envisioned players waiting in the middle at first.

Thanks! I'm going to try adding in controller support shortly to see if that improves controls...if it does I might do away with 'w' being tied to forwards.  As for fighting, there has to be a bit when towing (currently too much sometimes) but not otherwise. 

The memories from my Colecovision came flooding back to me, and that devil is a good way. Bomb blasting enemies was tricky, but it's just a timing thing to get used to. 

Any chance you could extend the range where the player can leave a ladder to step onto the platform by a pixel or two?

Well polished and well done!

Shooting + screenshake reminded me of a Vlambeer game (which is good in my books). Excellent setup for mood.

In survival mode, my stats were cut off slightly on the left after I died. Thought there could have been more of a pause, or a confirmation button, to go into a level as it loaded before I could read the blurb about it.

Great idea that didn't take long to wrap my head around - excellent level design at the start to teach the game mechanics without the use of tutorials as well.

At first I thought, "Shouldn't the snake be getting longer?" but as the levels grew more challenging, and some with longer snakes too, it was tough enough already without that ;) Considerate to leave the undo button in there.

Great controls and fun idea - reminded me of one of my all time favourites, Winter Bells.

Only wished it became more difficult quicker or there was a bit more going on at the start to make me notice the spikes at the top earlier. Loved how the parrot starts spinning and how dropping coins pop other bubbles.

Great drifting idea, music and overall polish! 

Coincidentally, I had a similar grappling hook idea in my game as well but for towing. Did you use Box2D physics for the grapple or program it in? I found with Box2D that the rope stretches.

I've found with a few games now that when I go check them through the game jam that I miss out on explanations from the game page such as "Controllers are necessary to play effectively." Tried the keyboard controls first before using a controller (way better).

Also, I'll admit that at first I thought there  was only one level: Rockfall Canyon!

Thanks! I can definitely stop steering while stationary, while I'll look into steering long term. Maybe adding controller support will help on that one, to avoid W + S being forwards and backwards.

You are correct! I'll look into that, thank you.

Hilarious concept that made me want to play it. Great laser sight + SFX on the shotgun, and the way the ball rolls is impressive. 

Loved the trail left behind the chicken and how throwing down the box made the chicken jump higher. Wasn't the clearest in the 2nd level about throwing down an object to make the jump but I figured it out - I thought I would move the box and jump from the top of it. Maybe have the text about that from a later level put there earlier? Also, I was pretty impressed with the slomo too.

Thanks for trying it. Glad to hear you could figure out what to do, I was actually thinking that wasn't so clear without too much explanation.

Thanks. I think if I try mapping them to a controller at some point, that could be easier. And I'll agree that towing's a finicky beast at times!