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Does this game have AI drivers for single player mode?

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In every case after buying a game and I find that there is no way to turn off edge scrolling I get a refund.  I saw no setting for turning off edge scrolling. I dislike, no, I hate edge scrolling because when you are whipping the mouse cursor across the screen to select some icon that is also along the screen edges you inadvertently end up scrolling the map away from the viewpoint that you most likely wanted to keep.  Yes I could be carefull and like an old grandmother slowly and carefully move my mouse cursor towards the screen edges to select the desired icon, but that never happens in the heat of battle.

I found this game on Steam, but the discussions section has many questions and comments but no answers nor feedback from the developers.
So I came here hoping things would be different and to find me info about the state of this game.

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OK. I was finally able to download the game (funny that the client app wouldn't download it but I could download it from the website in my browser)

So I apologize to the developer again. The game is not too darkand it is very professionally done in the gameplay and pixel art. But I would like a bit more contrast between the units and the background.

One thing I would like to see added is an option to turn off mouse pointer edge scroll. The WASD keys are enough.

I deleted my original post because it was inaccurate and misleading for anybody interested in this good game.

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You are right And I apologize to the developer.

I was in a bad mood yesterday and obvious design flaws just really tick me off. But that is no excuse. I was being an ass.

I can forgive a dark game because some players like such an atmosphere...that is a design decision,  But when it is a web page or something that is meant to be read but hard on the eyes...that is somthing that really gets my goat. 

But the game does look very interesting in spite of it being, in my opinion, a little to dark. I tried to download it (It won't download for some reason) to give it a try and see that maybe, when it is actually being played, that it is not too dark, Then I can apologize to the developer and let people know that my initial opinion was wrong.

distinguish the units from the cluttered environment tiles.

Now that this game is on Steam, will it continualy be updated on

What does the Mighty Dragon in the ONLY version do other than accompany the player?

I just tried again and it still doesn't work.

Something must be wrong with your ability to receive PayPal payments. I tried 4 times to send you some cash but each time PayPal tells me the payment was unsuccessful. So I go to my PayPal account to see the details and it shows that each time I paid, it was immediately refunded by you. Now I know my PayPal account is OK because just yesterday I successfully bought some vitamins at

Please setup a paypal account, or start asking for "Pay what You Want" here on twitch like many other devs do.  

i try to install and get "No compatible uploads were found for this title".

My keyboard doesn't have a keypad. Only the arrow keys work. About about enabling  WASD keys?

I tried keyboard, mouse, and XBox One controller. Nothing worked and there was no way to exit the game. I had to use Windows Task manager to kill it.

Just downloaded the latest MacOS Itch app. Trying to install and it hangs up on "rename /Users/***/Application Support/... to /Users/***/Applications/..."

The old version ran fine but it told me to update because that version was no longer supported. I am running MacOS High Sierra.

Strange thing is that the installer file was named "". WTF! This alone makes me wonder as Macs do not use AMD cpus. They use Intel.

I keep seeing a headed telling me to download andupdate to the newer version. I did that but nothing seems to have changed. How do I know what version of the client I am running?

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I am playing the Beta 5 demo but I see this game is updated a lot. What non-demo version is the Beta 5 demo equal to?

Hi. I have been watching this game for a long while now but I don't want to buy it...and then possibly have everything I like about the game be changed. So how far along is this game in being what it will end up being? In other words...will there be a lot of major gameplay changes in the future?

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Hmmm. It is weird how the download files section doesn't appear in the Mac and Windows clients. But it does appear when is opened directly in Safari and Internet Explorer.

Hi. I am TokyoDan and seven months ago on the reddit rogue thread I asked about the name of this game that I heard on the Roguelike Radio podcast. You answered my question but I never got an email notification and I just found your reply today (I don't use reddit that much).  

I will give your game a try. It looks realy interesting!


Hi, Which of the above is the most lively?

I made a public community on Steam. Please join. Anyone want to be an admin and help set it up?

This is one of those games that could become a nich classic with a very dedicated and very active group of players.

Maybe to get this game off the ground we (or the devs) can start a group or league for people who bought the game and people who are thinking of buying it. And through the league we can schedule races and events.

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Installing via the client fixed the problem.

Thanks. I did that but now the game won't start. It gives me a "Plugin GearVR failed to load because it couldn't be found" error.

How do I upgrade? Do I uninstall the previous version first or just install over it? (I'm not using the client.


Great. I'll give it another try!

One of my tasks is to Win A Referendum. I have no ideahow to do that. I looked as all the screens and windows and menus but can't find anything related.


I just got an email that a new version of Gladiabots is out and that I can download it. But I used the app to download and install the previous version. So...

Does the OSX app automatically download and install updated games?

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This is a very nice game but I have a pet peeve with games that play out on a scrolling map...and that is when the mouse cursor is moved to the map/screen edges, the map scrolls. There should be an option to turn edge scroll on/off. With edge scroll turned off the map should be able to be scrolled with the arrow or wasd keys, or perhaps right mouse button drag.

In this game the edge scroll is serious because just moving the mouse cursor to the end turn arrow at the bottom left of the screen will cause the map to fly away from the view that you may have wanted to keep.

So just put in that option and an alternate way to scroll the map and the game will be really good.

Version 0.1.3 Got as far as the Attack tutorial but couldn't figure out what to do there. I'd just run the AI and it'd get killed and let me Retry, over and over. There was no help nor tutorial-like action.

Hi. I downloaded the alpha. Haven't tried it yet. But I sure like what I've seen.