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My keyboard doesn't have a keypad. Only the arrow keys work. About about enabling  WASD keys?

Hi there!  You can play with arrow keys to move and WASD keys to shoot.  For that combination you can use:

  • Ctrl-Left/Right to hard turn
  • Shift-Left/Right to Swerve
  • Shift-Fwd to Boost.

I also put in an old-school layout for those with laptops or history with the crustiest of applications:

  • I/comma:  Accelerate/Decelerate
  • J/L:  Turn 45 degrees Left/Right
  • U/O:  Swerve Left/Right
  • M/period:  Sharp Turn Left/Right
  • Space:  Wait/Coast

You can always get the controls info by pressing F1!  A remap screen is on my short list of upcoming features (also so you can control the volume :-)