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Auto Fire

An auto combat Roguelike... call it a Roadlike CarPG. · By Vertigames

You are really working hard on ths excellent game. How can we give you some money?

A topic by TokyoDan created Jul 27, 2019 Views: 271 Replies: 7
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Please setup a paypal account, or start asking for "Pay what You Want" here on twitch like many other devs do.  

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks!  You are incredibly generous!  I actually did have "Pay What You Want" activated, but it encouraged people to pay 2 bucks juuuuust a little more than I wanted given where the game was at the time (you can't suggest zero bucks in the interface :-)  I didn't want people to experience buyer's remorse because there was still a lot to do to make it rewarding to start out, and since it's not much money in the grand scheme of things I turned it off for a while.

That said, I'm doing a lot of work in the month of August to get that early experience more enjoyable so that if someone does throw me a couple bucks they'll be happy they did!  I'll probably be turning "pay what you want" back on before the end of the month.  I really appreciate your encouragement in the meantime! <3


Hey there!  I did just drop in gamepad support other player experience improvements as I head towards Auto Fire's showing at the Seattle Indies Expo, so I turned the donation button back on reflect the progress.  As always there's work to do, but I appreciate any tips!

Something must be wrong with your ability to receive PayPal payments. I tried 4 times to send you some cash but each time PayPal tells me the payment was unsuccessful. So I go to my PayPal account to see the details and it shows that each time I paid, it was immediately refunded by you. Now I know my PayPal account is OK because just yesterday I successfully bought some vitamins at


I saw that and appreciated the effort to get me some money!  From my end it looked like a payment was made, and then cancelled minutes later.  Was this through the Itch donate button or direct to my email?  I couldn't tell. 

Funny, back in May and June I got a couple of payments that were also cancelled in the same manner.  I thought those people requested refunds, but this problem is probably at my end somewhere.  I guess I should check it out with Itch.

Again, much appreciated, both for the attempt to donate and for helping me spot this issue.


Funny, I checked my settings and while they had my PayPal email, the status said I was on a "legacy PayPal system".  I reconnected my account and maybe things are okay now?  Technologyyyyyyy!!!!

I just tried again and it still doesn't work.


I took it off PayPal for now.  Just enjoy the ride as things develop!