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Is this game still supported?

A topic by TokyoDan created Apr 09, 2020 Views: 1,002 Replies: 8
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I found this game on Steam, but the discussions section has many questions and comments but no answers nor feedback from the developers.
So I came here hoping things would be different and to find me info about the state of this game.


for sure it doesn't seem to work on macOS Mojave :(

Also on Mojave. Crashes immediately at launch. Great board game, hope they can update it!


Hi ! I’m on Mac OSX Mojave (10,14)  and the game dont work.

On the Steam’s page, a mention indicate dont supported on Catalina (10.15) and it supported in 10.7. I dont know dont work on Mojave...

I so sad :( 

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Doesn't work in Windows 10

EDIT: had to change CABLES between video card and cable for game to recognize monitor; all other games worked fine so DOES work but can be flakey

It does - I'm running it on Windows 10 version 2004 (latest version).

Catalina 10.15 here. Crashes on startup


It also seems to be that the Steam version has been updated to v1.1, but Itch shows v1.0.0 still.

Damn, looks like there's some nice content in that update too.