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These are the kind of little stories that need to be told more. Either to remind us to actively give help to that one friend that needs it, or ask it if we are that friend.

Really cool art style, nice polish, & a down-to-earth gameplay that all fits the story perfectly, you rock BladeSides!

I like the general vibes - nice game jam!

Well polished cute little game, congrats!

Nice concept!

I like the main mechanic of finding clues while also collecting items along the way.

Sometimes it felt frustrating when I'm searching too long for the next clue. Maybe there could be extra clues spawning if you get too far away.

The inventory, crafting, and monster fight isn't developed enough to give feedback on, but it seems like it's going in a good direction: there should be a satisfactory conclusion to the hunt.

Overall a good start, I'd say this can work when developped further.

I like the aging mechanic! Cool prototype

The player immersion is on point, with all the graphics & sounds working together nicely.

I would say it's sometimes hard to read the monster type and/or the button, making the game more about deciphering what's on the screen rather than quickly reacting. Both could work, it depends on what you're going for

Congrats on the prototype!

I like how the symmetry point moves in later levels, makes it really interesting how the movement of your clone is affected.

Nice concept, good job!

Interesting puzzle mechanics!

It has potential by expanding on the lick mechanic & combining it with the level elements to create a variety of puzzle options organically.

A really beautiful and personal story game. You had me crying on this one. I can imagine it wasn't easy to make, but it was definitely worth it. Congratz my friend!

Beautiful, raw, and very human. I loved this!

The title screen music is amazing! I recommend everyone to play this game just for that alone already.

The rest of the game is pretty fun too. Well done, congrats!

Well polished game & great level design, congrats!

I love all the cute animations and particle effects, makes the scene very lively. Congrats with the game!

I love the art design on this! It's a beautiful & coherent style that also looks relatively quick to make, good choice!

Thank you, and thanks for playing!

Great animations!
A good tutorial as well, something that's often overlooked.
The sound effects could have been better, and also it wasn't clear to me that the game ended after the first boss (I was still walking around in the level looking for something to happen). An ending screen would be nice.

Congrats again on the animations!

I liked the boss design!
The UI could use some work: e.g. a nice font and more empty space above/below text in a button
The Boss sound effects were cool too. Good job!

Overall great art! It's very aesthetically pleasing. Props to Christoph!
The cutscene at the start of the game was really cool.
The music is nice & fitting, although there are no transitions between tracks making you lose immersion when the music cuts.
The controls should have been explained in the game itself though (or on the itch page) - I totally overlooked the controls screen in the main menu, started playing immediately, and was stuck with only a dash & movement not knowing what to do.

But in general, congrats, nice work!

Nicely polished game! Bosses were also too hard for me, but the gameplay was fun.
A small suggestion: you could limit the camera position to a bounding box based on the level, since now only half of the screen is showing the actual level whenever you walk near a wall.

1) Yes, that would be a good solution

2) Unlocking object interaction might work, but it could also become frustrating for players when they reach an object but can't use it yet. I'm not sure how to tackle this best.

Good example of a simple game that's polished well (except for maybe a bit more levels)

The gameplay mechanics work well and make it engaging to complete the puzzles. Controls feel smooth. Visuals are nice & clean, I especially love the tail behind the players & the glow on everything.

Well done!

The background art is beautiful.

I loved this and played it all the way through! Very wholesome story & cute art.

The mechanic of collecting attributes of an object and using them on other objects to transform is really cool. Some suggestions:

  • At the beginning I was trying way too hard to pick up the branch itself instead of the flammable card. Not sure how exactly, but there should be a way to communicate the mechanic better upfront
  • To prevent the player from picking up everything on their way and having way too many cards, you could limit the 'card inventory' of the player to a max number

Congratulations on the project!

Congratz, it's quite a polished game, works well overall & fun to play!

The black & white art style is a nice idea

Solid gameplay & concept!

The game has potential, I love these kind of hexagonal strategy games. I didn't figure out how to assign workers though, upgrades also stopped halfway. And the UI could use a pimp up, it's very Windows XP looking right now :p

Itch embed didn't work for me, but the link did.

Good luck with your game engine project!

Great gameplay concept!

Pretty funny actually, and it also looks great.

Nicely done!

I love the art style! The concept of a hero with too much ego & the gameplay around it is also pretty cool, congrats on the game!

The art was the strongest point for me, really nicely made pixel art graphics which felt coherent and relaxing, especially in combination with the music.

The gameplay could be a bit boring at some times (long walks without anything to do), or frustrating (long setbacks if you miss a jump), which is in contradiction to the otherwise relaxing art feel.

In general a nice game though, good luck with your future projects!

Peaceful game & nice concept, good job!

Some suggestions:

  • Click on a tile to see what crop is there, its bonuses, and how long it will take
  • Drag cards as an alternative to 2x click (personal choice)
  • The random generation was my biggest frustration: just waiting all the time for certain cards to appear out of sheer luck (can take a long time), while in the meantime you're already planting things from future quests without seeing any reward. Currently it's too much luck, and not enough strategy
  • Art design could be more consistent, especially the UI and its relation to the 2D art. Try to limit your font usage for consistency. It still looks good though, just some room for improvement!
  • Split up the tutorial into different parts, which only appear when you're about to do the part. it was too much tutorial reading for me before I could play anything.

But overall, a nice game, I enjoyed playing it!

The UI is very clean & beautifully designed! The rest of the graphics & the whole multiplayer system are nice too, well done.

whoops you're right, I changed it.

Last week I made a short arcade game based on the word "agility". It's about dodging more and more obstacles as you gently speed through the levels. The main goal of the project was to actually polish & finish a game, so I think I can call it a success. I made a devlog about all the things I learned or did for the first time, so that might be interesting too for some of you. Also, feel free to give any feedback!

Play Agility

Read the Devlog