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This game is brilliant. When I got to the second level and combined the block's colors and arrows I instantly got the mechanic and was fully on board. The gameplay is very similar to my game but with the extra limitations of not controlling which piece you move and limiting which directions pieces can move.

My only criticism is that there is no "reset level" button and I had to spam the u button a couple of times.

I can't really comment on the gameplay, it's acceptable. But, the art and music are immensely charming! I love the bee humming in the music.

This game is very pretty, the art and audio is very good. The main mechanic is great, although I see 2 flaws in it, a). At the beginning of each round the gap between the first and second shot is longer than normal and b). When you shoot you velocity is reset and not stacked. I see the reasoning for resetting the player's velocity so it's easy to turn around but that means that if you are close to the edge it's almost impossible to escape because you can't move your mouse offscreen. Maybe if the player's velocity would continually increase up to a certain point and would only be reset if the new velocity was close to 180 degrees from the old one.

The system that exists now is fine it just takes time to realize that that's how it works so it is unintuitive for the first few rounds.

This is a fun game with a neat mechanic. The music and sfx are good and the artstyle is lovely.

Thanks! But yeah, having the selector follow the moved object was a suggestion during internal testing but I didn't have enough time to change it.

Thanks! A recipe book is a great idea, I'll make sure to interoperate it into the sequel.

This is an adorable little game. Also funny. I loved learning about all the weird things in this world (Ladling the milkshrooms was my favorite bit). It was a little irritating having to restart after checking the indoor fireplace though.


This is a good idea, but I encountered a bug (?) where the ball would only launch in one direction. The sprint idea is interesting but I think it might be better implemented as a dash/teleport so it takes more skill to get the paddle where you want it.

Ooooh this is a fun concept! Having to fold/unfold shapes to complete levels is a great mechanic which should definitely be pursued. The controls are a little wonky because of the perspective though and it's hard to tell how much you've rotated a cube. The art is really pleasant as well.

This is a fun game, sadly it's so short, wish it were longer. I'm currently watching Attack on Titan so I appreciate the humor in 1D gear.

This game is great. I love the slow reduction in the dimensions of the world. Although I was sad to have to squash and eat the lovely cube children I had collected.

Fun little game. The opening minutes are a kinda slow but overall it's good. I was surprised at how but the world was and really like the low fps animation. Turning is a little slow and the trees are a little dense for when you are bit but still can't eat them though.

Thanks, I spent almost an entire day working on the art so I'm glad that time payed off!

It's good that you liked the levels, I made them all in the last hour and a half before submitting so I was worried that they wouldn't be very good (except for "lights out" and "d-doubles", those are my favorites).

Yeah, I spent way too much time on some unnecessary/unimplemented features which I should have spent making a better UI. I'll definitely learn from my mistakes there!

Yeah, I really ran out of time on this project. Otherwise I would have added sounds. I do plan on making a version 2 with sounds, music, and a better UI though!

Thanks! I'm really glad that the humor worked. I do agree that the level complete UI isn't the best, It was one of the last things I added so there wasn't much iteration on it.

This is awesome. The graphics are minimalist, but not "simple", which is great, and the main mechanic is simple but has lots if depth. Love it.

This game is great, very juicy. Only 2 complaints with it, there's no sound when the player dies and, more importantly, there is no reason not to just hold down fire. Maybe a bomb obstacle that kills you if you shoot it. Having to hold down shoot also makes it harder to use the dash. This game would be a 10/10 if you added those things. Another awesome feature would be to supplement the random obstacles occasional developer made blocks of obstacles with bullet-hell style gameplay.

The idea of this game, having to deal with lots of very dumb enemies, is a good concept. However, this is undermined by the fact that you can't attack for a time after being hit. This makes the game much harder but also prevents the player from making the choice  of getting rid of a bunch of enemies by sacrificing their health. 

The Presentation of this game is fantastic. The simple graphics and sound work together perfectly. Very reminiscent of mobile games like blek. The controls are tight, although I personally prefer less slippery controls it is at least very consistent and predictable. The game's biggest issues are that it takes far too long to respawn after dying and that there is no coyote time (the ability to jump in mid air for a moment after walking off a platoform).

The core gameplay is fun but what needs to be done isn't always communicated.  It took me a while to discover that you can eat fish or when you can escape the pond.

This game is fun. There is a good challenge in managing objects coming from both sides. It does feel weird that shooting from either side resets the same cooldown timer, I think you should be able to shoot from both sides in a single jump. The controls take some time to get used to though, having W and Spacebar both bound to jump would be a nice option. This feels like it would be really good with controller support or, with the right control layout, touch controls. 

It's a pretty simple game but the execution is good. Controls are responsive and there weren't any cheap feeling deaths in my time playing. It would be nice if the theming went beyond basic shapes on a playing field or if the current art style was expanded upon with trails/particle effects.