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It is also my first time making one of these, and I'm personally gonna go to the side of making the player feel anxious due to the ambient and player expectation.  As in my experience these have been the most upsetting for me maybe for you those are the jumpscares or the chilly story ones, making something that would scare you its the best but consider that if you only playtest it yourself you probs wont get scared knowing all that happens behind the scenes

Is anyone else like REALLY damn PISSED OFF at the character at the end when he writes and erases stuff just to write like something that's nothing alike and then all you can say is goodbye? like COMEONMANYOUCANDOITSAYITOHMYGOD

Awesome game with very creative puzzles and a really fun base mechanic! loved it! Only problem it had was sub-pixel movement

The Move only while in the air is indeed an intended feature, and will surely make it have tighter controls in the future, thanks for playing :)

Thanks for the advise! I reworked the movement for after the jam and will take that into account, thanks for playing!

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Rolling ball game concept isn't a bad concept itself, but I have a few points as a kind of recommendation for future jams/games you make:

- First, consistency. I think you were telling a story with your game but when things change out of nowhere in a non-intuitive way it can confuse the player. In this example the final destination for the player and the camera zoom weren't consistent and it can be confusing at first.

- Second when you join a jam it generally is to make a game with the limitations and the learning opportunities that brings (Also the fun), it would have been harder but possible to make this in an actual 64x64 pixels resolution and would recommend to join smaller and simpler jams too that have less restrictions when starting out. 

- The last one is the game itself is not bad, movement is well implemented and level design is not bad either, great for a first game and good luck in the ones that will come! Hoping to seeing you grow in your journey :) 

Awesome concept and nice game , only needed some sound and would have been incredible! :D

Not a bad game but... it has both assets that don't fit in the 64x64 as well as sub-pixel movement, if you had made it with the limitations it could have been a great submission :/ Apart from that the game is awesome!

Great game and solid idea! really liked this one :)

Amazing game, a bit difficult at the start bur it's an awesome concept with nice music and art!

The game is a bit confusing at first, a small tutorial at the start would really help. Apart from that the mechanics, visuals, audio and specially the music are awesome!!

Weird concept and awesome game! loved this one :)

I detec right!

Loved playing this game from the theme to the gameplay all is awesome!!! congrats on this jam!

I'm glad you liked the concept! thanks for playing :D

Thanks! glad you liked it :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks for the play! and yes controls are kinda of rn as I didn't get the time to perfectly balance them but glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for the feedback! will surely implement it when the jam ends and I'm actually on it already and thanks for the play and glad you liked the concept :D (also it's a boar ;) haha)

first, themes were optional
second, teleportation

Awesome game, great concept and better music!

Loved the concept and the game itself! Awesome!

Awesome and complete game, enjoyed it very much!

Great idea and execution but it feels unfinished, A small tutorial would have made starting much easier as with just pixels it isn't really intuitive what colors mean. Also music would be great for the game.

Game has no sound, no clear objective nor explanation but for what the description says i'm guessing it wasn't fully finished. Yes the gravity gun is nice tho

Game doesn't load and by the comments it seems it's bugged. But if you fix it reply me and i'll try it ;)

Making a game for a jam be paid is... not a good idea. I see your game has only been rated once and I think this is the main reason for it. But if you make it free reply here and I'll be happy to play it ;)

Great mechanics, sticky music and good pixel art. But controls are a bit off and it's really difficult to control the player when he runs as he goes too fast to even get used to it, but with a bit of tweaking it could be an awesome game! 

Thanks a lot! Appreciate the feedback :D

Thanks for the feedback, will have that in mind! And thanks for playing :D

A thing I considered a big part while making levels was momentum, the player moves slowly but can build up a lot of speed to get through some of the levels as fast as possible but I also think it's true that they are a bit too difficult to master. Thanks for pointing out the dizzying graphics I'll have that in mind too! And thanks for the play :D

Loved the game! controls are kinda hard but once you grasp them it´s pretty fun!

Really cool game! kinda hard at first but pretty fun to play!

Awesome concept! loved the implementation and the art is great! Was a little confused at the start but managed to grasp what was the objective after a minute

Thanks for the feedback! the slipping platforms were suppoused to be slippery because of the slime but maybe it is a bit too much, thanks a lot for the insight!

Thanks for the suggestion! was planning on a checkpoint system but didn´t have the time to implement it maybe after the rating period I will do it!

It doesn´t seem to be on my end as I don't have this problem in any other game, but it isn't a big problem either apart from being a bit disorienting. Great game btw loved playing it!

Is it me or is the music overlapping? Apart from that great game idea!

Is anyone else experiencing a kind of drift? like my camera goes to the right by itself

A small suggestion I have for after the jam maybe is to be able to exit fullscreen to like be able to move the screen(?, kinda weird to have to play at my secondary screen

Awesome game, looks really fun and with lots of possibilities!