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Thank you very much.

Thank you for the explanation.

If you don't like the game, that's OK with me.

I like playing Settle the World very much ;-)

Sorry, I am not an english native speaker, so I do not know the words "meh" (bad?), "rng" and "tboi" :-(
So I do not really understand what you wrote here.

I you played the game using AmigaLive then the game must not be downloaded because I gave it to them to add my game to their collection.
But for a real Amiga computer you need to download the game here (and Settle the World is made for this computer system).
About bugs...for sure my game still has bugs. The development of the game is far from finished ;-)

No, thank you.

I love to do the pixelart for my game. Not perfect, but made by me 😉

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Thank you.

The game is developed for Amiga computers.

It is not possible to create a PC version without rewriting the game from scratch. 

Settle the World will be an Amiga only game, sorry.

You can play it on a PC using an emulator or using AmigaLive:

AmigaLive is the easiest possibility, because you do not need to configure anything.

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Thank you very much.

I am using AmiBlitz3 on my Amiga computers to develop Settle the World.

The "engine" is written by myself :-)

Thank you very much for the nice words.
Originally I just wanted to create a simple trading game with continents, cities and ships for my 11 year old son and me.....
I hope to have most of the core game elements in place in a few more months.
Thanks again for this comment, I really was happy about it.

Wow, thank you very much.

That is really great to read. Thank you very much for your kind words.

Thank you for playing my game.

I made a tutorial video, you ca find it here ;-)

thank you for following my "little" project.

I think it will need 12 month or more until it is finished.

Thank you very much for playing.

You can have a look on my tutorial video to learn how to play. And yes, the in-game help needs to be better...but was not possibly until the end of the kam.

Really a great job. The graphics are absolutely fantastic and do a great job of capturing the flair of a cyberpoint city as I imagine it.

The only criticism...the game is unfortunately a bit short ;-)

The "game" was an interesting experience.

We found charging stations, but we somehow couldn't pick up things from the ground.

It was the first time my son played a game like this and he had fun searching the levels for doors and charging stations.
Please do not stop working on this game :-)

We had fun playing this game.... My son loved the flame-thrower :-O
I managed to win only son was much better in this game....

I like to play building games, but i had problems to understand this game :-/
But my 10y old son played it for 45 minutes and he seems to have fun to try everything.

It was also funny that each building only needs one piece of road.... The streets don't seem to need to be connected at all

Really good "adult" game.
I love the graphics style.
Forget about walking through togehter with steamknight to create a city with a cyberpunk setting and make a really good "Syndicate game" ;-)
I think your engine can handle it!

I really like such games, the cars look great.
Unfortunately, you stop much too abruptly at the borders and sometimes you get a bit stuck.
But with some polishing it could be a very great game.

Nice game, but the collision detection is not very precise.
But my son like it to play, but our joystick has only one fire gameplay was limited.
In WinUAE it was easier.
And we had a lot of fun watching the cars turn at intersections ;-)

Very fun gameplay, but very hard.
I did not realized that the game also had an 2-ply mode.
So I "must" try it playing again together with my son :-)

That was some fun to play this game. Reminds me of beeing a small boy playing at the arcade machines. Nice graphics and no unfair gameplay *thumbs up*

My 10y old son and me had a lot of fun playing your game. Thanks for this.
It is really easy to learn, but hard to master ;-)

Thank you very much. It makes also some fun in multiplayer (but this will take a long time...), but the game is still far away from beeing finished.

Thank you very much. I am glad that you like my game.

Thanks, but the game is far from finished ;-)

Thank you very much.

Thank you 😊