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Hey everyone! I’m a little late to the party, but I’d like to introduce you all nonetheless to my four-player arcade racing game pet project ‘Snowdown’, a Toobin’ inspired Unreal Engine game that’s all about losing control!

The game is planned to feature one giant mountain full of winding paths that split apart and connect back up, providing maximum chaos for 50 inflatable tubes at once (all of which can magnetise and attach together!). Players must ride through red gates and limit their steering to keep their Control Time up, which dictates how much control they can exert over their tube. Players must also pop balloons to gain points, the idea being less about finishing in first place and more about finishing with the highest score.

This is a VERY early build, so constructive feedback is absolutely crucial and highly valued, so be sure to send it my way whenever possible! If you want to catch up on development so far to see how far this plucky project of mine has come and where it goes next, feel free to check out my Twitter page where I’ll be making Screenshot Saturday posts for all to see:

Thanks and have fun! DOWNLOAD LINK:

It was, and it is! :D If you want an invite to Slack, just let me know your email and I'll send you one

Sweet. I'll need your email address to send you an invite (any other skills you could bring to the table would be fab)

(Yo, just let me know if you also want to be invited to the Slack chat too for some jamming *smiley*)

I got my PunchNazis Jam Slack which I could invite you to and that has three other people there (One Artist who keeps to themselves, another Musician and One programmer in training/RPG maker/sort-of music person).

I like your thinking 😎

Sweetcakes! And with any luck, I'll be able to convince a few other people from Slack to join in! (P.S. Are you familiar with Slack? It's a real time chatroom/resource sharing platform and all it takes to get into a group is an email invite...)

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You sound cool (I really like the cham-mech-leon on your page btw)! I've been standing by on PunchNazisJam for a long time now but I still want to do some resisting stuff while I wait (and find some more people here to do some work with).

I do bit of everything (except coding) with my main areas being UI, 2D art, writing and just overall game design.

So: lets?

Listening to your soundcloud stuff right now as I'm typing and I LOVE the range you have on display! I would have been busy with PunchNazisJam but things haven't exactly been giong so quickly. I'd still like to get involved with something Resistance-related in the meantime though!

I just so happen to do a little bit of everything (except programming) but my main areas are UI, 2D art, writing and general design. Let's connect, let me know of any ideas you might have and make something! (P.S. I'll be shopping around this forum so-to-speak for other people to recruit as well!)

Hey there! I just sent you a Slack invite via your email address. If you're still down for this thing, just click the link in the email and follow the instructions to get yourself set up!

Hiya. You still interested in being a part of this project? 'cause I got a Slack chat set up (I named it "punchnazijamrpg") and all I need to do is invite you via your email. We may definitely change direction depending on the input of everyone involved but otherwise, hit me up to let me know if you're still keen!

Okay, it's been a few days now and I've just been made aware of this new, somewhat thematically similar "Games Vs Nazis" Jam also on itchio which I thought we could all get involved in (starts on Feb 6th, ends on Feb 13th, all games livestreamed Feb 17th, winners announced Feb 24th):

Haven't heard anything back from some of our team recruits here regarding the currently proposed game project, so if you're still on board and like the sound of this new jam more (I honestly don't mind as long as we get to make something anyway), sound off in this topic ASAP.

*goes back to playing the waiting game*

Hi everyone. My name is George. I made two Twine games and a UE4 game in blueprints. By now everyone I've responded to on this jam page should be quite on board with this newly devised project. But before we can start talking game development, we need to establish a solid means of online communication. We won't get properly started until everyone has sounded off, but don't feel pressured to rush.

Now: what social media platform(s) do you use the most often and are most at home with? If you have any at all: Dropbox, Twitter, Gmail etc, let me know so I can connect with you ASAP. For game development updates and resource management, I recommend you create a Slack account; it's totally free and a very intuitive method of sharing gameplay capture footage and large content resources (models, code, sound files etc.) between one another that couldn't otherwise be shared over email. It also doubles as a perfectly serviceable instant messenger system with its own custom subject chat rooms, so I suggest you get on that pronto if you haven't already.

In order for this project to go smoothly, we must keep in regular communication. Don't worry if you happen to prefer solitary work most of the time; I only ask this of you to ensure that no-one is left out of the loop, that nothing goes unfinished and that everyone understands exactly what needs to be done and how. This is why I'm also going to ask you to go over the initial idea I suggested and think of ways you want to improve upon it (It is too ambitious? Not unique enough? etc). If you can come up with any ideas or even a whole entire concept of your own that's begging to be made and is more suited to your individual approach, note them down and when we connect online, we'll talk about them there (along with any other important game dev details on the agenda).

Also, mention what hours you're consistently available online for in your respective time zones and be sure to notify everyone of any sudden obligations that may arise and take higher priority. If any of us can manage to bring other would-be developers into the fold, then all the better (I might be able to get even more additional collaborators on our team this Sunday Afternoon GMT). Let's make sure development is positive and as supportive for all involved and that we not lose sight of our goals.

And finally, if this is all news to you and you want to get involved along with everyone I've contacted already, it's never too late for you either! Just drop a reply here and I'll be in touch! Looking forward to working with all of you!

(Find me on Twitter @BonsaiTreehouse, on Gmail with and on Slack @BonsaiTreehouse)

Watch this space: I'm about to make a big post for everyone I've talked to so far

(Making a seperate community post for everyone to see)

Fantastic! Making a larger post in the community section now.

(Great to hear! Will make a new post in this community section once everyone has sounded off. Watch this space)

At the moment I'm thinking of a Bishi Bashi (look it up) style party minigame collection for up to four players but where everyone only needs to use one button that they assign for themselves. The gimmick is that everyone can either use their own controller or share a single one (I'm even thinking of maybe having a seperate mode that suddenly re-assigns buttons between minigames, giving it a feel somewhere between Warioware and Twister).

The goal is to be as accessible as possible not just to newcomers of the medium, but also to those who are less able than some (colourblindness, illiteracy, wheelchair using etc.) and yet still contain enough variety and hidden depth to excite and engage. (Neo-Nazis not being much fans of openness and inclusivity, see *wink-wink*)

You seem like a pretty cool person yourself; love your modelling and animation reel btw! I've got team ambitions waiting to be fulfilled! Wanna join?

I'm familiar with most game design disciplines but I mostly excel with UI design, narrative design, usability and overall group leading etc. (The game I made was a very minimalist Philip Glass-affair)

As it happens, I myself am gathering recruits in this forum for an early-risers supergroup if you will. I'd be happy to have you along for the ride!

My skills are steeped in group communication, narrative design, UI and overall usability. The game I made was directly based around by Philip Glass' slow-opera techniques.

Really like your range and composition there! I'm currently shopping around for possible team members in this forum; wanna be a member?

I specialise in project organisation, narrative design, UI and usability testing. The game I made is designed after slow-opera and Philip Glass.

I'm currently assembling a group myself by bringing together people posting in this forum!

My core specialisations are team management, narrative design, UI and usability. I made a game directly inspired by slow-opera and Philip Glass.

You game?

Cool video!

Genuinely surreal to see another person play my game for the rollicking amusement of others, but exciting and flattering nonetheless!