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Thanks for playing! Sadly no plans on doing the other chapters as there would be lots or legal grey area around fully remaking a game that is sold for money, not to mention the sheer amount of work that was needed just to make the first one a reality. We'd likely need a larger team and some proper business backing from Airdorf and New Blood to realise the entire Unholy Trinity in 3D.

Not weird at all lol (that would only enhance the effect imo)

I actually pondered the idea of including a 4:3 option at one brief point but then decided that users can probably do that kind of stuff on their own (case in point, you) without the game itself screwing with their set up or adding artificial black bars to constrain the carefully adjusted field of view settings.

That’s exactly what I attempted to do for the default screen filter (this can be turned on and off in the settings menu) though the effect may differ depending on the size of your maximum resolution display.

Glad you enjoyed the game as well! ❤️

The general rule is that Any can only be affected by the cross if she’s not invisible and not flying; so standing in one position open for attack is the best time to “aim at her” if that’s what you mean.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the kind words! Did you play the 1.05 version of the game or the newest 1.06? Because I bumped the difficulty down a bit for that version (less health for Amy, slower enemy walking speeds, grey demon no longer flies out during the second phase etc)

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The VOX announcer seems like it has very limited capability that wouldn't be able to capture the variety of customised voice synthesis samples from the original game and further, I don't know if Valve would approve of that decision lol

I did suggest new synthesiser sources early in development to reflect the meta time period jump from 1980s to 1990s, but we soon decided that the original lines were too distinctive and iconic to 'Faith' as a whole.

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It was, now it's back with a new hotfix (V1.05)

(okay Google Translate, don’t fail me now…) Aby tak się stało, potrzebowałbym mobilnego SDK dla Unreal Engine, którego niestety nie mam. Przepraszam :(

oof, THATS not supposed to happen lol

New hotfix on the way!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game! The controls and camera were bound the way they were in the game to emulate classic 3D horror games like Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness, so including a moveable camera would have required a completely different direction from the one that StageFryte and I ended up taking. Various other visual creative decisions were undertaken by us as a way to tie up loose ends from the main game and possibly clarify emotional details (John decides to shoot a deer because he’s scared and all he sees of it are two glowing eyes for eg).

You’re right about the third phase of the Amy fight though: the player needs to move out of the way before Amy finishes her red hand animation or else the circle of red symbols will get the player. It can be a pretty difficult fight though and I don’t blame you for being frustrated. I felt it would be more frustrating though if Amy appeared while the player was scaling the stairs as the crucifix doesn’t point up or down, so I had to limit her to random appearances on designated areas of the house.

Jury is still out on whether we will remake the other chapters without official blessing and/or money because there would be a lot of legal grey area involved. If that happened, we would definitely tone down the camera movements in places similar to the forest which I designed to be intentionally disorienting to try and approximate the original games feeling of being lost without the semi-random map layout.

Your feedback is very insightful and valuable however, and we’re glad you still found some enjoyment in Faith 64 anyway in spite of your grievances.

That's because I was working on the latest hotfix: you should see it now.

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This will be addressed imminently in the next hot fix. Thank you for your kind words and your feedback! (EDIT: decided to bump up the total number of Michael expulsions from ten to eleven 😎)

Ah, when I said "the player should decide when to reset" I meant that sometimes there's an in-game way of resetting things back to a default state or reverting back to a checkpoint without needing to select an option from a menu (which I didn't even know I could do). Like, maybe if there were a prompt in the top corner of the screen to hold a button on the keyboard and reset that way?

Looking back on my previous point of mine, I understand now why you decided to make the dice explode and respawn after a few throws because even a tiny tap of a throw can make the number go up. Dunno if you'd be able to change how fast the number goes up after it's been thrown but from what I could see it appears to be based on how often the die makes a quarter of a revolution which I suppose makes sense as well. Maybe lean into that and allow the player to influence how fast the die spins by having it bounce against walls and other surfaces? Perhaps they could be able to "curl" the die by holding the left mouse button and drawing an arc with their aiming reticule as they prepare to throw (having the player position the reticule further away from the playable character would be a better way of controlling power as well)?

Whatever I say )I'm just spitballing random ideas now) feel free to go with whatever direction suits your game's needs. I didn't focus much on positives, but did value my time playing your game and there were some very interesting ideas that I think could be experimented with in great ways! :)

I feel if the movement controls were a bit tighter, the die-grabbing hitboxes were larger and the player had a bit more influence in landing the die where they wanted with the number most ideal in the moment to them, it would feel less repetitive to play. Doesn't help that I can only throw even a basic die so many times before it's destroyed and has to respawn elsewhere; I feel like the player should get to decide when they're stuck and want to reset the die positions.

I do think the part where I needed to play keepy-uppy with the die as I jumped on springs was extremely inventive, but was also very unforgiving since those particular dice get destroyed on contact with the walls or the ground and cannot be physically carried past forcefields, meaning a lot of failed attempts trying to get it right before I eventually quit. I personally feel like the "explode two seconds after landing" die would have been a more comfortable substitute (if the player could also pick the die back up before it exploded thus resetting the two second timer).

Very luck dependent almost to the game's detriment, but I still quite enjoyed it regardless!

Would have been nice to get maybe at least one free item at the start as an insurance policy or change the order in which characters take a bullet. Just something to help influence the odds a bit better because only getting coins for another character's death can mean less money to spend on upgrades if we get continually low die rolls.

Also imo there should be SEVEN characters and seven chamber rounds because if a six is rolled, that would stop the game short completely! Though if this were expanded upon with a larger version, I imagine there could be some rogue-lite elements to compensate.

I can see this becoming a very involved puzzle game where a user is really forced to listen to the complexity of a track, especially if it involves beats that purposefully try to throw them off of their sense of rhythm. Kudos!

Sweetcakes! The music mainly stays the same for the entire time btw, just getting faster as you progress. Didn't really have much time to commit to something more funky I'm afraid lol

(On balance though, it IS a pretty tough game so only having a few people be able to hear more of the song by being fast enough probably wouldn't be fair on those with lesser reaction times)

Tough for me to play with a laptop trackpad when right clicking to fire the right hand gun locks my view until I do a left click, but It's a very interesting game because it forces me to consider every bullet and prioritise enemies beyond the one that's currently closest to me. Otherwise a bit simple as it stands, but I can easily see this being expanded upon as a lengthier, more in-depth horde-style shooter (if the inclination strikes you)!

Not really a fan of using Q and E to reload though, because with WASD for movement, it inevitably means I need to take one of my fingers away from those keys, which restricts how I'm able to move around if I want to reload.

tbf it IS pretty hard ngl lol

Thanks! It started off in my head as a Tempest 2000 style trance thing but then morphed into 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' when the gameplay went in a more challenging direction during testing (used a Korg M1 vst for the sound!)

Thanks for the feedback! I'll put a note in the description advising players to be ready on the '1' because otherwise, I kinda let the more fast and loose creative process dictate the feel of the game as it slowly came together, so in the end it became something intense and demanding of focus by design, almost like 'Flappy Bird' or 'Kaboom!' on Atari to my mind :)

f'nar f'nar :P

Pretty fun game btw, my favourite die powers were the ones that covered entire platforms like the sawblades, bear traps and horizontal lasers because if I got two dice blocks and I rolled one from both, they were extra helpful if they landed on either side of the fruit stash to take care of enemies on all sides at once.

Took a little while for me to work my head around its other quirks, but it clicked when I did. Enemies advance across the screen much more slowly than I was prepared for, running and jumping feel a bit robotic (as soon as I let go of the jump button, Marshmallow INSTANTLY falls at the same speed as when they were rising) and by the time I roll a die to get its power, the enemies will all have gathered on the OTHER side of the screen and I have to wait anxiously for it to stop and have another roll.

Some other things I had to infer a bit like throwing dice directly at enemies to stun them a bit and catching butterflies to gain a second die block for more efficient crowd control. Also interesting in a mechanical sense how getting damaged (whether by enemies or your own traps even) and getting fruit stolen both deplete the same energy bar.

Once I got comfortable though, my head was swimming with strategies and ways in which to optimise gameplay options :)

We’ll see what happens; currently I’m cultivating a Discord server for game jammers and game dev hobbyists who are open to cross collaboration and staying in touch even after a team event has ended so I’ll be fairly busy at least. Some teammates went their separate ways, but still, anything can happen!

I designed this game with only game pads in mind I’m afraid, as keyboards seemed a bit antithetical to the ideal of relaxed local multiplayer I had in my head. Will definitely consider otherwise for any future games though! Hope this didn’t seem discouraging...!

"It feels kind of condescending to ask why" sorry, I didn't intend to come across that way, I was trying to communicate surprise and maybe confusion too, but maybe I should have chosen my words better :/

Nice little puzzle platformer. I do really like the idea of limiting how many times the player can jump, though I do wish there were a way to get some more as we play; maybe string a few extra hearts off the beaten path if a player is stuck repeating a particularly challenging level?

Also, I'd really enjoy seeing this concept with levels that challenge players to make as few jumps as possible, rewarding them for hanging on to their supply of lives (i.e. jumps) and make them feel smarter and more skilled for doing so (for e.g. look up challenge videos of platforming games where lets players challenge themselves to beat a Mario game without using the jump button).

Also, being down to one life just means that as soon as I jump, it's an instant death. I'd prefer it if instead, I died as soon as I landed back on the ground after jumping or if I tried to execute a double jump in mid-air. I feel like a lot of badass "clutch" moments could occur from that possibility of "They only have one more jump, will they make it??"

Very nice looking game, can't figure out the rules for the life of me despite the solid attempt at trying to explain everything. I mean, there seems to be a LOT of steps and procedures here (endemic to so many card games out there) but all I could decipher here was that I was just supposed to intuit the best way of killing people by "guessing" their card? I dunno, I was just loaded down with so much information that I didn't know what to do with it all.

I assume it works just fine though, so I tried to be as fair as I could with my rating even if I'm terrible at intuiting these kinds of card games from a novice standpoint lol

Very basic game, this was. A greater variety of obstacles to test timing would help add variety.

Maybe the "Lives" theme could be expanded on more so that say, every life lost swaps out a random piece of the level for something else. I feel it would have been a better alternative to the very stringent timer that runs down even when I have eight lives left to lose. Controls could also have been more snappy and less lurchy imo; one tap was enough to make the cat take a whole step off of the side of the pipe and lose a life.

How was I still able to play the game after the chicken was eaten by the fox and I couldn't collect any more eggs?

Why was I able to eat the baby chick and why wasn't I punished for it with a game over?

The controls also screw with my sense of direction especially with the half second delay that makes me second guess my own inputs; I'd much rather they be Up for Up, Down for Down, Left for Left and Right for Right. I get that the choppy step-by-step animation harkens back to snake on Nokia phones and the chicken guarding, but it's also not very easy on the eyes...

I think this could make for an excellent idle clicker game concept. Basically, stretch out the evolution period to about ten minutes or so, let players buy and create more islands with the ability to rearrange them so that game overs don't happen too quickly at the same places, limit how often they can move the clumsies around to balance it out and you have yourself a winner 🙂

It's a neat concept to be able to draw your own commands, though taking on the role of a healer and supporter to the actual battle means I don't have much input in the fight being conducted out of view. Because of that, I don't have much of a sense of strategic planning as to which spells I should cast to benefit the situation at hand (aside from restoring mana). Casting my attention between multiple team members at once fits the theme, but in practice feels like spinning plates which can feel annoying and stressful when ideally imo, a turn-based system would help me step back and assess the situation more critically. Most of my actions simply amount to spamming the exact same healing spells on everyone over and over again, a feeling of repetition which is amplified when I have to keep doing it over and over without delay because everyone's health keeps going down with every passing second.

I would still love to see this developed; I'd personally like to see some different spells for different kinds of situations that crop up in battle, along with alternative effects that occur as a result of casting a spell wrong as opposed to having nothing happen. So for instance, if one party member were receiving fire damage, I could cast a spell to try and cool them off, but if my hand slipped, then I accidentally make their speed slower because it cooled them down TOO MUCH. I could then decide whether or not to cancel the spell or own my mistake and take the consequences. Maybe different encounters could be themed around different elemental status effects and I could swap my party members around like Pokémon or XCOM to better prepare myself.

Thanks! This idea did start as an analogue to Minesweeper; definitely considering expanding on Gold Trigger in future...!

The metal detector battery life bar on the left hand side of the screen was intended to be a kind of timer for how long you were allowed to hunt for gold before it ran down and the trade-off for double-clicking to move faster was to cut off the dust trail so players have less of an idea of where they'd been and where landmines could potentially be hiding.

Will definitely think about making movement speed faster overall though and some other possible considerations towards game balance 👍

Thanks for your praise! I'm most proud of the animated 2D elements myself!

I thought about the beeping rate increasing when close to gold for initial design early on, but in playtesting I figured it was more potentially entertaining to put players in the dark and have them deduce things on their own based on where they've been. Some gold also spawns on top of the mines which would have screwed with the beeping code a bit, so I decided to simplify things with clearer, more binary distinctions:

The gold is made to spawn within an inner circle around the mine and that inner circle is what sets off the slower beep as opposed to the gold itself. The idea is that players know they're in the general vicinity of gold and the land mine is also setting it off to a degree which is intended to up the danger factor.

I find this game to be incredibly unforgiving.

Every step I make makes the geiger counter go up. I get that. But my problem is that almost every potassium canister is set an exact number of steps away and if I make one slight deviation, I'll never make it in enough steps. I have to be PERFECT. It's hard to be perfect when I have no idea of where to go and switches used to open the doors sometimes take two presses to open properly and that ends up wasting precious steps. The upshot is that every time I make one mistake, I may as well just reload right on the spot and more than once, I die when I'm literally two steps away from another Potassium canister.

It's a shame, because the artwork is great and the overall mood being set is FANTASTIC. If you're going to work on this (and you should because it's an awesome idea), make the increasing radiation meter time/duration-based instead of step-based imo and make it a separate gameplay entity from the geiger counter (i.e. the player absorbs radiation and that will slowly trickle away at their health at a fixed rate, that overall rate of damaging radiation increases when the player goes into areas that set off their ticking geiger counter and stays at that new faster rate even when they retreat).

I feel like this is trying to go for something like Papers Please but I don't have any information to make anything more than a lucky guess about whether or not holding or discharging is best for a given patient (or even if its a trick question and BOTH options could be bad). Since every character looks so strange and alien, it's hard to judge if their mannerisms are supposed to serve as the tell to clue players in or if there's something I'm missing.

If you want to expand, definitely lean into the bureaucratic design mindset of Papers Please. Let players search through a record database of patients, ask them questions about themselves and cross reference the info so the player can make more informed decisions about their requests while also taking into account the hospital funding and the patient's objective wellbeing (so in some cases, giving them what they claim to want might actually make things worse like feeding an addiction etc).

My one complaint is the act of firing babies from the cannon (try saying that out of context!) in that I can aim for a pedestrian dead centre and still miss because their hitboxes aren't large enough and the baby flies in a weird trajectory that doesn't always reflect where the reticule is aimed.

Still a fun game though, reminded me of Crazy Taxi in a weird way!

(NITPICK: also, why is driving a truck the more convenient method of travel for baby-delivering storks as opposed to...flying? 😆)

Thanks for the feedback! The speed of the beeping sound should be the main tell for whether you're about to strike gold or a land mine, but maybe I'll make the differences between beeping speeds a bit clearer and more pronounced in a future build. Also, gold can sometimes spawn right on top of where a land mine is, which can admittedly create a good deal of uncertainty in some cases.

A general rule is that the longer you stay out, the more gold you'll earn. I experimented with different durations of battery life for the metal detector to find the right level of tension while also making players more comfortable in trying to find as much gold as reasonably possible. Basically I wanted players to keep going, but I also didn't want them to stay out there forever. I am definitely thinking of taking this further with an expanded version at some point so that players can have more things to spend gold on in the long run though...

Fantastic artwork to compliment a nice, if fairly basic co-op puzzle framework.

NOTE: I managed to accidentally clip under the floor and fall off the world in the fifth puzzle area...!