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The Mountain

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Yes! You can reach us at

Thanks for the feedback! Very glad you still liked the game despite its issues - towards the end of the jam we had to cut corners like it was crunch time at the circle factory. With any luck we'll do a post-jam update with bug fixes and QoL improvements.

Thanks very much! We ran into that same bug but weren't able to fix it in time. Hopefully we'll make a post-jam update later that fixes some of the issues!

Team Winulon

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Thanks for letting us know, do you remember where this happened at?

Wow, thanks so much! Very glad you like it. The physics and sound were definitely some of the things we spent the most time working on, and I think we were all a little surprised at how much we ended up liking the end result.

There actually already is a way to transfer your goo into health: Once your Goo bar is at least 50% full, you can press E to spend 50% of it to regain about 25% of your total health (but I don't blame you for not noticing that, that's one of the biggest things we wanted to improve after seeing people play the game). We're currently working on tutorial video because there are a couple mechanics we don't explain too well, so hopefully that will clear things up for other players too.

At the very least, we'll definitely release an updated build once the jam is over addressing the current bugs. We do have some ideas though, so keep your eyes peeled... Again though, thanks a bunch for the praise!

Ah, that's my bad - I thought the player wasn't visible and you were fighting two enemies since they were both facing forward, but that makes more sense now. Thanks for the explanation!

Very unique style. Love how the main mechanic forces you to play more strategically. Definitely kind of feels like you're walking on ice, but the rest of the game more than makes up for it. Awesome work! 

Love the look of a 2D character in a 3D environment! It's a little difficult to tell where a cube is going to land when you drop it, but it's not a deal-breaker. Great work!

Mad respect for having the guts to make a rhythm game in 48 hours and pulling it off effortlessly. I've had the music stuck in my head for an hour now, which I think is a sign of a job well done!

One of my favorites from this jam! Looks and feels extremely fluid and polished. The only criticism I can think of is that the difficulty seems to vary a lot from level to level - some of the early ones kicked my butt, but ones like triangle wave I happened to solve on the first try. Really just a nitpick, though - awesome work!

Love the art style! Being able to grab the walls and ceilings and swinging back and forth is super fun. I think the thing that could improve the game the most would be indicating more clearly which inputs control which character, especially since they switch places a lot. Something like making it so the arrow keys always controlled whoever's on the right and vice versa might work. Aside from that, awesome work! Would love to see more of this in the future.

One level in and I'm sold. The fact that you can redo rooms without having to restart the whole level makes it way less tedious if you mess up. I think the only thing I'd recommend improving would be to add a slight delay / feedback when you step or off a button since it can be kind of tricky syncing up your movement with your hologram's, especially in the areas with spikes. Awesome work!

Enormous fan of the parts system you made! Are the enemies all randomly generated from a pool of equipment/parts? Gameplay is a little bare right now and I think what could help it the most is a player health bar (unless there was one and I just didn't notice). Really interesting concept, would love to see more of it.

Love the wizard. Would probably feel better to play if falling letters weren't added to your word when they hit the line you've drawn, but you could just as easily turn that into part of the challenge. Nice work!

Discovered by total random chance but I think this might  be my favorite submission from this jam I've seen so far! It's short and sweet, and I can't really think of any negative criticism for it at all.

Awesome concept! Will definitely have to try it out with two people when I get the chance.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. We definitely had some ideas we didn't have time to implement, so we might end up continuing to work on this in the future.