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A meditative and thought-provoking treatise on life, death, money, sexuality, religion, losing your hairbrush, and Pizza

11/10, one extra point for the inclusion of unbeatable mode

The lack of music actually adds to the minimalist eeriness, imo. All in all just a good game

Really excellent and unexpectedly polished :D This man's singlehandedly keeping the entire arrow industry in business

Fun game, I'm launching a class action lawsuit for what you've done to our hands

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I've never seen impact meme text overlaid on a game interface, so it felt novel. Thank you for including this emotional support streamer

Oddly adorable. I like the movement quirk where if you look up or down you get slower for some reason, lol.

Someone take this guy home, I think he's had too much to drink!

Same as the guy below, to the fortress then killed by the grey guys XD I'm sure I could beat it if I played again and was more careful, though I'm trying to get through a lot of these today since there's only a while left for voting

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The least likeable protag in video game history >:o Which makes it all the more satisfying to see him suffer nakedly when you go for 100% all endings.

I was a big fan of the music (especially that tragic piano track) and your illustrations are quite charming :3

Oh god, flashbacks to all my business courses

The animation and voice acting are totally on point. I wasn't able to beat it due to difficulty and my short attention span, but I was very impressed nonetheless!

That music is fuuuuuuuuuunkyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Quite a clever game!

An amazing take on the modifier and super fun at that. I also love the atmosphere you have going on with the eerie looking enemies and the ominous red glow on everything. Best 90s mech anime with a terrible and cheesy dub never made.

I like the concept and humor though I found placing the portals to be a bit frustrating. This did not stop me however from meeting the love of my life at the end and we are very happy together now living in the house I built for us

Thank you!

This game is full of Forrest Gumption and Second Tom Hanks Reference-ion. Absolutely genius gameplay and sound

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I did nerf the difficulty a bit in the final version, lol. If you want a bit of extra challenge you can go for the (spoilers if you haven't discovered it) secret 5,000 point bonus for escaping the black hole's gravity. Glad you liked it >:D

Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful review! I'm glad you liked the movement, that was my favorite part while developing. Might expand this into a fuller game sometime...

Great idea for the one button prompt with stupendous execution :DDD The clashing colors and obnoxious sound design are a goodbad treat for the senses

I adore the bizarre off-kilter theming  here

That twist ending was marvelous XD

I say this and then it gets second XD

Sure, I'm in there as Tweep :D

Funny :3 

Humanly possible to achieve a 100% optimal speedrun on this

Clever twist on classic button-mashing

I swearz I'll physics-exploit my way to that white cube someday

Massively underappreciated

Great to see someone make something with Scratch for this jam :D

Delightfully distasteful

Impressively terrible in ways that toy with your expectations

Intelligently designed tomfoolery

Wondering if that infuriating reorientation after you hit something could actually be used to pull off 1337 strats

The sound effects are simply sublime

Certified absolute classic right here

I encountered an error during the first dialog and could not continue the game :-(

I'm having a problem with this game, it seems that the buttons at the top of the screen are cut off on my monitor

Nice demo :D I'm not a big fan of RPG's in general, but I still appreciate the nice art and characters. I like the whole yes/no thing and how it integrates with the design of the player character. For a later version, I would suggest dialog portraits and a more fleshed-out environment.

Interesting little demo, I particularly like the room with the skull floors and the sort of pipe-looking room. The gameplay is pretty tedious and repetitive, but of course it is just a prototype :P

Though this game be too difficult for one of my skill level, I was nonetheless pleased by the versatile movement options, interesting world, and really scary enemies

A stimulating experience exploring the virtue of meticulousness and the paradoxical nature of increasingly common near-infinite game worlds.