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hi aza466,

Thank you for your feedback and for your support of buying the early access version of the game.

We recently updated all the graphics as well as the FPS as stated here:

Please let us know if you still have any problems.



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Hi SuckerFreeGames,

Thank you for reaching to us. And we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused you.

We said clearly on front page first row (bold) that demo game is no longer available for download since it doesn't reflect anymore the game updates. 

Is also clearly mentioned that for 1$ you will get a Game Support Message & 2 Ultra HD wallpapers. That probably means nothing.

We made this for people that would like to support our game here. As mentioned here at the end of our FAQ:

We will be happy to return your money back, we hope has a refund option. We found this:

Maybe it will help you. Just redirect them to this page.

Best Regards,


@ Crybaby HORROR

Hi, you can always buy the game on steam and refund it if is not working. 

more about here:

We had to remove the demo because is very old and not updated anymore.  Thank you for understanding. or download again on itch, file have been updated 10 days ago

Thank you for playing! We are happy that you like the demo even if I think that you are playing the older version. 

To find more about the character backstory, you should try the latest version we released.

Also the games comes on steam early access next week, we hope you guys will check it out and get involved with your suggestions and support! 

Hi Leongames6511, thank you for testing and for the feedback received. The game is not out yet but we have opened our progress to early access meaning that we will deliver updates frequently from here on, involving as well the community in the process.

For more info:


Thank you for the feedback, we will look into it.


Since Epic Games has an EULA every time install a `game made with there engine` we did not included the files separately to launch directly. Please go to the folder where [itch application downloads the file] and manually install running the setup.

Another alternative now is to wait for our Steam demo release in the next couple of days, since steam has an integrated EpicGames EULA you can launch directly. 

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Perhaps the archive did not finished downloading and got corrupted? Have you tried downloading again?

p.s I rechecked the file by downloading it, there is no problem here

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Thank you for trying out the game. Your playing the latest version here.

To enable the memory try to ... and return to the tomb. There is more than the memory to this demo but try to find the things for yourself.

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We love your videos but we can't spend a lot of time seeing them all.

With Commentary:

CJUGames (playing v1.0.0 - Easy mode) (90% done)

GG Gab (playing v1.0.1 - Normal mode) (80% done)

MrKravin (playing v1.0.1 - Normal mode) (80% done)

Step Vibes (playing v1.0.0 - Normal mode) (85% done)

schauerland (playing v1.0.1 - Easy mode) (85% done)

블레이드위버 (playing v1.0.0 - Easy mode) (85% done)

TheLegendOfW (playing v1.0.1 - Easy mode) (85% done)

JayskiBean (playing v1.0.1 - Normal mode) (80% done)

Thank you for playing and for the streams everyone.

シーゴ / CgoChannel (playing v1.0.0 - Easy mode) (85% done)


Please tell us what do you think about the demo v1.0.1 update in here.

We updated to v1.0.1. Topic locked.

Thanks guys for the feedbacks, We understand the game may be to much of a challenge for some of you so we added a note on the main page. Just a quick draw.

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Congratulations, you must be a good player for figuring out all by yourself, and bring it all them down on Normal.  Dropping the shotgun ammo was quite funny.

You skipped some important stuff, maybe other players can find out. 

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Thank you for playing and for the review. From all our testing team, nobody had any difficulties so far. We will take you post under review for later. We will look forward to see how to improve the final release if this problem persists.

Please tell us what do you think about the demo in here.

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Thank you for playing. You should try again and try to make every bullet count, our protagonist is not a combatant fighter and an ordinary person. Distance btw target and enemy counts. Or try it on easy mode, there heads than will pop up in one shot if your just looking for adventure instead survival.  All limbs destroy is based on critical hit, is random, based on each difficulty the chance is higher.