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Them & Us

Hardcore, survival horror game. · By Tendogames

Youtube Streamers - Post your videos here Sticky

A topic by Tendogames created Aug 17, 2018 Views: 645 Replies: 13
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Developer (4 edits)
We love your videos but we can't spend a lot of time seeing them all.

With Commentary:

CJUGames (playing v1.0.0 - Easy mode) (90% done)

GG Gab (playing v1.0.1 - Normal mode) (80% done)

MrKravin (playing v1.0.1 - Normal mode) (80% done)

Step Vibes (playing v1.0.0 - Normal mode) (85% done)

schauerland (playing v1.0.1 - Easy mode) (85% done)

블레이드위버 (playing v1.0.0 - Easy mode) (85% done)

TheLegendOfW (playing v1.0.1 - Easy mode) (85% done)

JayskiBean (playing v1.0.1 - Normal mode) (80% done)

Thank you for playing and for the streams everyone.

シーゴ / CgoChannel (playing v1.0.0 - Easy mode) (85% done)


There's alot of boys chillin' in the graveyard, and alot of work left for yall to do. Solid base. Hope you guys polish it up.

One of the coolest Indie Horror Games I've played so far. Great graphics with a high quality gameplay :) Can't wait to play again once the full version has released.

For transparency, got frustrated in the beginning because of no clear objective. Don't need a map, just need an objective, as its clearly not the Rust - The Forest - type survival game considering the objects you (need to?)  collect to get that specific item. Not sure if I noticed a game mechanic or not - glowing eyes matter? At least they're the ones that dropped items in my games. Also found it frustrating the amount of shots it took straight to the head to down them. Not expecting perfection from the jump, never am, but I respect transparency. Either way, love the graphics, use of the unreal engine is great. And would love to get the story behind this game. Were you inspired by the resident evil/silent hill series perhaps? I'll be watching this one, I wish you success on your development. 

Its hard not to compare this to games like Resident evil 4 or Silent hill, especially after the "silent grove" Sign, But that isn't a bad thing, i love both those games and i think this game has a lot of potential and overall i really enjoyed it! goodjob! 

just finished this demo and i must say, this game 1000% has great potential! love the feels and the vibes and the whole gameplay, the zombies look amazing and the surrounding area has so much detail! once again, great job on this game :D

Couldn't get version 1.0.1 it seemed, but here's my video.
Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for trying out the game. Your playing the latest version here.

To enable the memory try to ... and return to the tomb. There is more than the memory to this demo but try to find the things for yourself.

Thanks for the very small hint, and I do hope development goes well!

Already posted under"I love it!" but i'll post it here anyway

Hello, i am Youtuber from Indonesia. This is my gameplay for Them & Us in my Kepo Gaming youtube channel. Thanks :D

Have to say, I loved this game and demo, its really well put together, great audio and game mechanics. I'm a massive Resident Evil and Silent Hill fan and this game really took me back to old school survival horror games. I can't wait to see the full game when its finished and I hope you like my video! :)

I really really enjoyed this. I noticed a post indicating an updated version and I know I downloaded this a while ago so I apologize if I was playing an older verison. I'll definitely be buying the Early Access version though!

The objective was confusing but like great game overall