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Can you please tell us what exactly you mean by you can't extract it?

The archive is WinZip:

You can also download the official itch application and use that to run the game:

In the download description link there is also a link to the steam download page.

I hope this helps.

My environment is unique... I'm using Linux and test Windows games using Wine

So I download the .zip twice and each time it refused to extract in Linux.  I was able t o download and play Them and Us in Steam (with Proton a fork of Wine) and it ran beautifully.  In fact, I loved it so much I might even buy the game!

But if anyone else reports that the zip doesn't extract, it might be corrupting during the download process.

Is there a Linux version planned?

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Thank you for your confirmation. We are glad to know that the game can run on Linux using an emulator, we may look into Linux support later.

I just tested the download link, there is no problem with the download or extracting the zip file. 

Interesting.  I'm glad its working in Windows.

Thank for your help and interest in Linux!