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I'm testing Karnage in Linux with Wine

The menu appears just fine and the controller works, but when the game starts its just a black screen.

I'm sure you don't support Linux, but what dependencies are needed for Unreal 4 game like Karnage?

  • Direct X 11
  • Dot Net Framework
  • Visual C Redistributable
  • Physix

Thank you!  No rush of course...

Let me know when its updated and I'll test again.

Also, I have 6 PCs all with Linux and different Video Cards.  So I can test the performance with higher and lower GeForce cards.

I was able to download it and launch it, but upon loading everything is black except the HUD. I tried different resolutions and quality settings, even disabled everything in-game settings but nothing... just black. I can hear Jack running around and interacting that is about it.


  • Mint 19 64-bit (based on Ubuntu)
  • GeForce GTX 1060
  • Nvidia 415.25
  • AMD CPU 6-core
  • 8 GB RAM DDR3 1333
  • Samsung SSD

That would be me!
Looks like there is a Jack McLantern Linux port available, but untested... I'm going to check it out

The Demo?  Not yet.. kinda confused with the vents... but I love how you can freeze the lasers and roll on them.  If I press the W key and space at the same time I can jump really high.  In fact I can jump on top of the structures above the screen and clip through them.  Is this a bug?

No problem.  I found that it runs really well in Wine with DXVK for now.

Awesome demo!

Great physics and interactive elements in Beam.
Is there a Linux version planned?