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I created a short review and gameplay video in Linux

Thanks for making this amazing demake!  I absolutely love it!

Thank you for making a first person co-op horror game!  And thank you for supporting Linux!

I actually had a problem downloading the Linux problem.  After downloading the zip it would not extract.  I even downloaded in Windows, copied to Linux and extracted, but when I play the game and host a room it crashes with no errors.

No problem!  I'll download and give it a go!
Thank you for hopping on this so quickly!

Perfect, I'll download today or tomorrow and give it a try.
Thank you for the update!

I didn't get any farther to test the other cutscenes.

Codecs are such a pain!  Thank you for taking a look at it!

I'm happy to test once you upload a newer version!

Hi, Thank you for supporting Linux and creating a version for us gamers!

I was having a problem with cut-scenes... they just show a black screen only.  I can hear audio/sounds but nothing displays.

I can press ESC but can't see the menu either.

Two instances where this happens in the demo:

  1. Birthday card
  2. Bathroom - Look at myself in the mirror

Thank you!

This almost never happens to me...
I'm downloading Find Yourself from one of the available keys you provided here on
But when I download the 4GB game its is more like 5.5GB .zip
Then I can't open it.  Somehow its getting corrupted every time I download it.  I'm in Linux by the way.... I use Wine to play your games.

Thank you for supporting Linux!
Gonna check this one out

I've played Nosferatu, its pretty good and has a lot of nastalgia with older games.

Unfortunately its not quite as good as Dungeon Nightmares I & II.  Each dungeon is different every time you play and there are so many jump-scares in random places, you will always get a good "jump".  The developer designed every dungeon to be procedural-generated which makes it new every time you play.

No problem.  It runs well in Linux Steam with Proton (fork of Wine)

Ok, just making sure.  Any progress on a Linux version?

Is Janga still a demo or is this the full version

Interesting.  I'm glad its working in Windows.

Thank for your help and interest in Linux!

My environment is unique... I'm using Linux and test Windows games using Wine

So I download the .zip twice and each time it refused to extract in Linux.  I was able t o download and play Them and Us in Steam (with Proton a fork of Wine) and it ran beautifully.  In fact, I loved it so much I might even buy the game!

But if anyone else reports that the zip doesn't extract, it might be corrupting during the download process.

Is there a Linux version planned?

I'm really excited to play Them and Us but when I download I can't extract it.  Is the demo available anywhere else?

Agreed, but I kindly request a Linux port when you have time AngryDemonStudio.  Thank you 

Stomp looks great for a LAN action arena game!  Thank you for supporting LAN connections.
Any chance of a Linux version?

Yes, Linux is my only gaming OS these days.

I actually have 6 PCs setup in a LAN all with Mint 19.3

My daughters each have a desktop with Mint and my media center connected to the TV has Mint.

I test a lot of games in Linux on a regular basis... check out our posts and guides:



Its not working in Linux Mint for me either.

The Unity title appears and then there is a gray screen.  I can hear some noise fading it, it stutters and then crashes.

The only output is "Aborted"

No other errors.

Awesome!  We are trying to get interest....

TOXICANT community · Created a new topic Linux Version?

Toxicant looks like another great horror adventure with some interesting features.

I read that you use Unity3D engine for development.  Any change of a Linux port in the future?

Us Linux gamers are more than willing to test any releases at

Awesome game!  Thank you for supporting Linux as well!

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I hope so, Dungeon Nightmares was awesome!  It is the only re-playable Horror game I've found.

I'm about to purchase Dungeon Nightmares II as it looks even more amazing!

That is what I figured.  AppData is a typical place for save games.  Ok, I'll test it a bit more in Wine, but you don't have to make any changes because I know Wine isn't supported. Its just pretending to be Windows.
Thanks again

No problem.  I know its difficult to troubleshoot if you aren't using Linux regularly. What about the Character folders saving on the C:\ drive?  Have you seen this before?

Thank you for this awesome game! I love the simple graphics and the engaging action.

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Made a gameplay video in Linux with Wine 5.0
Hopefully there is a native Linux version planned... but until then it runs well in Wine.

I tried multi-player on a LAN as well, which worked, but the only problem I had was when we loaded the game or travelled, everything in my inventory would disappear.  As if I started over with a new character.

I also found that the Character folders ended up on the C:\ drive for some reason.  So that is probably why.  I was unable to resolve this problem, but I know it isn't developed for Wine anyways.

Great game!  Love the bow!

Yes, please provide the native Linux binaries in itch as well.  Thank you!

No problem.  I know I'm on my own using Wine in Linux.  Just wondering if this was a common problem in Windows?

Thanks for your help!!!

Ok, that makes sense.  I'll give it a try again because  I never saw this screen.

Before you go an change anything, I wanted to let you know I am in Linux running "Our Beautiful Land" in Wine.  So there is a chance something is not working with Wine.  I've run games made in Unreal with Wine in the past and they run fine.  I also found that "Our Beautiful Land" wouldn't even Launch until I install Visual C 2010, 2013 & 2015.  I wasn't sure which one it needed so I installed them all.

Now it launched fine, but I can't actually play until the client connects to the host and continues.  Thanks for your help! 

Any chance of a Linux port in the future?

Thank you for replying!

I am able to see the host server and can click "Go" but after that it just hangs. I never get the level selection on the host.  So network isn't an issue...  I'm playing on a LAN (same switch) but I'll give Offline a go as well.

Is there any specific dependencies needed for the two computers to communicate?

  • Visual C Redist
  • Dot NET Framework
  • winhttp
  • msxml3

Anyone having problems with hosting and joining?

I can run the game, launch the host and my 2nd computer can see the server running, but upon clicking "go" nothing happens.  They both just sit there waiting.

Awesome!  Thank you for considering Linux

Thank you, I'll try to private message you on first.

Monument community · Created a new topic Thank you!

Thank you for publishing Monument on and supporting Linux!

Sometimes I wish other games were available other than Steam and GOG.

I wish there was a playable Demo!  Looks amazing!  Love the graphical style and stop-motion-ish animation