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Them & Us

Hardcore, survival horror game. · By Tendogames

Them & Us Demo v1.0.0 Sticky Locked

A topic by Tendogames created Aug 13, 2018 Views: 288 Replies: 11
This topic was locked by Tendogames Aug 15, 2018

We updated the game to v1.0.1

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Please tell us what do you think about the demo in here.

I really enjoyed parts of it, the game looks downright gorgeous and the combat really drives home your helplessness. However, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do to progress. Maybe making that a little more clear could help improve the overall feel.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for playing and for the review. From all our testing team, nobody had any difficulties so far. We will take you post under review for later. We will look forward to see how to improve the final release if this problem persists.

Hello! First of all I am really glad to see another third person survival horror being made and as a developer myself I can say you've done a quite nice job!
Now as for the demo specific here's a list of things to notice or improve : 

  • As @CoalFire said, you have no idea what to do. I managed myself to gather the 6 statues but I have no idea where to put them or if the graveyard is all the demo is offering. So my suggestion is to add some more hints or at least say to us how to proceed that scene! :p
  • The lighting and the level design are awesome and I am really to surprised to see that this was actually UDK 3. Since I personally used both engines I would highly recommend to see UE4 since it would help you tons with the game.
  • When you first step into graveyard and you see the dozens of zombies coming it's really amazing and scary! However although I have a relatively old computer, I had some huge fps drops when I was near their "range" so I am assuming the AI could be improved from code aspect.
  • The character is awesome and it really gave me some Claire vibes! Only thing I managed to notice what at start, the lighting on the hair wasn't shown properly (hair got light while rest character was dark) although I didn't notice it anywhere else.
  • Something that was really annoying in my opinion was the controls. I have played tons of games and the controls you have are like console/controller oriented. I would highly suggest to make it more pc friendly since pc will be the first platform to test and play and I assume many of us (including me) don't own/use controllers. 

Anyway, apart from the above, I got to say you did an amazing job and I do hope you find the support you need! 

I still remember first time I played RE4, when I got to village, nothing was told me what to do there than stay alive, and kill enemies to accomplish it.

Killing the zombies that came out from graves, tombs 'curse' will cease and we can progress, I don't see why we have to say to people to kill the zombies, since is the only thing left to do.

We live in a game times, where the player is just a 'NPC' waiting for game hints...

I totally get what you mean about the hints and I am making my game exactly the same way! However sometimes things need some "explaining". Personally I ran out of ammo soon so I was like how to kill them now ?

And also the messages from the statues, are like telling you that you have to put these 6 statues somewhere and so I spent most of the time looking around where to place them.

Anyway I will have another playthrough and see if I can post more suggestions ;) 

Thanks for reply.

a good thing about all this is that we learn a lot about players todays,

other people passed that area, than if player get stuck in a game, he goes to YT to find out what to do, in the end he keeps seeing that person plays and he dont even play his game anymore, what is really bad for everyone... for us that make the game, and to them that don't fully enjoy his own  way of playing.

in our game i put 6 zombies holding statue, and 8 zombies that come out of grave, the tomb door 'curse', in the end we need to kill 14 zombies only (some are just random ones that does nothing special), i just tested RE4 again, we have to kill 2 spawns of about 10+chainsaw dude and one more of spawn of 5 = about 25 enemies.

i did put a timer to free tomb after some time like RE4 7minutes timer, but we could just run around and wait time pass, too easy also, I can't understand why ppl want to know what to do before trying to survive/kill enemies,  since this cemetery area we made is pretty much like RE4 village struggle.

thanks to try it out.

Well as I said I had another playthrough and try to go only for headshots and I managed to finish the demo without any problem. The only thing I mention the "hint" system is that it's a demo. I've played lots of demos or being developed games and many of them don't have a "final" ending so you don't know when it finishes. So on my first playthrough I just thought the demo was to shoot around zombies.

In any case I liked it a lot and I hope to see it finished in the future ;)

p.s. : RE4 has a big difference in the village area, first of all enemies drop ammo and items and also it has a melee combat system that you can use hot keys to easily kill fallen enemies. Also RE4 has an adaptive difficulty system so if you fail it will be easier next time.

I found killing the zombies in normal mode a little monotonous and initially tried to run around them instead, but when playing on easy it didn't take too long to collect the necessary items. Brilliant potential with this one!

hey u played really well, thanks for test it out ;)

PS: see how many ammo u guys are leaving behind.


Thanks guys for the feedbacks, We understand the game may be to much of a challenge for some of you so we added a note on the main page. Just a quick draw.


We updated to v1.0.1. Topic locked.

Developer locked this topic