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Thank you for playing! We are happy that you like the demo even if I think that you are playing the older version. 

To find more about the character backstory, you should try the latest version we released.

Also the games comes on steam early access next week, we hope you guys will check it out and get involved with your suggestions and support! 

Anytime! Oh, it was the older version? Where can I get the newest version? 

(+1) or download again on itch, file have been updated 10 days ago

how do i get the demo or whatever, i paid then it sent me to a page after purchase, but no confused 

Hi I been trying to play your game but can not see Demo anymore I what to see if my pc can fun it all okay.....and it look really amazing as well 

@ Crybaby HORROR

Hi, you can always buy the game on steam and refund it if is not working. 

more about here:

We had to remove the demo because is very old and not updated anymore.  Thank you for understanding. 

Okay I got to say I just been playing it amazing game so fun I hope you do lot Unlikable weapons in it for like Beating hard in Full version I so in love with this game so much Halloween Challenges are really hard but fun I so want to get better at it.....and yes thank you for message me back I been sick so I not really been online much