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Hardcore, survival horror game. · By Tendogames

Is Full Release Out?

A topic by ALT_er created Aug 27, 2018 Views: 197 Replies: 1
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i have nothing but praise for the game, this game looks amazing. Graphic wise it looks really nice, runs smooth,really solid, didn't experience any glitches,klonkiness (totally legit word). i like the vagueness of the background story of Alice past, i feel its weird thing to say, but give it a nice mystery behind it.  to it which i really loved. the access to items menu things, i feel its a little off, but i know it will  be set straight. i thought id be cool to give the character like a couple of cool melee attacks for the knife but thats just me. good job on the game its look really goo, keep up the amazing job guys ( English

is my second language so sorry for improper grammar) 


Hi Leongames6511, thank you for testing and for the feedback received. The game is not out yet but we have opened our progress to early access meaning that we will deliver updates frequently from here on, involving as well the community in the process.

For more info: