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Tempored Insanity Studio

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Recent community posts

Started off as an average game, then turned into a fantastic usage of the "Growing up" theme. I'd really like to see a more complete version. And maybe tweak the movement controls a bit more? Well done

Surprisingly fun for such a simple looking game. Very unique usage of age and growth to solve the puzzle. Well done! I'd like to see this game with some better graphics, but everything else is great.

A fun game. Not a lot to do, but as for gameplay, its very good. Some issues and bugs with moving over different slopes of terrain caused me to fly across the map many times. It would be interesting to see a full game from this. If your thinking about it, check out https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/56762. I think it would be a good improvement for future.

That was a well made game! Great job. Everything looked amazing and it was fun running round killing... mud?? ;]

If i had to suggest improvements, polish the instructions, scene navigation and interactive objects. I didn't realise i had equipment until Level 3, and had to buttonmash to find out how to use them.

A good game that certainly fits the theme. Well done. Like the others, i'd recommend polishing the controls and movement more in future, but the player animation was quite good. Getting all the art to fit the same style is also definitely something to remember too, as Wellzitu mentioned.

Thankyou for your feedback! :)

I ran out of time to fully implement the Advisor, and so i (thought i had) raised the price to an unachievable number. Thanks for pointing the multiple hires out, as it shouldn't be possible. You're right about the money at sunset, but it was the last feature i added so i didnt test it in time.

I'm really glad you had fun, and as i will be updating it in the future, i hope you will enjoy the more complete game. Future features include inter-kingdom conflicts and frequent battles.

Where are the "screenshots" saving? Because i cant find them anywhere, and no files with the given filename ("2017-04-06_......png") exist.

Also, when setting a custom seed, it would be helpful if i could type the seed, rather than clicking and dragging until i get to the right number. "-1206496754" was really annoying to set...