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[Art] Jack of all trades looking to join short term project

A topic by misterguh created Jun 06, 2020 Views: 437 Replies: 12
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For unpaid projects, I would like to work on a small, short term project (approx. 3-6 months) with a small team (1-3 people).  I will also only work on the game if in its final stages during that timeframe.

For paid/rev share projects, I would still like to keep it short term, but it can be negiotiable, depending on if we mesh well. 

About myself:

I could copy paste my bio, but in short, I can work on anything art or design related. Character art/design, backgrounds, UI layout, cover art, logo, etc. I have extensive experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Clip Studio Paint; I also have a practical understanding of After Effects, Flash/Animate, and Audition. 

If you want to see examples of my work, my portfolio is at and all of my sketchbooks are free to view on my profile.

Thanks for looking!

Hi, Misterguh I hope you’re still available because both of the projects I’m looking to complete could use your help.

Posts with the project info:

Contact me on Discord so we can talk further if you’re interested: Blankmarks#2230

Hi, thanks for replying back! Both of your project sound interesting, but unfortunately, I won't be able to join either. Your first project has a very interesting concept from a writing perspective, but doesn't feel very creatively stimulating as an artist, and your second project has a bigger scope than what I'm ready to tackle. Thanks again for your consideration, I hope your projects turn out great!

How about a game that is halfway done?

Right now I'm looking for games that closer in scope to game jams, where the game can be completed within a relatively short time frame. 

If the game has been in a half done state for a long time, its probably a larger project than what I can tackle.

Hello, what do you think about this almost finished game

May be it is simple but it works ))

It needs only UI, a couple of skins and of course it opens to any new idea

I'm a product designer interested in helping improve the experience of your game. Let's chat.

Hi. Let's talk about it. Where can I chat with you?

I'm on discord with the same username


Hi  there :) I have a dark fantasy story that I'm hoping to turn into a short visual novel using Ren'Py. I'm not able to offer payment as this is a hobby project but I was wondering if you'd be open to collab & help me with the art for this project? If you're interested, do contact me on Discord at kaelynmauve#4445 or drop me an email at so that I can send you my story for you to take a look before you make a final decision. Thank you!

Hi Misterguh!

I'm a solo dev & programmer currently making a top-down rpg school simulator, and am in need of a good artist for characters, basic character animation, furniture, GUI, and environmental art. The job is unpaid or potentially low paid as this is a hobby project of mine. The game is built in Unity.

While the game is currently about half complete as a whole, I intend to have all the artistic side of the game done within about a month, and release that as version 0.1. Version 0.1 will be a playable game including: the only level, 7+ characters with dialogue, and the basic game systems. The full game will include 120+ characters with dialogue and story-lines, more game systems, and more story outcomes.

Future updates will add additional character story-lines and events, which I will make myself at a later date.

The game is a 2D paraquel version of this game (, which I'm also developing (but thats temporarily paused).

I hope this interests you! Contact me at Spectralle#6395 or my email if you're interested! Thanks!

Hello! I'm a programmer, I've made Type Knight. I like your art. I'd be up to do a small rev-share project together if you wanted to.

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