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The game is very fun and manages to hold the player's attention. I loved knowing that you have plans for the future, I'm already following you so I don't miss anything!

I loved the aesthetics of the main character. Keep working on the game after the jam, it looks like it has potential!

Aahh, thank you so much!  All these comments make me very happy.  This is just my second jam, the first with voting and comments.  And I am delighted to receive all these suggestions from such talented people, just like you!  I can't wait to release this update, I hope that anyone who plays it has as much fun as I did making the game and interacting with all of you!  :)

Ahhh, thank you! :D

Wow, world record here! :D

Thanks for playing! I'm just waiting for the jam to end to upload a new build, that will give the player an option to speed up the sounds. These tedious rounds are a real problem, and I hope this new feature fixes that. :)

Once again, thanks for playing and commenting! 

Thanks for playing and streaming (and rating and commenting hahaha)! Can I use your gameplay video on the project page? :)

At first I thought "oh, this game is easy" ... A few seconds later I was like "RUN, RUN, RUN"! Great job, it's a really fun game!

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Wow, thanks, nk! I'm really glad you liked my game, I loved The Tall Grass! :D

And I totally agree with you and other players who also felt that the pacing feels slow at higher levels. Damn, I'm punishing the players who play well! lol

To fix this (or at least try), I just worked on an update to insert a button that the player can press to speed up the audio sequence. As soon as the jam is over I will post this build. And some spooky audios ended up getting funny, I liked that!

Once again, thank you very much! 

Aaah thanks so much! :)

Thanks! o/

Thanks, I loved your game! :)

What a fun game! I loved seeing the variations in the mazes at each level. And the art is wonderful. Great job!

Oh, that was tense! :D

This game has a really cool look and soundtrack! The jumping mechanics are also well crafted. But I died many times trying to find the way... I liked the feature of making the scene dark, but maybe a mini map would make the player more oriented towards the scene. Congratulations, I would love to see more of this game in the future! :)

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Oi, pessoal! Brasileiro aqui! :D

Gente, eu não consegui rodar o jogo direito...  Estou abrindo o jogo em um pc Windows, com resolução 1920x1080, e a janela do executável estranhamente abre sempre meio descolada na tela (deixei um print da minha tela inteira aqui pra você verem). Do jeito que está, eu não consigo arrastar a janela para o centro da tela nem deixar em fullscreen... Fiquei com muita vontade de testar o jogo, espero que dê certo pra fazer essa correção! :)

Muito obrigado por jogar e comentar! E que bom que você curtiu! :D

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After Bly Manor, mirrors have another meaning for me. And now this game has given me one more reason to stay away from them! Great game, great story! :)

You said that the dialogues were written with love and it is certainly possible to feel all that dedication within the game! :)
I loved the lines about the portal and the invisible wall! Good job!

Thanks for playing and commenting! It is great to receive these feedbacks, some suggestions here made me think of some optimizations that I can make in future updates, to make the game’s mechanics more dynamic. I can't wait to put everything into practice when the voting is over! : D

I felt like I was playing a good NES game! Great aesthetics, great job!

This game feels like "The Bad Place" from "The Good Place" and this is great! :D I can see Bad Janet acting just like one of those characters at work. Good job, great experience!

Great game! I loved the tension of the gameplay. And the idea of changing the map every day is brilliant! I would love to have the option to run, especially when the character returns to his badroom. Then it would be exactly as I did when I was a child: I tiptoed to the bathroom, thinking that I was going to find a ghost or something at any time, but on my way back I ran past the house, to jump straight under the covers! This game made me relive a lot of those moments, thank you for that! Congratulations!

Great game! I love A Quiet Place and I loved how you incorporated the mood of the film into it! Maybe I played The Last Of Us a lot this year, but while I was playing The Tall Grass I really wanted to have an object to throw and distract the monsters. Would it be interesting to give the player a throwable item? Even if it is just a single object and which, when throwing, would make enemies faster and more alert? It could be something to help in times of "certain death" (and I died a lot hahaha), but it would also bring a consequence to the player, so the decision to throw or not the item would always be tense. Again, great game! Congratulations!

Simon said he is sad... Hahaha thanks for playing and commenting! :D

Thanks for playing and commenting! Great suggestion, some sroty pop-ups at certain levels of progression would certainly make the game more dynamic! I will work on that, for sure! : D

Thanks, Jennifer! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks, Garry! o/

Hey, Ezra, thanks for playing and commenting! I'm really glad you liked the "breathing sky", this was something that came up when the game was almost finished, just to try to break the monotony of listening to the long sequences. I loved your suggestion to add an option to speed up the sounds, I will definitely work on that for a future build, when the jam ends. Thank you very much for the suggestions and for sharing your impressions! :)

Submitted, but still working on improvements. Just released version 1.2:

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Just finished my game for SCREAM JAM 2020, Simon Still Says! It’s basically a "Simon Says"-like, but with scary sounds instead of peaceful lights :)

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Just finished my game, Simon Still Says! It’s basically a "Simon Says"-like, but with scary sounds instead of peaceful lights :)

Wow, I loved this game!

I did it! And I loved seeing the Famicase arts on the walls! :D

I've never hammered so well :)

I loved the sound effects! :D

This wonderful bird is the hero of my first game! :D

Thanks, Bruna! o/

Hahahaha é nóis! Obrigadão pelos comentários, que bom que você curtiu! (vou mandar um "thanks" lá no outro também 😄)