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Always a fan of a lightsaber! Like the wood texture and almost cog like handle structures. The wings give a bit more of a fantasy feel that help turn what is a futuristic item into the right kind of timeline. :) Taking out the red/blue squares and rotating on the center axis would show it off even more. Great job.

Nice texture and balance of shapes!


Really great intricate work!

Great original take on a classic steam punk iconic item. Love the spike details and shine texture.

Great use of texture and love the little details.

Super cute the house down boots!

Great character and colour pallet, clever use of transparency.

This would be a great little game level. Nice to see more of a whole enviroment than just an object. Well done!

Cool concept and nice drip/grunge textures on the openings. :)

Really cool, like the mix use of texture and light details, makes this robot feel much more organic and steampunk wood mix style :)

Wow, intricate and super fun. Like the duo big and small mix too! :D

Thank you!

Thank you!
Ah! Sorry I misunderstood, first time doing anything 3d, I thought it meant just actual face (a poor assumption as now looking at the submissions it may not be something that has an actual face, lol) Did think it was strange! I'll re-edit it this week and upload. Thanks for pointing it out! The more you know!

This is awesome. Top notch cute intricate mesh. Love the use of single panes for the added effect, definitely completes the scene.

did a small bugfix, hopefully should play a bit better :) thanks!

thank you for the feedback - i did a bugfix, so you should be able to lick away now!

hello again, i did a bugfix, feel free to have another play :)

thanks again for the feedback, i did a small bug fix, please do have another go :)

thank you for playing and the feedback! i updated the game with a bugfix, hopefully you can now finish!

thank you. glad you like the graphics! i did a bugfix based on the feedback please do have another go :)

This is the best shark mech game that ever existed, if you think different, then dam you!
But sharky. Where IS george? You crime buster of the sea.
I give this a strong kipper out of cod.

What are these awesome creatures I am mowing down. Oh the horror! Am I the hero or the villan? Fun start! Would love to see what other enemy designs you create!

Brilliant. Stylistic. Minimal. Great UI, typography and art direction. Love the water effects and feedback, the physics are great. Would be nice to get some feedback when hit (minimal screen shake or slowdown / warning ui). Soundtrack is great. Would be cool to see enemys enter / exit the battle field in unique ways (like submarines arriving or mechs out of the water into the sky). Great scope for giant boss battles or levels where you have a lot more boost / less gravity. Really exciting!!! So... fluid.

Great retro vibes. Digged the pixel art and chibi mecha art style! Some interesting character designs, and fun battle gameplay with some enjoyable battle loops. The vamp boss is ultra overpowered though! :) Would be nice to have some more varied attacks or a transformation. Like the boss transitions too! Nice touch!

Really beautiful vibrant world, great mech design and fluid controls. Sadly must be a bug with my rig combo as the camera spins continuously towards the top right, inside and outside the mech, managed to get through some way and enjoy some parts. But camera only stays if I move the mouse continuously to offset it, thought it could be my controller input but unplugged that and my mouse and it still continues. Enjoyed what I played though! Would love to give it another go!

Awesome visuals and intro. 


Great atmosphere. Cool art style. Spooky mist. Wish I had backup! Or some way out of getting hemmed in my these.... wait... what are they? eeeeeek!

This. Is. My. Jam. Took me back to pso1 on dreamcast. The lofi chillwave and soft retro vibes. Loving the low poly art style and really unique character designs. Fluid motion and good feeling rockets, for a moment floating out at sea with trails of yellow it was actually beautiful. The art direction and personality. Totes. Favourite. Definitely want to see more of this! 

Really enjoyed this! great 1bit gameboy art style, super retro! (would be great to turn on fullscreen mode options for gm2 export - was hard to play on my 4k monitor) wanted it huuuuuge! :) love the art style, fun fluid animations. Cool chainsaw, good balancing. Would be nice to know what the objective - or a pointer to last enemies left / or even a mini mini map, as thought i'd got everything but couldn't find the last. Only improvements would be some power ups / enemy variation. All round awesome! Would defo play more levels!  Wicked submission <3

Nice illustrations, would be cool to have more of them and more feedback. Perhaps showing what mech is being built. As this is a more dry genre, some fun bells and whistles to keep the game mood going. I had some success but wasn't totally sure what it was down to. The ui balancing of what info is the most important to keep track off or gave the unit's success would be great. An interesting take on a difficult genre! 

Need.... more.... health....(!) ;) good start, hard to see how it may progress without getting to experience a bit more, die so quickly! Good job

Awesome! Really well thought out mechanic, with simple application and hidden depth. Enjoyed this a lot. Would be cool to have some chill music to go with the pretty pixel art. 

Loved this!!! Kobolds! Bombs! Scaling giant mechs! What's not to love? Liked how connective and responsive the clamp/grab mechanic was, always felt fair and like I was in control. Nice use of scale and speed to give feelings / difference of size. Interesting character designs and animations. Would be nice to see some dynamic lighting. Cool use of level design to bottle neck and trigger areas. Awesome job!

Great art style, liked how the sound effects tie in (scribbling with the handdrawn). the ui for the menu was actually difficult to navigate, i got stuck in it ;) also couldn't escape the game. a great start, definitely space for hand drawn mecha comic book style! really interesting!

Super polished and beautiful world. Gave me some really nice vibes from when playing great platformer Mcgees Alice. I would SUPER APPRECIATE a third person platformer stable... the player shadow! Some really great and interesting platformer designs in here that I found ended up being frustrating because I couldn't tell if I'd overshot. If not full lighting then even just a soft circle below would do wonders! I want to play mooooore! Was so excited for the pop up of player buttons picked up my controller... but didn't do anything so want to play it again with my controller. Which is such a good sign! Will come back to this again when not on a trackpad! Well done, this is amazing to have created this in such a short time! Love the character design too!

Ha! This was fun. Super off the wall! Took me a while to get that I could only click when the choice was full - perhaps integrating that power up bar into the mouse pointer itself that's in game as it's so key, having the timer / recharge visual near the player would help - as i wouldn't have to look away all the time to the counter. :) one glimpse and i'm dead! enjoy the color pallet, very graphic, fluid motion and building crumbles add to the almost comic book / cut out feel. Everything feels almost cardboard like! I like it! Some other character options / with similar humorous scenarios i'd love to see this mechanic explored :) maybe a dive and dodge!

Love this kind of mechanic (fav vr game is jet island) was really well implimented, the graphics and fluidity are beautiful, the color palette is a really nice minimalism that lets the geometry of the mechs and city shine through. Almost ethereal considering it's robots! Would love play this in vr. Sadly this machine only has trackpad so was a bit duff at playing, wish my controller worked! Will try again on another machine! One of my favs so far. Awesome!