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a day playing pico8 for minijam frogjam! ribbit!
Submitted by tanukidreamz — 1 hour, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#1262.9092.909

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Use of the limitation
there is but one level. which is good as i only had this eve to have a crack at it :)

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Pretty nice game! Sprites were AMAZING. Nice balance of difficulty and fun!


Liked the game. The art is very good. Remind me of the old days. Music was also great. Good Work 


This was fun! Short and simple fun and challenging enough it took me a couple tries! I liked the art too!  Great work! :D  


I just played through, seems like others brought up bugs though I didn't see much! Got to the end with the chest, although having a more definitive end screen would always help a bit. Good job!


Nice graphics and music, but as others have stated (and you know), nothing quite works :) Hard to rate based on that, but nice job with the progress! :)


thank you. glad you like the graphics! i did a bugfix based on the feedback please do have another go :)


pretty decent except with nice art, but I wasn't able to collect the key to finish the level though


thanks! sorry ya I couldn't get the collision detection for objects playing ball in pico engine. thanks for playing.


thank you for playing and the feedback! i updated the game with a bugfix, hopefully you can now finish!


this game has instant appeal when you see it, so you def have that going.

Functionally though, I felt that there was no "game" to it, as I couldn't get hit by anything, couldn't collect stuff, etc..  I'm not sure if i am missing something so if that changed I'd be willing to give it a try again.

The art was a treat tho, for sure.

Music however, sounded like it was randomly generated in a way that created a lot of weird dissonance, it gave me anxiety lmaoo, if that was the intention then kudos


thanks. yes agreed! (i couldn't get pico8 collision working outside of tiles (which I'm using for basic physics / land etc) but not objects... definitely need to spend more time learning the language / engine before trying to use it for a jam!) thank you for playing and the feedback, please take a look at my other game ((made in something i'm more comfy coding in in!)

eeek! sorry for the anxiety! it's using the inbuilt chiptune sfx editor and was trying for something kind of odd / ominous... was thinking of the creepy old amiga platformers. but alas no, musika is not my strong point! :D


thanks again for the feedback, i did a small bug fix, please do have another go :)


Ah, the music is very fitting and wonderous, slight watery vibe to it.  The gameplay functions a lot better, actually could finish the game and see the premise that you're saving ur friend from a locked chest, so that was nice.  All-in-all, way more of a game and much improved.

I've updated my rating in response to this, great job :)

One thing I'd maybe look at fixing, is just the sheer inconsistency of the "timed higher jump" on the mushrooms, it doesn't seem reactive to my timing at all, like, I can't just press jump at just the right time to have any changes, jumping onto the mushroom from some other surface gives better results but there was no real timing involved I felt.  Maybe I'm just misunderstanding how it works, but this was happening:

even though i wasn't pressing any buttons?  Just makes it feel random if you get that high jump or not and doesn't lead to good and precise gameplay.  If that was predictable, it might be worth speed-running on second playthroughs.  Also I may respawn the enemies, so that ur failure requires you to deal with all the problems again, having to learn n adapt would add more to it than just killing it once and then running through an easier course.  

Really comes down to what u want in terms of design though!  

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice art style and good swimming physics. I couldn't seem to get the key and the chest to work, but it was a fun little level to play through nonetheless. :)


thank you! yes sadly they are currently placeholders, was having collision errors up to the deadline. thank you for playing! ribbit!


hello again, i did a bugfix, feel free to have another play :)


I like the concept and art.
Licking things didn't seem to be doing much for me, but it was cute nonetheless! 


thank you and thanks for playing! the licking functionality is not quite there.  


thank you for the feedback - i did a bugfix, so you should be able to lick away now!


Not bad aesthetically, a little buggy with interacting but other than that its fine. 


thank you!


did a small bugfix, hopefully should play a bit better :) thanks!