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Last year I had a great time with this jam, I submitted Mr. Top Hat, which I haven't finished (boooo!) and won Best Visuals. Thanks again, I still have the t-shirt in my regular rotation :D 

I'm way late, only 2 days left... but I have an idea. I'll try to get something together!


Like others have said, it's a little unclear at first what's going on, but once you slow down to really pay attention I like it a lot! Nice idea, great job submitting

That's so nice of you to say :D I appreciate that. I'll check yours out now!

Thanks so much! And you're welcome. Good luck!

This comment made my day, thank you :D

Ayyyy, thanks Brother! I'll check yours out, pronto! 

Hahaha yes! I was hoping that might catch a few eyes hehe

thanks Ema! Your game rules.

Thanks Appox!

I am glad at least that I came up with a few decent prototypes that I can add to my pile of "hey this crap was kind of promising". Whoops that sentence took a turn from hopeful to realist.  ;) Really though thank you, best wishes.

Thank you! I'm not going to lie, I've actually caught myself mashing the spacebar to the beat of the song a few times today, without really realizing it. 

I feel like this kind of comment really lets me know I did exactly what I wanted to with this little 'game', so thank you very much :) 

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With no offense to any others that I've played thus far--- this is probably the most complete game experience I've seen in the jam.  This is a great example of a very simple concept with an endearing spin (no pun) on it (the orc fantasy battle).

IMO this game will do very well in this jam, perhaps a bit better than it "should", because really its quite basic, isn't it? But for me, that is not a negative. Well done!

Thank you so much for your comment, I honestly appreciate it. I didn't expect much feedback on this so getting nice little notes is a good surprise :)

You're welcome! Best of luck :)

I do remember! I actually tagged you for a message on my Discord, but I saw you haven't been online in a while (no worries!). Nice to see you again for sure

At first, it was very difficult to know what was going on here, I was just clicking around until I sort of figured out the flow of rolling/watering to get them to grow. That's actually a really neat idea, but I will be honest it was too much clicking back and forth and just kind of gave me a wrist ache. But that's me being a brittle old man.

I think the truth is here- you have a pretty good idea that because of the short jam time, you didn't have time to 'find the fun' all the way. I think you did a good job though. Big points for creativity, less so on the enjoyment/presentation factors. But judging this stuff is hard. It would be different if the vote was based on potential, for sure. Keep it up!

FYI- hardly anyone plays the windows builds in jams, they are usually almost completely ignored (except for by weirdos like me) so it's no big deal that you didn't get that working. Web browser is better for 100% of game jams unless they say otherwise :)

This is delightfully weird. Exactly my style. A bizarre experience beginning to end (I think the end? I completed the conversation with every character- if there was more past that I did miss it, please let me know)

The art and music are, again, super weird and I love them.  The 'background' images are simultaneously very normal places yet become almost comically odd given what is happening with the conversations in them. 

The things they say are semi-randomized, I think that's a very creative use of the theme, but hey to each their own :)

Next-level minmaxing going on over here! xD hehe

Hey, so it's super basic but you know that. Good job finishing something and submitting it! It opens, it starts, and it does what it's supposed to do! I call that a win. Obviously it's not going to be winning any awards but you should still be proud of yourself. The presentation is simple but I do like the style you chose! 

PS- the CRT/arcade shader is top-notch

First of all, please know that I've decided to just be honest this year 100% so if anything seems mean I really didn't intend that, just trying to be candid :D

Congrats on completing and submitting! That's a huge accomplishment. I see what you were going for here. I really like the visuals & sound, good choices. The controls work but feel a bit too 'tanky' for my liking. That's just a personal preference, though. 

As for originality and fitting with the theme.... well, I mean, you know it's an Asteroids clone, basically. Can't give high marks for originality there, and dice don't really have anything to do with what's going on other than just... being the asteroids. The color change is a nice touch, but combined with the tank controls I find it a bit jarring. Two very different movement styles.  I honestly didn't try out the different difficulties, but I appreciate it being an option (I usually go for 'easy' these days).

Overall--- I think this is a really solid little game, just not super original and maybe not the best fit for this jam. :)

I played a ton of a game called Heroscape that looks almost exactly like this, about a decade+ ago. For that reason I already knew I'd love this, but what you made here is a really fun idea genuinely. A bit rough (for obvious understandable reasons) here, but I think this has great potential. 

It's too bad it's download only, just because that means it's probably not going to get the amount of ratings it deserves. I'll be following, great job

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This is really, really good, actually. I think it's a fantastic idea that you should continue fleshing out. 
Unfortunately because I'm an old man who has resolved to be honest, I have to take off a few points because I went and checked out your previous game that this is 'based on', and it's kind of clear this is just a continuation of that game, to me. Maybe even the same Unity project (with lots of further work, of course), since the files are even both named "towerknight".  Don't get me wrong, it's obvious that you've put a ton more work into it. This isn't a knock on the game. Just on the submission for a jam, I guess.

Since this jam is supposed to be a new idea, a fresh start, I had to take off a few points from my vote for that. But seriously, I think this is great. Fleshed out, I could see myself putting a lot of casual hours into a game very much like this. Great work :)

This comment actually means a lot to me. Thank you so much for the comment & for checking out this silly thing. :D

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I am SO MAD at myself that it didn't work. It worked in the test build I compiled like 10 minutes before the deadline. It's supposed to pop up with a cute little message when you get to 9001, but it doesn't happen. So it's useless AND frustrating, my work here is done! :/  Haha thank you for checking it out :)

Aw, thank you! I wasn't actually sure the submission had gotten in since itch pooped itself with all 5000 of us! 
I appreciate that someone appreciated it!

"Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?"~ I had to say no to that, but I did make the song! it's an oldie I tossed in just to have a soundtrack :)

Tagging with a comment here because these are absolutely lovely. I'm downloading them for some prototyping, I'll let you know if anything comes out of it! Thank you :)

Yes! It looks like you found your moment of clarity. See the source image

I appreciate that, thanks! Best wishes.


Awesome :) Thanks so much for checking it out, I honestly appreciate it very much!

That's hard to say! It could just me being bad at it, honestly.  I'm not great with keyboards for 2d games (even though I make them sometimes lol)

Obviously great use of the gravity limitation! 
It took me a minute to get the hang of moving the little guy around, but once I got the hang of it it became clear you have a really fun idea here. I personally do find it a bit awkward to steer, but it's still fun. Good job. The music loop is pretty short but I do like what's there. 

The first one I've tried (besides my own), and what a pleasant experience it was! Great idea, and executed very well. If you clean this up a little bit more I think you've got a really nice piece here :D

Wonderful work, I really like it! Very similar to the feeling I wanted to go for, had I more time! Well done & good luck!

Congratulations everyone! I had such a good time with this. <3

late submission of some music if you would like to add it.